1. So dem had a few fren weh used to par wid the i”con” crew that got caught a Maryland few years back doing the same ish and dem Neva rode fi dem….. Mr jue it isn’t only hoes that ain’t loyal…. Them ninjas ain’t loyal either.
    Darling Kerry I hope the money stock and pile for the kids to continue their good good schooling and range and x6 notes haffi pay.

    1. Nuffa dese dancehall people ain’t loyal to each other…dem wi chat shiitt behind each other back and turn roun tek picture wid the sed person dem jus chat bad bout smh lol

  2. Di upholstery suit alone tell yuh seh dem bwoy deh ah canary. Dem wi fly weh when dem partna get ketch, an will sing wen ah dem get ketch. #zeroloyalty

  3. Suh Jay, why di whole ah wi nuh bangle up inna jail wid yuh partna in crime?…cause we don’t CHOOSE to put ourselves where God don’t want us to go…kills me how these muthafuhckas do the crime and then doe want to do the time, and of all things…include God inna them shitt storm; fuhhking set ah hypocrites!

  4. Icon !! Can someone please tell me why are these people famous ???? What dem contribute to society???
    :bingung :bingung :bingung :bingung :bingung

    1. Dem a cawtoon, dem contribute laffs to us. Watching dem is like fast food fi di brain, absolutely no value, but delicious.
      Dem chat till dem chat fawt, please to leave God out dis madness, God nuh hab no hand eena unno loose livity. All eena unno crimes and ill living unno waan bring een God, guh repent and confess unno sins and den seek God face.

  5. The confidence is coming because of the ” beach obeah” work, they all went to do. Supposedly Kerry is sleeping on court documents that the ” high priest” dressed with 7 pennies and the arresting officers names. When father begin to deal with these devil worshipers is going to be a sad sight. Kerry come tell us why the obeah lady pun Webster Ave run you!!!

  6. Seeit deh now all who dida ah wish fi dem downfall, get dem wish!!!!!!
    only sixteen comments…..u guys can do better than that.
    Funny how wen dem deh a road a glimmer, everybody got summt to say, now(crickets)!!!!

    1. We see that you went to the same school with the icon family as your mathematics clearly isn’t the subject you excelled in. It’s 11 dunce not 16

      1. dont be so quick to attack de smaddy man ,dem a tawk de 16 comments pon him insta pg luk up top gud two comments nd it sey view all 14 which dem smadddy count as 16 …nuh watch nuh face yuh ere’ putus :peluk

  7. No a GOD she a talk bout now and sell xxxx and xxxx fi mass up people life they don’ttalk about GOD…Kerry, mi sorry fi yuh..yuh better find $$$ fi keep up…rent, school fee, x6 payment and clothes…cause since the RANGE got taken away that’s one extra bill off your shoulder. .you better go repent cause mi sorry fi yuh…destruction no tek you yet, watch and see..a yuh salt up Jue…dun out pussy Kerry weh breed from she a 12yrs old..

  8. So everyone in their crew deal in a obeah it seems, Teniesha Image you tell your friend them where you obeah man live? One set nasty people, You all need to go to school and read the Bible.

  9. MNL A how Jadion Lucky so??? When him and apple go use up the ppl dem car and a get catch him run leave di gal. Now police pull over dis idiot and once again Jadion splurt. What a bwoy lucky

  10. If these fools had any sense they would all close their social media accounts and lay low. But the need to hype when they know they are criminals get the best a them

  11. Blursneet…. mi neva see nuttn pon point suh. Anonymous yu explanation shattttt!!!…”faas food fi di brain”….POW POW!!!

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