Met has anyone ever stopped to consider that the source of the bad blood between Sher and Nickiesha could be their jealousy of each other? We can see how it makes sense that Sher a carry feelings because Nickiesha can dance better and has the better talent to become more upgradable in a dancing career . HOWEVER it wasn’t until I took a good look I realized that it makes sense that Nickiesha is envious of Sher because of her good looks and style. Met it’s not even a case of who looks better because one look

It’s not even a case of who looks better because one look at Nickiesha and you won’t be able to get that Bubba Sparxx hit song “It’s about to get Ugly,up in here,in here, ugly ugly ugly”. The people them nah tell no lie that no matter how she and Marvin do dem matching thing,she never look good yet muchless better than him.

A next thing too I’ve noticed and you can scour her page till yuh weak.Nikiesha don’t have not even a one or two persons commenting that she looks good.Not even the usual couple liards that you typically find a encourage slackness that the person a happen.Met it sad bad when you can’t get your own fans and friends to lie for you or better yet, tell you the truth. Sher and Nickiesha it better both of unno stop grudge each other because God done set it that Sher yuh can’t get Nickiesha born bless talent and Nickiesha no makeup nor makeover will give you Sher looks.


  1. Nickiesha only want a good stylist/makeup artist and a proper hairdresser fi run Sher foot hot in the outer appearance dept cuz Nickiesha not that hard to look at. She’s already the better dancer with a neat natural body. Sher body look like an overstuffed turkey, not to mention her badmind dutty ways.
    Mi beg Metty wha day fi start a ting, (mi will contribute to a go fund me) mek Stacey come out of retirement, get some good food and a sylist and come run dem foot hot

  2. Sher need to stop sit back and send in shit to pinkwall and leave Nicki alone mek she stay bad Inna her own lane she nah trouble yuh miss

    1. Trust mi is not she send this one. Memba she talk like hot food in her mouth so, imagine constructing sentences

  3. Whoreing sher man body gal leave de girl alone now a true nicki just need a bad hairdresser and probably the girl is not a fussi person cause the girl body real and neat all you a do from the other day look at your pictures you orderly wear bra everday you a show breast and wear pure naked clothes for likes and pure make up aand filter girl bye go fix you f**k up teeth you is just a bully but nicki not taking you shit

    1. Just 15more mins for my grammar police shift to end…if u only waited till then..sighhh..anywayzee

      Yuh sey Sher orderly* wear bra?OK then.

      If Nikki hair ever stay suh bad..why u recommending she needs a bad* hairdresser? Wouldn’t that mek it even worse?

      She a show breast??oh so is just one titty she always a show off then..left or right one?

      Your* shit not you.
      Have a blessed n productive day. Carry on cuss her yes as Yuh have a like too.

  4. Whoreing sher leave nicki now man body gal, nicki easy fi fix trust me the girl dont fussi as i see she’s down to earth you now dress like you a sell half the time no bra half naked fi likes nickki breast dem smaller and stiff than yours and she have a child and you never see that girl without bra as i say we get the tuff body and all you do is full you face a makeup and filters bitch go kix you teeth

  5. Me naw lie… From weh day yah me just love off Sher. Im not hip to the fued wsith her and Nicki but I did see the live that Nicki posted and in my opion she’s hurt and the other girls come off as bullys. But I just love Sher vibes and her silly ways.

  6. Unu can dun offa Sher and Nickeisha now. Dem nuh relevant. Shape bad Sher and nah nuh hairdresser Nickeisha lucky!! The struggle is real pon both sides!!


  8. Look here sher nuh have nuh kinda style sher cannot dress so mi nuh k ow if smart can jealous over that kmttt sher tacky bad trust me

  9. Bun up drops teeth sher come off a pink wall and stop send in f**kery bout nickeiha nuh get compliment and how you look better. You claim to look so good, tf yourman at, no man nah clim none a unu dhq cuz only ting unu good fah a skin out pussy in ppl bsns place and use unuh pussy sweep dirt. Marvin claim nickeisha inspite of everything. I guarantee 4 years from now nickeisha still a dance and you get big and wagga wagga live under butcher knife fi stay good. Botch body bitch go find other meat fi pick on and get the f**k out a nuckeisha life with yuh sell pussy fi nutten self. Can’t stand these low self esteem ghetto hoes feeling gassed through the bought followers on IG. The f**k you have so much followers and not one if you can get certified. Stop buying followers.

  10. U know say the only reason mi come in pon this post is the title. Met, Met mek u bad so eeh? Mi wudda luv fi see u face bcuz supn tell mi say u nuh look nutten like the murderer u be pon ya mi weak. In “observance” no sah mi think dem mek holiday fi dem, mi tink dem dead or near dead. Met mi a beg u plz tek time wid d tykle dem. How much years n still going strong means u have a nack fi d f**kery and lub it bad.

  11. I want to be Nikeisha hairstylist so bad,but every time I said I’m going to dm her I get scared. I don’t want her to embarrassed me.
    Because me easy fi shame.

  12. Did u see her talking about her ass not fake then the stupid bitch posted some tb picture and it was clear she had no ass girl so lie becuz I did shot my ass and that same person did hers also..why not own it up everybody a do it…

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