This morning him get up a quote a law blog whey blast him ever so badly him think dem deh pan him side caws him dont know di big word dem…him try read di new york times and dont understand the article…

Law blog https://www.lawfareblog.com/how-read-and-how-not-read-todays-9th-circuit-opinion


  1. But I thought ‘them’ him ‘dictate’ to his staffers what to tweet. Well if a suh then everybody can’t read with comprehension then. Him mek George Bush looks like a scholar.

  2. on a serious note though this is some scary stuff, he could actually sign over america to russia on a piece of paper without even knowing it, or worse, commence ww3 because he doesn’t know what he just sign, sad, an embarrassment and dangerous indeed if the leak is true about his illiteracy, BTW did anyone heard putun threatened him to lift sanctions on russia or elese ukraine will be fully invaded? what about turkey’s offer to FIX the isis problem for the US in return for extradition of the imam thats in exile in pennsylvania? blackmailing already start.

      1. Met I just saw on CNN and MSNBC that he’s coming with new immigration laws next week, possibly change in the executive order. I also saw that there are immigration raids going on in California which has everyone on edge. Kids are crying and don’t want to go to school, fearing their parents may get picked up. I’m advising everyone with greencard and been here 3 years and up apply for your citizenship, especially if you are eligible through their parent. Hopefully it’s not too late.

        1. Yes a so mi jus a hear seh him a write new order wid narrower travel ban..he dont need a travel ban , he claim him a step up vetting process a dat him need fi do

          1. Met I just don’t understand what he has against immigrants when his mother, 1st and 3rd wives are immigrants. There are so many things that needs to be addressed that aren’t. From him win I’ve been restless, emotional and very uneasy. There’s a Catholic Church close to where I live helping people complete citizenship applications and paying the fees. People should reach out to their Mayors and congress man and their local ACLU if they’re unsure of what’s going on.

        2. I’m advisi g people eith greencards who didn’t come fi bury a merikka to not commit crimes. You don’t need to turn citizen a people country when you already BELONG where you born.

          Trump need fi change this get citizenship with ease.

  3. Steve Bannon is digging himself n the celebrityinchief in a deep hole u see man. Every executive order is written by Bannon it’s gonna be a interesting 4 yrs that will certainly strike the last few nails into the republican party’s casket smh I don’t even want them impeach cause that would mean Mike Pence who is too shrewd for me, talk about stuck between a shithole or a battyole

  4. It’s a well known fact that he doesn’t know what he has been signing.Widespread news sources have reported trump never knew the order he signed putting bannon on the security council gave bannon soooo much power n authority.

    He has been frantically trying to fix it all week smh.

  5. People confuse class with intelligence.

    10:38 Anon, George is more intellectual than donald by many levels. For one, Bush family a do nation building from the 1600 (his mom family came on the mayflower) an16him daddy been in the military nad government, PLUS GEORGE was governor before taking higher office.

  6. Dem sey like how di White House have a physician on staff dem need fi have a psychiatrist on staff as well cah chumup nuh right inna im ed at tall.

    I most certainly agree he his not only crazy but a narcissist!!!

    Im all a tweet bout Nordstrom dropping im dawta line. What the F$&K?? Fore im guh learn bout politics im gaawn inna retail business.

    I don’t think I dislike anyone on Face of this earth as much as I dislike him… dyam CLOWN!

  7. Bannon using Trump inattentiveness to detail, due to dyslexia, to his advantage, furthermore he knows Trump will not admit to making mistakes or apologize for any wrongdoings so when Trump signs these executive orders and finds out from the lazy media that he made a huge mistake he will just double down and Bannon wins.

  8. False news again @ramjam, bout Mr Putin and invading Ukraine…. I don’t know where u get that big lie from but they should start suing those news outlets who broadcast false news…
    Same way when Talk Talk Internet provider was hacked the Daily Mail said it was Russia, then a few days later they realised it was some youths from up north of England and the duty mail never apologise… Demand find stop tell rarss lie pond the man…

    1. Okk then let’s deal with some Truthful news then such as….

      The fact that kellyann CONway committed an illegal act by promoting/encouraging the public to go buy Ivanka effery piece a string n cloth.You are aware that a government official is not allowed to do so once they are acting in such a capacity? The republicans have accepted she’s wrong n they’ve taken action..we just don’t know what cuz they won’t say.

  9. How about the fact that we all heard trumps speech to law enforcement agents since week it was live on cnn.You do realize he verbatim told the cops they are the kindest, most hard working and greatest ppl you will ever meet.

    Except that he said that about the firemen, the teachers and just last week to the cia ppl!!Why are you defending this copy n paste President? ?Does he not have a original thought, can he not think on his feet. All who were bashing Portia…look ya n talk the God’s Truth. .who worse??

  10. An dem naw go assassinate him Eno cause him a do exactly what Dem want him fi duh…. **k up the world


      1. Mi jus go follow dem cause mi did peep dis mawning and si seh something whey dem tweet guh suh…dem did seh dem a try convince him fi rewrite the executive order and it turn out true

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