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  1. 1st and foremost.. You look absolutely beautiful from head to toe Queen Ifrika. Love the interview. You were on point all the way throught. As mi granny would say the hono community “a smell dem self”. They are the new bullies…hiding behind faclessness and trying shutdown and stop the livelihood of anyone who dears to embrace their heterosexualness. keep speaking up and seeping out. Dem can’t stop you food. See it deh…btw.. Even Biggie Smalls son with Faith Evans look like him batting for the next teem. What is happening to our children??? Sad

  2. Very good interview. The gays community are such hypocrites. I’m free to make my sexuality known and also free to denounce theirs. If I’m forced to accept yours it’s not coming from a genuine place and deep down I would be wishing harm for them. She spoke eloquently and was very poised.

  3. This is right y should other be forced to accept your lifestyle no one is saying kill the lot of them but don’t mean I’m gonna be singing praises to the lifestyle NO n y should they be allowed to stop ppl earnings just because they can we need JUSTICE from these assholes I mean that in every sense of the word kmft

    1. people a fraid fi fight back because they are attacking their living but God a God and we shall see what he will really do

  4. If rica looks great, the weight fit her. This woman was in my head. And was so very right in every aspect. The very rights the gay community is fighting for. They want to deny us. They are becoming more than bullies, they are vindictive and becoming fascist. Our rights are being denied to speak freely.

    1. Its not freedom of speech any more, it’s “free” “dumb”. As far as mi see if wi nuh tan up strang pan wi foot, battyman soon tek over Jamaica!! just watch and see. But as long as breath still a blow inna my body mi nah endorse nuh almshouse, dem go weh wid dem dutty livety, mi nah and will never instigate nuh violence against dem, but dem stay far from mi, and kip dem nastiness to dem self.

  5. Queen Ifrica has some valid points. Many pedophiles and their supporters are hiding behind the gay rights movement. Very soon they will be looking for their own rights to support their wrong.

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