1. This papers ting beat mi bad.nyou nah last in us like dat. Tek ur self away from di crime find a decent yankee and bumflick pan it. If youna go use people and run scam do something wid long term benifit. Jeeesh unu mek life hard fi unu self.

  2. OMG LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE. U ALL REALLY LOVE THIS. SADDDDDDD EVERY LAST ONE OF U. Honestly I think u all r sicker than this young lady.

  3. Green card don’t stop anyone from getting the boot hun. The world knows this girl don’t even have proper documents to get a state id.she is a a big identity theft scam artist kmt marvette is that you? Do you own license to be doing hair? When last has paul smooth answer your calls? You still stalking him or you give up?

  4. Marvett you should be ashamed of yourself bout leave her alone. Stop wearing bobette old clothes had life got so bad for you, you have to kKiss’s ass for the wear & left. Why don’t you talk about the obeah man bobette to you to so you cold tie Paul smooth. Please talk up let everyone know about the oil you was given to rub up to so call bring the man think bobette mouth and ears have loyalty

  5. How the hell Marvette fits in Bobby clothes, when Marvette is 2 size smaller than Bobby. Marvette don’t even wear the same style of clothes like Bobby. Met, some of your metters are just plain old LIARS.

  6. Is not bobette one ah get style pan di Instagram scammer page it’s also trendy brendy and bobette sis name TK… Travis too fly V.I.P. And others

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