Illuminati Organizational Structure

“The Illuminati is a blanket term used to refer to those deep “in the know, or enlightened.” These people manipulate how global interaction works and are involved on the daily in the cause of planetary control. Illuminati is a Latin word which alludes to this central core, which in turn goes back to ancient Babylonian, Persian & later Greco-Roman civilization. Throughout the centuries it evolved into Ptolemics, Merovingians, Italian City-States, various Principalities & Duchies, Holy Roman & other European Empires, Spanish & United Kingdoms etc, & most consistently, Byzantine; until perfecting the structure in the form of the Roman Catholic Church & Greek Orthodoxy. This is the “basic” organizational structure”:

“Top Papal Black Nobility Families Descended from Ancient Romans – Orsini, Farnese, Aldobrandini, Somaglia & the English Breakspears, aka “the real five families.” these Crowns are supported and united with other Italian Noble Houses, such as Savoy, Pallavicini etc. Notable is the illustrious House of Giustiniani, with roots in Venice, Genoa, Corsica & Greece’s Chios Island. They are reportedly descendants of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I the Great, who ruled the Eastern Roman Empire from Constantinople in the 6th century. The House of Orsini report descent from the Julio-Claudian’s of the Western Roman Empire, although there was no divide during that reign.”

“European & White Diaspora Black Nobility is tied into the foundation that these Houses laid in the middle ages by capitalizing on the first and second council of Nicaea and later the Crusades, Reconquista & Renaissance. All of these families therefore produced Popes, Feudal Lords and now control new additions through the Farnese created Jesuit Order, who in turn trained Adam Weishupt. Weishupt was ordered to go clandestine & set up the Bavarian Illuminati due to Jesuit suppression from a deviant pope. Of course, the Jesuit Order won in the end and was restored. Shortly thereafter, the Bavarian incarnation disappeared.”

“The Papacy, with its Headquarters in the Vatican, controls the largest share of wealth, ancient artifacts, observatories, records & contracts in the world. the Roman Curia runs the Operations while the Black & White Pope act as front ceremonial leaders who will be eliminated if they deviate (most Popes are not blue-blood like the ones of old, therefore they are fair game if they act up). From the greater Rome region, the Vatican directly controls these following groups who further control lower groups, just like during the Roman Republic and later Roman Empire, who’s foundation is at the root of all western law, commerce, government, language and entertainment.”

“The Knights of Malta (1099 A.D.-Present) controls the worlds most important sea & shipping route. Rooted in the Mediterranean Islands of Malta & Rhodes of Greece as well as the entire world.”

“Knights Templar (1119 A.D.-1314 A.D.) was rooted in Israel & Cyprus with origins in Frankish France. *my theory is that this group never disbanded, but later settled in Switzerland and founded the super secretive, economic and technologically neutral system that it enjoys to this day, with the Swiss Guard of the Vatican being it’s sole military commitment.* other Templar remnants can be found in Scotland & Portugal. Switzerland’s important location also serves as a Northwestern flank to Italy and gateway to West Europe, in the same way the Teutonic Knights serve as the Northeastern flank while Malta does the same for Sicily in the south overlooking North Africa.”

“Teutonic Knights (1190 A.D.-Present) fought the Northern Crusades & controlled the Baltic Sea. rooted in Germany, Austria & Poland.”

“Dominican Order, also known as the infamous “Jacobins” (1216 A.D.-Present) responsible for the French Revolution. Rooted in France & the entire world.”

“Order of Christ (1318 A.D.-Present) direct descendant of the Templars & consisted of many great navigators. Rooted in Portugal.”

“Order of the Garter (1348 A.D.-Present) it’s members have and continue to dominate the Opium Trade through Jardine Matheson & the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank. also fused with all of Britain and the Commonwealth’s Order’s as the “supreme force.” flanked internationally by the Order of Canada & the Order of Australia & covertly by South Africa, United State’s Pilgrim Society & Knights of Columbus. historically allied with the House of Suad. rooted in England.”

“Order of the Dragon (1408 A.D.-Present) fought the Muslim’s in Central, Southern & most importantly, Eastern Europe; thereby repelling the Ottoman Turks. rooted in Germany, Italy & Hungary.”

“Order of the Golden Fleece (1430 A.D.-Present) rooted in Belgium, Spain & Austria.”

“Order of the Tower & Sword (1459 A.D.-Present) rooted in Portugal.”

“Society of Jesus (1534 A.D.-Present) powerful militant enforcement arm that oversees all operations on behalf of the most powerful black nobility members. Jesuits operate in all walks of life and observe while infiltrating all aspects of society. rooted in Vatican City, Italy, Spain & the entire planet. advises all global Archdiocese who in turn advise the global statesmen.”

“Order of St. Maurice & Lazarus (1572 A.D.-Present) led by the House of Savoy. Rooted in Italy & France.”

“Order of the Thistle (1687 A.D.-Present) rooted in Scotland.”

“Order of the Elephant (1693 A.D.-Present) rooted in Denmark & contains members of international Royalty & leadership.”

“Order of St. Andrew (1698 A.D.-Present) rooted in Russia.”

“United Grand Lodge of England (1717 A.D.-Present) the oldest Grand Lodge in the world, although older traces of unofficial Freemasonry can be found in Scotland and allegedly tied to the Knights Templars. this lodge is chiefly responsible for spreading later certified lodges globally. Freemasonry serves as the binding glue of global order, consisting of the most common man to the highest elite. the craft also serves as a foundation to many societies secret and public. rooted in England & Wales.”

“Royal Order of Seraphim (1748 A.D.-Present) fused with the Swedish Orders of Sword & Polar Star to form a triple threat. rooted in Sweden.”

“Order of St. George (1769 A.D.-Present) was dormant from 1917 until its restoration in 1994. Rooted in Russia & Kazakhstan.”

“Order of Charles III (1771 A.D.-Present) the Highest civil award available for those of benefit to the crown. rooted in Spain.”

“The Phi Beta Kappa Society (1776 A.D.-Present) the Oldest Greek Letter Fraternity which set the foundation of the North American educated elite. most of the highest ranking black Americans are active in the Boule’ branch along with West Indian & African offshoots internationally.”

“Order of St. Patrick (1783-1974 A.D.) Is said to be dormant. Rooted in Ireland.”

“Military Order of San Mateo (1814 A.D.-Present) merged with the Order of Boyaca. rooted in Colombia.”

“Military William Order (1815 A.D.-Present) the oldest & highest honor of the Kingdom of Netherlands.”

“Order of the Southern Cross (1822 A.D.-Present) Brazil’s highest Order of Merit & concentrates power amongst Brazil’s white elite.”

“Order of Leopold (1832 A.D.-Present) the highest order of Belgium & controls the blood riddled Congo Free State’s Order of Leopold II.”

“B’nai B’rith (1843 A.D.-Present) through hofjudan, aka Court Jews such as Rothschild, Warburg etc. the Black Nobility controls the oldest continually operating Jewish Service Organization in the world. rooted in Manhattan, New York City.”

“Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav. (1847 A.D.-present) rooted in Norway.”

“Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau (1858 A.D.-Present) rooted in Luxembourg and globally administered by way of the Netherlands.”

“Propaganda Due, also known as P2 Masonry (1877-1976 A.D., chartered in 1945) Italian Freemasons who specialized in black ops, finance and organized crime/black market advisory. charter withdrawn by the Grand Orient of Italy after numerous public scandals. the founder of Italy’s current ruling party & media baron, Silvio Berlusconi, was a member. P2 Masonry was also active in South America.”

“Knights of Columbus (1882-Present A.D.) rooted in the United States of America & now worldwide. Prescott Bush Jr., George H.W. Bush’s older brother, is an ultra secretive & powerful member with major authority in China. Jeb Bush is now an official member.”

“Opus Dei (1926 A.D.-Present) rooted in Spain & the entire world. Approved by the Powerful Black Nobility Pope Pius XII, who signed the concordat Reichskonkordat with Germany during Hitler’s Third Reich.”

“Belisario Dominguez Medal of Honor (1954 A.D.-Present) rooted in Mexico.”

“The Occultist aspect of this New World Order is dominated by the Cultus Diabolicus, Ordo Templi Orientis, Sex Magic, Theosophical Society, Kabbalah, Witchcraft, Order of the Golden Dawn, Church of Satan, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Typhonian Order & many others. these groups have had a major negative effect on social norms & especially media; typically music, movies, games & literature.”

“Paranormal Activity & Advanced Technology is confined to secret locations such as Iron Mountain & Area 51. Nazi’s have dominated this sector internationally through the Third Reich, later called Operation Paperclip. a few high ranking generals have access to these resources.”

“Military is centered on the Pentagon & controlled by various forces certified by the Vatican, Knighthoods & Orders. popularly known as high ranking Bureaucrats, Plutocrats, Technocrats & Oligarchs, i.e. Rockerfeller, etc., who send word down to the Left & Right Statesman Policy Makers (Democrat Zbigniew Brzezinski for Afghanistan & Republican Henry Kissinger for Iraq ). as u can see, all sides are covered. Private Contractors from Corporate backgrounds such as the Catholic Eric Prince (Blackwater, now Xe) provide support and additional control because they are not bound by the same treaties.”

“Humanitarianism is dominated by the Swiss based Red Cross & England’s Salvation Army.”

“Intelligence agencies keep an eye on everything, run the covert armed forces & report to the Jesuits, Black Nobility, Vatican or Royal Orders.”

“MI6-the most Powerful Intel Agency. regulates Assassination, Spy Networks, International Finance, Geopolitics, the Western Media and Global Drugs Trade.”

“Union Corse-the most influential European Crime Syndicate. centered in Corsica & Marseilles. this group operates Heroin Refinement Labs throughout France’s Southeast coast and usually enjoys diplomatic immunity whenever caught. the Corsicans have a great relationship with the House of Grimaldi, Knights of Malta, MI6, CIA, & a working relationship with the organized criminal Tunisians, Algerians, Moroccans, Malians, Ivorians, Quebecois, French Guineans etc. the Union is united & in league with the Southern Italians, consisting of the groups Anonima Sequestri, Cosa Nostra, ‘Ndrangheta, Cammorra & Sacra Corona Unita. Union Corse holds a heavy presence in the French Intelligence Community. ‘Ndrangheta is currently partnered with the Mexican Cartels, who have shown ingenuity and gained the respect of Union Corse by making “Mexican Brown” Heroin with excellent transportation, ruthlessness, diversification & business acumen.”

“Mossad & SVR-powerful members of the intelligence community who answer to the chain of command listed above. the Mossad works closely with Goods Smugglers, Money Launderers & Arms, Heroine Traffickers in Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Lebanon, Asia & has mastered domestic & international Terrorism. they also enjoy Swiss banking options which were set up during the Lanskey era. it has been alleged that it was they who orchestrated 911 through the Billionaire Larry A. Silverstein. the Mossad also has a heavy presence in the Obama administration with Rahm Emmanuel among others, while his brothers serve in Hollywood and the Medical field. SVR is the ruling authority over Russian Mafiya, who dominate the black market & White Slavery, i.e. the trafficking of European women; and almost all Russian Private companies who regulate energy, technology & politics. furthermore enjoying collaboration with Ukrainian & Bulgarian Criminal Syndicates, giving rise to the new post Cold War Eastern European Oligarchs.”

“Numerous agencies are in the America’s, but the most internationally famous is the CIA, which operates as the Central Intelligence Agency globally and sometimes domestically & Cocaine Import Agency in the United States. they are basically the same as the ultra secretive and powerful modern Dixie Mafia (representing the CIA’s North American unit, these guys are descendants of the Whiskey Rebellion, Confederates, Outlaws, Knights of the Golden Circle, Moonshiners, Rum Runners & Kentuckian marijuana growers. They are still active in the Ku Klux Klan and are behind the Tea Party Movement.) the workings of this division came to light under William Jefferson Blythe, aka “slick willie” & Bill Clinton. they run the highest levels of organized crime & Private Prisons in the entire southeast, south central & southwest (including California, as well as legitimate entertainment such as the Gambling Biloxi Strip, Oil interests, Country Music & Nascar.) they are predominately Judges, Lawyers, Business Leaders & Politicians. this networking Syndicate has an ongoing relationship with the lower level Sicilian Italian American Mafia and is equal & oftentimes above the Irish Mob/FBI, which (along with the Jews & Italians) controls most of the northeast, great lakes, plains and certain portions of the west. Italian Americans make up the public face of North American Criminal Syndicates while the bigger fish play the background. 1% biker gangs, white Nationalists, Aryans, Police Units & Skin Heads are affiliated and do much of the leg work.”

“Colombian Cartels are mostly controlled by the United States & work closely with the CIA though Agencia Central de Intelligencia (C.I.A. in Spanish). Pablo Escobar was a sacrifice. the real bosses, “the Ochoa brothers,” are still running things along with other wealthy descendants of Spanish Slave Owners & Ranchers in Colombia.”

“The elite of the Mexican Cartels were trained in the U.S. based School of the Americas & have a very good relationship with U.S. Customs, whom the head is Mexican American David V. Aguilar. due to the Gangster Disciples being broken up in Chicago & BMF being shaved down by 150 members; blacks are still active on the underground Market in mass numbers & organization, but the Mexicans now have no powerful middlemen to answer to in Atlanta, Georgia other than the Dixies. whom are not middleman, but regulators of business, ports, borders, law enforcement & the courts in this major transportation hub.”

“In closing, the Roman Expansion never ended but instead has been in continuance for over 2,000 years with various degrees of authority and names. However, it did not expand globally until 1492, but is now at its greatest extent covertly & overtly.”


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