Gud evening met, meh want u post this deh, unu member she? Ruthan aka stef aka ma? Popcaan wifey from before him buss him use to give r bun wid cody ann, but cody did jealous a r bad cause poppy did love ar, now this was a black black gyal enuh met black like me, and u see how the gyal brown she bleach out and did wah look like cody cause cody brown and pretty. Now met me hear say afta this gal and popcaan did lef she still tek back popcaan after popcaan a big up him gold digging trini gal kavel this idiot gal stil deh wid him ,if unu look pon poppy page unu see pictures wid r all some wen she did black now she nuh deh pln social media cause poppy tell her she nufi go pon none lol but tell mi if da gyal ya nuh fool me a come wid man from wen him bruk and now him a wife up pretty gal and me fi stay wid him? Met tell mi if she nuh mad? All weh day mi see pon popcaan sister snap say she and t a guh new york after squid fren all a poppy woman dem an chat all a dem wid one another.


  1. Sender! Me stop read when me see say you think of you self as a damn ugly nobody. You keep referring to brown and pretty..my girl go hold 2000+ self pride.

  2. Dutty nasty naegah unnuh low d gal dem mek them strive in peace. Neither squid nor steph nah walk n f**k roun people them do them own thing. Sender yuh story stail like jerry curl n plaid out like kerosene oil stove. Galang go wash yuh dutty pussy n low d gal dem mek dem shine all if a bleach she bleach fi har shine, whats is it to you kmft how you so worried and concern at the same time? Senda go suck sumn stink

  3. If she was with him before the fame maybe her feelings go deeper than you know. Women in love do dumb things, at least we know she isn’t a gold digger. Too bad she holding out for a heavy drinking weed head. I think she should value herself more and strive for a man who doesn’t just live for liquor and weed. Poppy nuh get body, him look like a 12 yr old and all dat shyt him doing to him body is going to catch up with him.

    Side note to bleachers, your DNA can’t bleach, when you have your dark skinned kids and you extra light you will feel stupid. When unno do all kind of surgeries and the kids come out unattractive like unno used to look what unno gwine do?

  4. Obviously this is Cody bout brown n pretty…Cody u bleach out n crawny nuh rass ….Cody go wash out u stinking pussy…bout brown n pretty…while u at it stop kotch a ppl yaad n go find supm constructive fi do….think Alka did ago wife u up eeh left yu like u ain’t shit Damion idiot

  5. It’s 2016 and people ah yard ah still use terms like “brown and pretty” lol In America the blacks are screaming “Black Lives Matter” in Jamaica the blacks are screaming “Bleaching Cream Matters” SMH….. I don’t understand with 90% of the population being black with ancestery from west Aftrica, how this white worshipping trend seems like it’s ever burning, and ever alive.
    On another note Poopcaan is a waste man, so all di gal dem who’s in his life are most likely going to be dark and fool-fool. You would be surprised what a woman will hold on to just for the sake of being with a man wid name. Jamaica women has to stop embracing this harem approach with regards to relationships and starting moving towards the more sophisticated monogamous lifestyle.

  6. Met me say it already popcaan and Trini girl not in a relationship I think he plan it for us to believe they are from that Cecile insident met and popcaan always post him woman and a kiss them up u never see popcaan and Trini gal pose up like they a couple met if you look through both of them pic you can see and Trini gal a nuh goodas met call always tacky
    and look like them gal weh go out a certain place just fine fine man fi give har things i think if poppy ago date a girl from different place she would have more class than that girl she 27 doesn’t work are nothing and her friends are teachers and doing things with there selfes met I don’t care about colour but something nah add up with popcaan and Trini

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