This is Yardielovethug,

I had promised to ‎mount a defense for the girl that use the $45,000 worth a clothes to model on facebook. I’ve attached the actual law which the attorney was raising but the judge never allowed it.
You can’t charge or convict someone of theft unless you can prove they intended and acted to PERMANENTLY DEPRIVE the owner of their things.

I go in your yard and take‎ out your car and run errand go Bank and come back park it at your gate.By the very Definition I didn’t steal your car.The girl can claim as an employee she temporarily took the clothes to model and show that her workplace has the latest in fashion.By all accounts including the Judge’s,she looked fabolous in them.If her intention was to steal the clothes from her boss,why would she be showing them off publicly on such a popular site as facebook?You would think she would hide and wear it,so it means she was ACTUALLY promoting the clothes to boost sales.



The owner should commend her for her bold marketing strategy once it had been clearly established the girl was returning the clothes.Frankly I marvel at how some persons on your site in one breathe say Princess Apple steal clothes,shoes,bags whatever. ‎In the same breathe the same set of persons say she brings back the stuff to the place immediately thereafter.This brings into sharp focus the veracity of these allegations of theft by her becuase by definition NO THEFT happened(temporary not permanent).

Remember I’m not talking about morality just legality.If you are a thief you are a thief not supporting stealing.All I’m saying as an attorney you seek to test the legality of any charge against your client and Demand they PROVE what they say uve done.

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  1. Blank stare you bitches need to call the cops and turn apple in with all the detective work you doing

  2. Man stap yuh rass noise. When di people dem say Crapple steal and return the clothes after she wear it, it don’t mean she go slip the clothes back on the hanger and walk out. She steal the clothes, wear dem and return dem for money or another item/items. In any law book, that’s stealing. The only thing Crapple is promoting is her fake rich life. Look like your mumma drop you too much time when you were a baby cause yuh clearly suffering from traumatic brain injury to even attempt to defend Crapple.

  3. Di whole damn lot a Dem a frigging teif u could an slice an dice an trim it some more Dem a TEIF….once u teck summn dat nuh belongs to u it’s called stealing, suh nuh come pon yah come meck Dem teifing gal yah feel like seh Dem a duh something great…. Stop promote f***y.

  4. No yardaaay no but! But u fixated man :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak borrow without the owner’s permission? Is thief that! When the culprit or culprits are caught they used the term borrow as defence 😀

  5. Good Morning
    Someone kindly fill me in on what merit this defense?
    I’m lost and confused. Did Apple stole from her employer?

  6. YardieT, bredren you know at one point I thought you were jicon. Then I notice your level of intelligence when reasoning on multiple issues, use of words and the education program you said you went on… All erased that thought. But what is you obsession with her?

    P.S. you defense won’t fly : D : D

    1. Hiya PP, we good enuh,im just fulfilling my presidential Duties as Prez for Apple’s unofficial wellwishers fan club.

      Any damn fool fool effer wanna go touches n tek ppl things n mount the “borrow mi borrow it” defense may GOD go with them at sentencing time. PP remember Eva Braun love off Hitler n kill herself too.Mi just love her comes what may!

      1. :hammer Me know bout “mad love” it strong bad :ngakak

        Genghis Khan and Caligula me sure had a dedicated heart too :ngakak all Ted bundy :ngakak

  7. The act of wear an item and returning it is called, “wardrobing.” I think why the people lick out ur princess is because she acts like she is rich and can wear a Versace $10,000 coat to her man $20 entrance fee party at some hole in a wall club. Real rich people wear them things and keep dem in their closets, even Tanto “Real Rich” Banks nah go return the stuff he brought in Forever 21, on his next return to Canada. Also, their is the claim that ur princess uses the credit cards of other people to gain her luxury items.In regards to the employee, if she did not get explicit permission from the owner to “advertise” said items, and she acted like she did not know where the clothes went when she was asked, how can you say she “intended” to bring back such items? By doing what she did she deprived her employer the $ she would have gained from selling the clothes, after she sweat up, and poop inna the tings no one would buy them or they would have to be sold at a deeply discounted price.

  8. Bless up Wrappie,laughter kibber heartache hun.Big n serious though is real thing.You ever hear or see any banker get lock up fi teef pardner draw??

    All the judge sey is pay back the money cuz is really borrow them borrow n delay YOUR draw temporarily.

  9. Don’t really understand yy u ppl are mad unuh could fool min seh a unuh puppa store she teif fri
    Om u bitches be so pressed bout other ppls bizniz when its the last time uv done a pap? Ill wait

    1. Anon thank u ever so much for tekking the heat off me!knowing what I know is ur time now…Dem a guh run een pon yuh bout u waiting on papsmears!! But tonks again :tkp :ilovekaskus :maho

      1. :hammer

        Yu see when rass fassness tek people how burden becomes dem reward 😀

        Anon this is all in jest and you come with nonsense. You just get a pap and feel accomplished bout it….a f***g cookie for you. Hope the results good.

      1. You can’t even form a decent sentence in patwa…so I know you can’t form one in English
      2. You must be a thief TOO, because… YOU ARE CLEARLY MAD & EVIDENTLY PRESSED AS WELL.
      3. My last Pap smear was 6 months ago….and I’ve been getting them since I was 18….when you first get yours mums? When the man that fell into your miserable deep & wide empty barrel hole an infect it? Hmmm ah dat mek yuh know bout Pap smear boo?

      You claim seh we worried bout people business (around the same amount of letters you used to make up your own alleged word instead of spelling it correctly) but you have arrived here on JMG with the rest of us asking us about the condition of our holes….I’m confused…ain’t that our business boo?


          1. U gas dem and light dem oo…Mi waa know how dem reach yere combing the walls and dem dont like here but mi promise to do less talking and more action so mi have something fi dem soon

        1. Good, because ah muss sinting dem need ova yasso why dem cyaan stop haunt the wall… I will continue to gas & light them in the meantime. :shakehand2 :thumbup

          1. Me and someone a talk yessideh and she seh she haffi ask dem how dem nuh come pan di wall and them know everything over here?? Smaddy screenshot couple a dem talking bout dem a look fi video here and dont see it like is everything mi get but I had to stop myself from being petty cause di one whey did a talk when her video reach her she inbox mi bout how is mistake she mek and asking me fi tek it down yet she a worry bout video whey reach here.

  10. I hope apple break u off a piece for this solid, but not really solid defense. I’m really dying lmao

  11. Yardie you have indeed raised some valid legal arguments but here are a few points for consideration. We will agree that for one to be found guilty of theft then all the elements as listed in the statue must be satisfied. There is no argument that the only one of contention that you are raising here is ” intention to permanently deprive.” You will recall however that legislators make the law while it is the courts which interpret said laws and thus one cannot in a wide array of circumstances fail to consider the importance of case law and this is one such circumstance. In that regard the case law will indicate a number of issues:
    1. Appropriation by the elements listed e.g. Where the person “takes” and “carries away” clearly what is not his/hers by inapproprIate means as listed in the statue e.g. by trickery is generally evidence enough of an intention to permanently deprive. In that, those actions in and of themselves raise a rebuttable presumption one intended to steal. Thus for example if one takes another’s car and then sells it, this is usually sufficient evidence of an intention to permanently deprive the owner of the car. Arguably this case of the clothes may not be as clear-cut which is where your objections lie Yardie and this brings me to point 2.
    2. In the ’94 case of Lavender, the definition of “permanently deprived” was expanded to include a person “treating a thing as his own.” If such a definition is applied then it would be more difficult for the accused in the referred case to argue she was not treating the clothes as her own as based on the employers’ evidence the young lady was not acting as an agent of the employer. Thus whilst it can be argued both ways, the better view is that there is greater evidence to support the the claim that the young lady had an intention to permanently deprive her employer of the clothes.
    3. The definition of permanently deprived has also been expanded by case law to include “practical value” ( Crawford provided keen insight into what value is in a post Ms. Met had up yesterday) of the goods appropriated being loss. Again, one may argue this either way but the better view is that the employer would have a stronger argument as she could successfully argue that people having seen the young lady in the clothes partying would not want to purchase the said items from her store particularly in light of the Jamaican culture whereby “nobody nuh wan nuh pup eena”. The practical value being loss in this regard arguably means that there was an intention to permanently deprive.

    In light of the above arguments there is overwhelming support there was an intention to permanently deprive and the other elements being present I believe the court was accurate in finding the young lady guilty of theft. It is also my humble opinion that a civil action should be brought against this young lady for loss of reputation. (Ok I admit this may be a stretch but these people should feel the full force of the law- criminal and civil).

    1. I am extremely impressed Flex,in fact I’m basking in the knowledge of how exemplary the quality of the intellect often on display on this “mixup”site!

      Wrappie tell ramgoat to eat him heart out oo!!

  12. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    no to bloodclaat mi kin rite ova nd cuden dead dwrcl :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    no sah man de way yuh into Apple yuh wi tek yuh last and buy out any case pending or not mi weak no man tons fi de laff yah man,yah de damn best wen it cums tuh phuckery at its best,tearsssssss

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  13. @Saran yuh come in pon di wall sweet and gentle…mi rass a what mI just read up top :ngakak :ngakak yuh run wey the ppl dem and dem barrel hole :ngakak whoiiii

    1. Marie…mi here fi dem….wap dem one by one ! Bumboclaat bright bout when last we get pap smear like ah nyam she waan nyam di swab! :travel

  14. Suh fraudilovedrug….if a man come a yuh yawd an pick up yuh woman and take her to his house,have sex with her then bring her back….would that be considered cheating because he brought her back to you?….

    1. Interesting funny concept anon3:20.That man would have to bring her back in the exact condition him carry her from my yard inna,otherwise it is damaged goods! I won’t accept bk wet up or otherwise damaged “goods”!

      Are there laws against cheating,giving n getting bun??No??ok carry on then!

  15. @ saron u hv to understand that the Jamaican dancehall glorifies people who wears brand name,steal ,people who does cosmetic surgery over education it amazes me apple and her husband live a social media life & people want to emulate them don’t know why but this is wat black America has become big as big breasts & scamming if u live that life u are seen as Gods. Love y’all insights & met u have some very intelligent bloggers.

  16. Yardi dat one a fi the books @fraudilovedrug dwl. Mek dem know is only cheating if she come back bruk and hungry bcuz u cant spend time/money and a next man benefit. If him ago dip then him betta chip in pon the light or supn dwl

  17. Lol Yardie I respect and love you man :cendol boy yuh really love Apple fi true. Yuh say it all di while but yuh prove it tidday dwl

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