1. All when man dun in America,mi nuh want none a Jamaica, I rather stay wealthy and lonely. Cuh who a tek gal weh live a Amerka fi clown.

  2. Bassa please guh siddung cause di people dem not even see yuh. Marvin a World Dawg all mek video. Since yuh a par wid Aidonia why yuh neva mek him help yuh buss a video fi di dance? Oh i know why, a f**kery yah deal wid plus yuh nuh really have what it takes. Yuh dunce bwoy will see yuh name pon bulla and nyam it. Guh look work!!! As to Kanisha, a dis yuh a fight ova??? Look at the clown weh yuh a hype up yuhself ova. White sqwal a nyam weh Bassa mout, unu nah mek no sense. Bassa 2017 come and yuh still a loser!!!!!!

  3. This shit bag nah learn and if him think him important to society him dead wrong. Kanisha is the only one who thinks your the greatest thing since Bob Marley dead. Bassa please give up, your old and irrelevant. Bout dance, this nah feed the bag a pickney yuh have suh try some other category like getting a job, guh join that line. Yuh a call up di man dem name like dem know yuh, kmrt. Aidonia should make you the bag bwoy since yuh love talk bout Genna. Most of the genna dem ambitious and all about business weh yuh contribute? Apply fi di bag bwoy position. Yuh dunce nuh rassssss

  4. No can someone help me kanisha yuh stay bad you turning your self in one big clown look at who a mad you lollllll bassa will never love you are want you smh girl a weh you tek up pan your self kanisha just put pics n prove on social media about bassa and I don’t see bassa a pose you damn clown lord put some sense in this girl head please .

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