1. Wow, God is good but knowing me, I would take my 4G and return the rest, I hate to owe people. So many people owe me and refuse to pay me but I don’t lend what I don’t have. God don’t sleep.

  2. Morning people, I am taking my 4K n God go with her and her 11k. Because of her evil and selfishness that 11k ago disappeare like it was $11. Some people borrow money with the intention not to pay it back .. stop len money!!!

  3. Take my $4K and send back the rest. Smh. Yuh have 15K but can’t give me my likkle $4k. Kmt. And I’m taking only $4K ….. because taking any more would be stealing an mi nuh grow suh.

  4. For all the anguish and pain you put me through, you affi go wait litte bit then me return it in pieces. If me return it.

  5. Tek mi bloodclaat (yessssssss, mi ah cuss, because this RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILE MI UP; it hits TOO CLOSE to home) $4000, but mek di pu$$y dem KNOW SEH mi cudda tek more than weh dem owe mi, but choo mi nuh WICKED like dem or TEEF, mi ah guh lef dem, mek God and dem conscience ( if dem have any) DEAL wid dem NAAAAASTY claat!!!!! Hey, ppl EEEEEEEEEEVIL, enuh!!!!! Mi BEXXXXX, yuh [email protected]!!!!! Ah choo ah man d’even KNOW, enuh! Hey, right now mi nuh waahn NOOOOOOOOOO (0) good name; put my name inna di “bad book”, for this is a COOOOOLD, HEARTLESS WORLD; filled with SELFISH, INCONSIDERATE, UNCARING, GREEDY, LYING, SOULLESS people! Take the above and my foolish advice and DON’T HELP people, nuh matter WHAT sad story them bring come tumble dung pon yuh; all they want is the next “fool” to use! Call me a flock of dirty names, but mi stop sorry fi ppl; this is di end ah mama “pardna” money, mi love; DONE IT DONE!

  6. I would tek mi full $4k, because if them never add the extra zero, I wouldn’t know that them have then breed a money deh, so yea, God is good, the revealed of secrets, I am taking of of mines.

  7. 4k unda u nasty rass and the change u get. U neva waah pay me, you say a 1500 alone u have and u owe mi from last year. You shudda lucky mi nuh tek interest a tru mi granny grow mi good.

  8. “Here lies a good person” nuh mark pan nuh tombstone. Taking the 4k plus interests from all those times u could a pay mi n nvr pay. Call me a teef, call me whatever. God send mi fi be your karma you b”tch… Mi av responsibilities to, u nuh more than me so dats u can borrow n go round wid u big head old wicked

  9. Dat me say to..4K plus interest dem stink like!!.And me ago tek days fi return it. SLOWLY, SPITEFULLY AND PAINFULLY..

  10. Well dat woulda hafto wait a long while….how long yu mek mi wait fi mine afta mi kine to you?? Well yu aguh wait dat plus tax!!

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