First email-It’s been three whole damn years can anyone care to enlighten me why these two young ladies were damn fighting at the Sandz event and why have they been beefing for four damn years??

Second email-Dem two idiot stink gal a war at sandz over a broke a*s nigga weh nuh have a pot fi piss ina!! Unuh both look like blood cloth fool Keisha(the baby mother) and melz(sidechick) mek dem self look like bloodcloth idiot embarrass unuh self front of all di nice man dem with money lol point is di man a give Keisha bun with everybody in ft Lauderdale so weh Keisha mad Fah? And melz ah Seh how Keisha need fi find a man weh want her and weh have money because him broke but melz ain’t dat di same man yuh a sneak round wid and fight over? Dem FL gal ah idiot melz stop pik pon poor little kiesha and brag pon social media how you beat her because yuh nuh bad gyal ….bad gyal nuh run & put everything pon Internet ah look ah hype




3 thoughts on “IDLERS BEEF

  1. Smh…..anybody have a video of the fight that is circulating….it seems i’m the only one who haven’t seen it at all

  2. Melz a trouble maker she walk and look war wid everybody and she always get har ass beat and den walk and tell everybody seh a she win fight. Melz anuh bad gyal. Melz a run dung mackerel and she use to f**k 3 a him fren dem (Facts) melz a waste gyal real idiot. She cyaa war she nuh kno ntn bout war. She always a f**k wid keisha but one day she ago f**k wid da right person and dem ago send har 6fr under. Idiot gyal melz yuh f**k out like. Pass round donkey melz yuh stink like. Aye mi nuh tink nuh badi inna da worl like dis gyal. Mackerel him a da next one. Melz gi him da biggest jacket and him still a f**k har unda quiet. Real clown. Melz dirty like wid har stubborn face. She ugly nuh pussyclaat. Bout she bad like satan. Fool fool gyal go sitdung sum weh. Yuh day a come.

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