Good day Met

Met me tired a the dutty Philly people dem now

Me hate unno pink wall bad people always a talk things weh no go so and can never call name

Always a hide backa pink wall and a talk shit

But me a real bad ppl in a real life – TG (figure it out)

Hey bl****t cock eye Meka dirty stinking rotten p***y big face big head gal Red kin gal meka yuh think a now you a go fret yuh man get new gal every other month and yuh call yuh self wife dirty pu**y a nuff gal a f**k your man with him dutty cocky cause me f**k him already all him good for is a good batty wash portmore dutty gal unno make portmore people look bad u lef portmore with yuh dog sh*t sister weh f**k di dirty man fi one visa same way yuh unno up here a f**k married bbc man come a foreign and a f**k fi nutn how could u make yuh fren f**k yuh man after u put ar up in a ur house no boy can’t do me that

Twin white your turn how di f**k you a floss and a cant fix di bu***t pot hole them in a your face. Not for love nor bloodclot money me would a ever make you f**k mi any fuck we a f**k me affi bag your face

Diva what a way you keep baby shower and not one a the picture them me could a find him

Muma Diva a shame him shame and a duck

How you breed fi young boy wa probably can’t wash him drawers please tell us who the other baby father dem is

Munchie and Tasha please tell me how you can fight your best friend

Dog shit Tasha how you can a f**k 13 + 1 nuh 14 man en a party a laugh up in a each other face and then u a laugh up eena dem woman dem face like you and them a friend

You a suck & na get nothing how that possible you f**k and na f**k for nothing deh a foreign and na do no better time fi married and get yuh papers u barely catch 21

better yuh go deport yuh self and go back go f**k fi sumn yuh look like dog shit stop teef and make big nose boops sell you out fi prostitution human trafficking is illegal in America if you did not know

You walk and f**k like dog en a heat rainbow and city blue clothes you a wear and it no look good a the clothes a wear you

Munchie a Tasha u fight ova one order man cause him live a yard wid him good up wife weh him send for wha day him no want none a the two a uno or a did over which one a the two a uno can suck the other one better

Veachy megatron cybertron big foot transformer you couldn’t do my face how me suppose to make you do my face when your face don’t set right b*tch u mad I only book with tia upsetta and Asha donte yuh tomach strang the *ocky good so a don’t blame veachy fe mad over u

Kelly time to be a wife the move was a good look just no bother start f**k the Maryland man dem on Owen please cause a long time mee want a f**k

Lady D and Applez where are you caau Tasha acting wild come get your fren

Dirty falling star shakky u iz a nex one yuh wuklisss u have have looks fi nutn you can’t trace and you can’t fight a hope Tasha beat ur bumboclot cause that’s all she good fa

Look how hard you work fe mine 4+1 pikney

A long time me and Bobby a f**k who u think tell him fe take dung your blo***ot picture dem

Bubbilicious or how ever di f**k ur name want spell you is a next one cant see u a party again a wah yuh f**k out cause a can’t better you a better your life cause every time you come a party or we seee you you still nah drive some gal lov f**k and suck and can’t get dem own man

Jay Bentley jigga dem need fe change ur name to wata bwoy you is a next one every party you go a 4 bokkle a wata me see you wid then waan charge people them life savings at your party dem and you nah support the man dem

Dan dan dem soon carry you gah jail a bare toddla and infant you f**k any who I would still f**k you but me would av to hide my kids dem from u and take off ur gut and put it back when we done cause you is a better f**k than twin white

Tannicka you a hot gal as you claim on Facebook and idk what the f**k you have on at twin white party that a fe cheap and clean not a big labels party

Donna gucci you fe stop walk and beg fi a big woman bl****t your son dem nice still can give dem to me nice clean fren dem

when your likkle son started partying with you you should a stop come party you soon come a blue and red party in a wheel chair dem a go wheel you in bl***t wheeeeeel an cum a gain

Philly man dem unnu c*cky fe start have principle

Philadelphia women stop mek the rest a dancehall style we so hard a time we do better

Part 2 will be send in bl****t soon

49 thoughts on “IS A PHILLY CLEAR OUT THIS?

  1. I didn’t read all of that. Not one comma nor full stop. Sender it’s clear you are extremely bothered. It is in my view that you may need some counseling to deal with all the hurt you are carrying. You may also need to separate yourself from these people.

  2. Ms. Bad girl from TG you still a hide, you didn’t leave your name. And because yuh come from tg yuh bad??? Lol dwl

  3. Senda Philly ppl a pressure yuh head bad. How can 1 person have problems with so much ppl???? Den yuh day di gal pussy dirty and har man cocky dirty to and yuh still a fuck him to… So dat mean say your pussy dirty as well… Go seek counseling yuh to bloodclot mixy :hammer

  4. Bobby fucking everbody lol lady how you fuck bobby you not scared? You didnt hear that his baby morher shakky sick with the virus

  5. What away she ah dis di portmore gal dem she betta mine seh nino brown “Miguel” nuh come fi her an fly her bat like how him do di one black boy dutty kae baby fada!!

  6. Bobby can’t even fuck the only thing bobby can fuck is batty cause thats his favorite place shakky train the boy how fi fuck batty and lick out pussy shakky tell somebody that bobby love suck pussy when you deah pan you blood

  7. Met you need to give her job. The sender. She good for business. But don’t let her know yours. She is Philly CNN. Lol.

  8. Donate better continue fuck only them dancehall hoes dih if him know what good fih him.When top boss touch out and it naah goh normal.

  9. The bitch Weh send this in a wonder if she get any gift yesterday from all a the man dem Weh she list out Weh fuck har cause all she a debate pan a the one bag a man Weh she fuck or who she want fi fuck it. So unnu gwaan like plaka neva did a fuck pan chin to some man fi go one side like a dem alone fi give bun, of him did a fuck Chin alone him would a deh home a help unwrap gifts yesterday. Tell some man bout the salt Philly gal dem. Sender you sad and please tell me you get some toys yesterday to play with cause you lonely dwl.

  10. No one told chin she couldn’t cheat. It only looks bad when she cheat with someone below her man standard. Broke ass. Bad breathe. Sleeping with all dancehall hoes dante. And she sleeping with him and the mad dwags in farin and jamaica out for him and she walking care free. Dante this problems hype come with then deal with the orders set.

  11. Anonymous
    on December 27, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Placka did a fuck big noise boops ..mesha an a whole heap of unno nasty dancehall warthogs so u tell me dem inna chin class

  12. Anonymous
    on December 26, 2018 at 5:31 am

    A Ur pussy chin a fuck outta Kmt mi see dis come across from di otha day must be dutty KC

  13. Anonymous
    on December 27, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Annnn Sooooooo what If she a fuck sweet cocky boopsy everyone know Seh placka use to fuck boops inna har nasty batty so just call it dem a keep it inna di family

  14. don’t kno di girl at all seem like once nice girl still but all mi haffi seh
    When pussy good yuh nuh fi hide cocky from it big up yuh self chin you know how to get a bitch maaaadddd don’t cha

  15. Questions for anon 11:17am, what was Plaka status? How you know Dante below Plaka standard? Yu a act like Plaka a decent class a man kmt di same Plaka weh did a fuxkk boops yu a talk bout nuh inns standard kmt. Unnu love gwaan like unnu frighten FI people. Plaka is just a batty man Thar was claiming to be a bad man

  16. I need a glass a wine fih diss mix. So dante yuh really a set up yuh self in tese times ovah gal. Life too short and nice fih me mek smadi cut fimmih short. but words in the street that u love sneak innah man house. All a ja yuh unda preement tuh. Be careful youth aka sink mouth.

  17. A suh yuh agwaan Dante becareful youth yuh have yuh kids dem fi live fah a wonder how veachy feel to hear all this wait a Barbie chin unno a talk weh part we d keyshia di diva

  18. Unu a gwan like chin a smaddy gal just brown shape bad not even have no mouth.dante walk and fuck dung har car house yaad and abroad,sip my wine yaw to how she mek him start wear bran and tings plaka fuk batty like dawg him is no badman.

  19. @12:30am how him fuck dung har house yaad and broad suh dem live together and a inna placka place the house mus deh suh how dat guh,unno jus lie

  20. @12:30 FI Chin be nobody she sure hurting your feelings though! Yu find time fi comment and use up di nobody name doe. Is what happen, yu miss a fuck and feel like China get it? Leave di girl name outa yu mouth due to how har complexion a mad yu bout di gal just brown. When yu punany good yu nuh haffi shape good sweetie and when fucking fi gwaan everything fi use up! Look like yu did waan ketch di cum inna yu dutty mouth! Gwaan a school and stop study Chin cause yu naw guh pass dah class yah!

  21. @ Anonymous December 31, 2018 at 12:30 am
    She must be smaddy unno nuh stop bring up di girl name should just put up one posts about she an DUN! Unno kno make no sense so whaaaa least she nice clean an brown unno just mad cuz unno black an fava trash bag

  22. Who is this chin or The browning weh a hurt up di other woman dem head unno cah send in a picture most ppl on here still clueless enuh lol

  23. Falling star a wonder why bobby a sleep out while she at the old lady house a hustle to feed the family and Bobby sleep out one night and she find him next phone went in it to search and find Tasha skin out and bare text about fucking and sucking. Falling star a look friend hard suh till everyone she a friend a help her fuck bobby. She put Tasha on blast on snap chat and say how much the gal wicked cause is somebody she look work for cause the gal a suffer. There is so much people that is sharing that one dick it must be juicy and good I just pray that she finally grow up all these girls that he is cheating on her with is younger girls what does that tell you he is tired of that old beat up old pussy . He’s only there for the money that’s not love.

  24. Tasha have to be a nobody to fuck poppy show neil Armstrong who in their right senses would fuck a man that have up munchy as bonified are you serious,munchy no have no ratings she is classified as a fucka gal munchy pussy no have loyalty just like how she no loyal to nobody she cannot be trusted,she’s very funny and that will pull people in but you cannot tell this girl nothing she keeps going around mystakeing a fuck for a relationship munchy the man dem say the only thing you good fah is fucking and cleaning off them hood stop acting like you something or somebody because you need help you have a mental disorder

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