Another attorney in the appeal case involving incarcerated entertainer Vybz Kartel – whose real name is Adidja Palmer – and his co accused, has asked the Court of Appeal judges to quash their conviction and not to order a retrial.

Attorney Valerie Neita Robertson, who was continuing her submission to the judges Wednesday morning, highlighted a number of factors which she claimed had prejudiced the murder case and denied Palmer and his co-accused a fair trial.

Among the factors she highlighted was what she said was the adverse publicity which emanated from the police Corporate Communications Unit.

She also alleged jury contamination, tampering with evidence and what she said was the trial judge’s failure to carry out his functions.

Mrs Neita Robertson said the cumulative effects of all these deficiencies denied Palmer a fair trial and led to his conviction.

Palmer is appealing the life sentence imposed on him in 2014 for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams on August 16, 2011.

Shawn Campbell, Andre St. John, and Kahira Jones were also convicted of the murder.


  1. Retrial and give him 40 more years. You do the crime spend the time. Now every criminal will feel they have a right to be free if this bleach out creature gets away.

  2. Why does he want to be out so bad … his career is almost over …he killed someone and they have no appeal to make …. they will never see their family or even hear them but he wants out easy

  3. even if him kill lizard, if unnuh who a comment did know law, you’d know that it nuh impossible fi him buss di appeal. The authorities never had to tamper with the evidence to convict him. dem coulda do everything by law and him woulda still get sentenced and dem couldn’t complain say a unfair trial and gi him the chance fi freedom ya now. dem did just too anxious fi put him whey and made critical mistakes. from jury get corrupt, di whole a di juror dem fi get dash whey and replaced and they didn’t. police have him phone up n dung a play with after it was submitted to evidence. the law have loopholes, and dem can set him free.

      1. Youre saying even if like a life is not a life…even if nothing…Police tampering with the phone does not equate to much..there was a witness there.

      2. Did I say otherwise? All i’m saying is if they were smart and not so anxious in convicting him, den nuh appeal wouldn’t even grant. Jurors supposed to change after someone try corrupt dem. dat a common knowledge. but dem did wan get on wid it and end up make the trial unfair. wha u mean nuh amount to much? u nuh know law? OJ simpson kill him wife but get whey just because police tamper with evidence.

  4. Even if Kartel’s appeal is successful, don’t think he can’t get some more murder charges under him bumbo inna the future. Remember, he was linked to 100 murders.

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