0 thoughts on “IS HE WRONG OR IS SHE LOW?

  1. Nope he was not wrong. As long as he wasn’t IGNORANT denying her request. The first date? Really, some of these chicks take it too far!

  2. She shouldn’t have to ask asshole! If di woman mean squat to yu an yu know she have kids, yu fi ask if dem awrite fuss….eeediat.

    1. It sounds like it was a firs date (no feelings involved). She was wrong asking and could have turned a good man off But then again maybe she wanted to get rid of him. Dem seh di quickest way to get rid of someone is to beg dem for something.

      1. ….or tell him you have kids! I remember meeting this very attractive woman with an excellent personality and asked her out on date. Went to pick her up and was let inside to wait for her to finish getting dressed. All of a sudden, I see all these kids (maybe five or so) coming out from god knows where. I kept my composure and all throughout dinner, I couldn’t get the image of all these kids out of mind. Did take her back to my place to seal the deal, but the image was ever present. That was the first and last date with this female.

    2. respect Big Willie. he should have shown some class and bought it, even if he had decided that he would not see her after this. Its only food.

  3. If it was my son I wld have liked if he just got the two orders for the children if he can afford it and not ask the craving gyal fi ah next date again.

  4. Too much too soon, she should’ve first ensure that her kids was fed before she went on the date, or she could’ve ordered hers(add all desert and extras) to go and take it to them

  5. Suh she siddung deh and full har gut and den she membah di kids? watah wretch…if a did me dah and mi suh desparrrrate mi ordah enough, ask fi a carry away and put aside my kids food b4 mi even start nyam..ghetto it might be to some people, but my kids come first in all things…suh if shi nuh low fi no odah reason she blasted very low fi dah..and dah man,is fah di kids as she seh it nuh mattah if u know dem or not..u interested innah dem mummah suh from she seh kids u wallet shoudah open..that is if a fi a kids dem fi tru (maybe she want some fi carry home fi har man and odah siblings or fi rainy day who the hell knows)sin embargo sar u low tu if u hab it and she seh kids u help har out…suh u dyam low to. But it can be understandable caz innah dem yah days yah u haffi considah wid di scammahs dem, caz which good maddah really siddung and or go out guh eat and know seh she hab two hungry kids a yard, siddung and nyam, full har gut and den ask fi food..dat nuh right atall no sah…

  6. When does knowing someone’s kids impact whether or not you can buy them a meal? He’s an asshole and she should drop him quick. Clearly, she didn’t cook or didn’t have any money. Yes, it is in bad form but she asked rather than ordered 2 extra meals and clearly, she was also thinking of her children that will always be hers. I have never done this but can sympathize with a mother. This is why you order appetizers, salad, bisque, entree and desserts with coffee so you have no qualms about wasting your time with a dickhead at the end of the night. Take my ass out, you would be the one with the attitude at the end of the night!

    1. If har house is short o food then she should have suggested he purchased groceries and offer to cook for him (and her kids).

  7. She nuh jus wrong…she dead wrong. She shoulda mek sure she feed di pickney dem fus before she guh pon date. Normally dinner, drinks and great conversation tek time suh ah how late ah night she ah look fi hussle food fi di pickney dem :bingung

    1. Agree that it is tacky, but he should have brought the two meals and call it a day. This was just the first of many requests. I wonder what would have happened if he had taken her shopping? :nohope

  8. As a single parent I recently start dating again, which is just that DATING, u no waan seem too desperate n tasteless, I assume the kids were already fed but enjoying the nice food her mind went on her kids an want them to taste the fine food to but, its wrong for her to assume the young man has enough to cover outside of their date and y couldnt she bought it for her kids herself or rather left someof hers n had the waitress put the left overs in take out plate???? :hoax2 :malu2 Cause u caan judge a man on d first date n even if him say no dat no mean say him wouldnt love d kids, him could a say yes n buy dung d ole restaurant n care 0 bout her pickney dem after him clap it

  9. How she know say the man have more money to spend that night, he could have budgeted for their date and have nothing more, she shouldn’t have to beg , because that can show the man say if she no have no money to buy dinner for the night she probably going to be on a begathon, some people too beggy beggy.
    i knew a guy who was building his house and would occasionally go on dates and set aside the amount he could afford, and women would say he was stingy and mean, i think sometimes it weed out the gold diggers. Eating out is expensive, plus tipping etc.

    1. yes to weeding out gold diggers.
      Asking for the food could have been a test to see how deep in his pockets she could go.


  11. my my my ( inna mi LT. Kenda vice) she outa order fi do dat, however the type of person that I am, if she did ask me (no I am not a man) just because she sey di kids, I woulda buy it….she may no get another date, but mi woulda buy di food, because I dont like to hear sey kids hungry enuh

  12. Suh Anonymous….. yu see di pickney dem appear from all bout, it turn yu awf, but yu still tek do Ooman guh sawka sawka har hole…..splain dat please. Why mek yu neva leave di Ooman alone?

    1. No sawka sawka never took place. You miss the part about the recurring images of all those kids. I offer to take her home a number of times and she kept saying she wasn’t ready yet. Finally told I have to get up early for work and took her home. Tell you the truth, my plan was to go all the way and after some heavy petty, I just couldn’t do it. Very pretty girl and nice personality, but the five kids just got in the way. This girl was no older than 27 years old.

  13. @ willie it sound like da woman deh have some relationship/self esteem issues, first thing she shouldn’t bring the man in her house being that kids are there.. Den dah yute yah tek advantage of is woman yah now,, prb the same situations give har dem five kids??

  14. Good Afternoon Met & Metters,
    She has no class, plain ‘ol beggy beggy therefore I can’t blame the guy. It’s said ask and u shall be given but there are always exceptions and this was clearly NOT the time, place nor person to beg. Mi shame an annuh me.


  16. I went through this the other day, well I went on the first date, My Son asked me to get some chicken wings, Ok…..I told the waitress I need some chicken wings to go and I said the the guy, I am ordering some chicken wings for My Son and I WILL PAY HE DONT NEED TO PAY. My date look at me and said, dont be crazy, I will pay for your Son meal. when he got His check he asked the waitress to put mines on it and yeap he paid. Honestly? some man a some BUTTU, However, The lady shouldn’t blatantly ask out right, Now if He did not offer to pay for my Son meal? BY FELICIA!! Me no waaaan no mean man.

    1. I agree with you she caan a beg fi food she fi order it for her pickney dem and if him pay fi it den she know she can put it inna di fridge an gi di likkle man a piece a him yaad. Some woman beg too much. Me no talk to gyal whe beggy beggy.

    2. anaon…yuh a scamma. yuh waan di man pay fa but yuh a pretend. and if him neva pay u wudda lef. maybe this man wudda preffer if she order di two food, den him jump in and offer fi pay fa. som women just nuh have no common sense


  18. Unno hungry ppl weh comment up a top bout him shudda buy di pickney dem food mi wudden surprise if unno single. Dat is a DISGRACE to ask a stranger on the first date to buy u yout dem food. If I was the man I would automatically think she is lookin for someone to mind her an har pickney. Dat is embarrassing uno fi do betta. Mi shame fi har. So trifling.

  19. Mi mussi bawn behine cow to Raas. Now, ef I get to dinner date, I should know wedda di Ooman have pickney are nat. That being said, from di chariot arrive an she step een, chups pon di jaw, “pickney dem good?”, den wi rolling.
    Food and shopping spree a two different sittn.

  20. Pride alone mek mi couldn’t ask she has no shame. Another thing is if mi out and a man offer fi buy mi drinks and I choose to accept I don’t thinks its appropriate for me to ask him to buy drinks for all of my friends too, some friends get upset by it but I think it inappropriate and will turn a man off esp if it could potentially be something there.

  21. *Metty, please delete first post; too many errors*
    It’s been a minute since I’ve been on a date but when I do go, I always order (2) meals and dessert for my kids since I always bring home leftovers and don’t want to eat in front of them and NOT share, so yea…she is selfish for asking the man to pay for her kids’ meals when that is her responsibility. Now, if he volunteers to cover that extra bill, he is more than generous ca the man prolly budget out the meal and here come this creven gal ah add on extras. Sir, if I were you, I’d kick that to the curb real cause if she ah behave suh ova her kids dem meals, imagine how she aguh gwaan ova hair n’ nails fe she and ar pickney dem ( if they are girls )..

  22. feeed your kids before you go out on date..if you cant afford both you dont need to be out stuffing your f**king face…Pikney ova dick..

  23. Met….a f#@K yu a fcuk!
    If him a real man him shoulda suggest getting food for the kids. Mek she refuse it.
    Mi done yah causen seh dis a gimme bad stummuck.

      1. True wud Metty. She have it all twisted wid har beggy beggy licky licky no-class self. Ah wen since date tun meals-on-wheels?? Den hab attichude wid di man…..she shoulda shame ah dah hoodrat move deh.

        1. I hate the principle of that a so when some people a jamaica beg u and u tell dem come when u look dem bring other hands for u to feed it is a very low thing to do

          1. It is ah big turn off an dem fi stop it! Mi nuh reward bad behavior suh mi nuh entertain dem slackness deh. Di idea fi hustle people jus low dung an dutty :marah

      2. Yes, but I suspect that this guy is very young/immature. Yes, she shouldn’t have gone about that way. 99% of mature men would have said yes, no matter what, to save her the embarrassment. I’m sure if she had said “I will pay for it”, most men would have volunteered to pay for it. The fact that he put this up on some site, suggest that the whole thing was bothering him after the fact and after thinking about it some more.

        1. Yes they would say yes and cut her off just the same because it is a big turn off..He isnt immature him is straight forward

  24. Im ashamed and its not even me…Its too soon to be asking favors, much more food for your own kids.. That’s a bit much on a first date..Very embarrassing to say the least.

  25. Ladies…always walk word unu money any and everywhere cause di beggy beggy licky lickiness nuh mek it one bit :hoax2 …and den some man wa come act as if dinner is compensation fe sex…*waiter, two separate checks, please and tanks*

    1. Yuh full a sense eh nuh yeppie, true wud mumma :toast :cendol A suh some a dem stay feel tuh seh tru dem tek yuh to dinner dem waan jump inna yuh draws, wus when dem buy d woman dem a 1 drink dem itch up pan dem d whole night, mi sorry fi dem licky licky drinky drinky woman yah, cauz nothing fi nothing dese days and very likkle fi yuh money a hoa

  26. Brite she bloodclaat brite!!! *cut mi rass yeye* Dats why some ah dem will neva get wah dem fi get, dem too [email protected]#king disgusting and nuh have nutten bout dem. Rass brite, classless, and LIE! Bout dinna fi pickney.
    Di man nuh do nutten wrong, more dan di request CLAAT him so hard rouna him eayz drum, him ‘tart chat fart bout knowing pickney. She too damn OUTTA AWDA and DISGUSTING *cut mi yeye bout 40 million time* Mussi tink P F Chang’s cheap, damn brite and CRAYBEN, and is not even about the cost, is di principle. DISGUSTING. * Sitten bun mi ih see*

  27. The man right fi no buy none meck di gal gwheyyyy feed u pikney dem r barely eat from ur plate n carry it home go give dem very distasteful n tacky woman she be smh

      1. Ms Met me know some hungry belly people/cut them off if you invite one a dem them carry all of them dem friend with dem with the intention of nyamming out the person, no tact and decency, one go pan a date and carry a bunch a friend she expect the man fi pay fi her and all her friend
        de man just buy him food nyam it by himself, then buy 2 wings and fries, 1 drink and carry it to her to share that with she and her friends, a look smaddie fi nyam out dem too brite, me still a laugh, we need some etiquette school.

  28. If him the really like her what she said would not have matters I dont think he’s right for her because when you’re talking to someone with kids you got to have compassion!

    1. But by following through with her request you are going to setup a situation now for yourself. You will become the de facto go to person for all things related to those children, it would never end at purchasing the dinners. You going to need fi pay fi class trips, back to school items, doctor’s visit, dentist visit, formal outfits for school dances..etc. By saying yes, you would set in motion a system that may not eventually worth the puss dung di road, unless of course your pockets are long and you are looking for a project.
      It’s interesting that a so many men posting would offer to follow through with her request, but a lot of us women find it utterly embarrassing and low-class..very interesting.

  29. is just the way she might go about it lead to that! ask the man fi buy “TWO” take-out dinner fi har kids !on a first date first impression lasting!

  30. He was not wrong. She should have ordered the meal herself with the intention to pay for it herself. If he offers to pay for the meals then it would have been ok, but still should not hold it against him if he doesn’t.

  31. Mettttttt!
    Quite suh Met. @Pink and Chuety, thank yuh.
    Mi naw go have nuh drinks and dinner wid NOOOOOOO MAN lef my pickney dem hungry, to di point where me haffi beg my date dinner fi dem! Before seh, me and mi pickney dem band wi hungry belly, hug up, and fall asleep pon wi hungry belly.
    Some of us women are too damn disgusting. *cut mi rass yeye again* How do we and this classless, gluttonous, turn-off, know that this guy can/could afford to buy them dinner at P F Chang’s and then purch an additional 2 meals for “her kids?”
    Listen mi man, spare mi di f**kery! She is GUTTER SLIME LOW for this, and ah high time ppl ‘top walk wid dem 2 ‘trong God given hand strategically placed before and after dem! DAMN DISGUSTING!

  32. It shows poor etiquette and upbringing to have suggested such a thing. Obviously, she does not much disposable income, but even so we must always act with dignity no matter our financial status.

  33. I am a woman and it grieve mi to say this but some ooman sick johncrow stomach!!!! I have been with the same man almost 6 yrs and mi nuh ask him fi nuttin! He gives without me asking and that is all fine and dandy but him nuh obligated fi mind mi. If him nuh gimme mi cyaan vex because a nuh me and him did go work how much hours fah! Mi work and have my own! How yuh fi go out wid a man for the 1st time and a beg him buy food fi yuh pickney dem?! Weh di pickney dem puppa deh?!?!
    If a man takes up a woman and enters into a relationship with her he is not obligated to take care of her kids…it’s a decision. You cannot force somebody to take on the responsibility of your child because him carry u out. Dem gyal yah too rass wutliss and nuh waan do nuttin meaningful wid dem life more than look man fi f**k dem and then spend dem money. Better dem go stand up a back rd and sell pussy!
    As for di 1 wid di 5 pickney…dats y she have 5 pikney!!! U have 5 kids and the 1st time a man tek yuh out yuh f**k him so u can potentially end up wid 6…I am not abt this life

  34. Thank God me have something name pride. Once upon a time when me outta college an a look a job an bruk like dawg me have a likkle man a ask me out pan date an me tell him seh right now I’m not ready to date anyone me haffi get me life in check. Me no undastan dem people here weh tink it ok fi bring baggage inna relationship. If she neva have money fi buy it herself den she shoulda neva go pan no date period. Me not going eating PF hangs while my child a eat tuff crackers. If is har man is a different story but man an ooman alike fi try have dem stuff togetha as much as possible before dem start date.

  35. Like a nuff woman nyam out dah man yah and him decide him mind seh him nah mek nuh other woman gi him a 6 fi a 9, so him tun scrooge lol. Maybe d woman order d most expensive dishes on d menu, like lobsters and those things weh him never budget fah and then waan order more sinting pan d high tab weh shi incur. I dont know on what grounds he refused, whether he felt it was premature, or too soon in d courtship or she ordered d most expensive meals on d menu, but whatever d case is, it surprises me that a man wld turn down this request from a woman he is courting. Yes be all means she is just plain classless and come across as being too desperate, it was not her place to ask, but his place to enquire how d kids were doing (and it being optional), possibly make an offer, Im sure that would have certainly impressed d woman, and put him in her good books. So a so she greedy? Guh pan date an nyam off whole a fi har food, suh she cldnt lef some a fi har share fi d kids? and maybe just maybe if d man saw her asking for a take out bag to take some for her kids, he wld offer and she wldnt have to ask. But when a woman guh on first date she nuh normally eat, but it sound like this yah woman nyam dung d restaurant and a dat goodly mek d man never did a guh spend a dime more, lol. But,Willie mi agree wid yuh 100%. A nuh real man that! Fi him heart stone cold! All if him decide seh she too beggy beggy and licky licky and desperate, he cld have done it for d sake of d kids. From d looks of things, d date was wrapping up, so I am going to go out on a limb here and assume, that at that late juncture, from their conversation over dinner they would have shared certain information abt themselves, and she wld have informed him that she have kids. I dont think that was d 1st time he was made aware of d kids when she asked for d meal for them. :hoax2. Some woman have that mindset, where they meet this man, they dont really have much, and go on a date expecting that they will receive money or whatever other gains, so maybe she genuinely never had anything, and went on d date with d intention that he would be generous in his givings. Look, if she a beg food fi har pickney, then dat mean seh she goodly not even did walk wid a licky get vex money just in case d date never go as planned, what if d man di decide seh him nah carry har home? By all means she over stepped her bounds, but men, just like how its not ok for a woman to ask for financial and other favours from men on a first date, its not ok for a man to try & jump in d woman dem baggy on d forst date either. Some woman know that after dinner d man will try to bed them, and so they will jump in ur wallet!!!! D woman gooda a seh to har self him gooda want lickle front affa dis so mek mi order 2 more food pan him tab, but some a these women, lef dem man a yard and gone pan date guh hustle sinting fi dem man child, not a chick nor child dem nuh have, but dis was a good laugh, scrooge mek up him mind seh nuh more gold digger nah nyam him out :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Hey mums :peluk…she shouldn’t have asked..period!! that’s like a man meeting you and thru casual getting to know one another conversation, it somehow quickly stream to sex; that shift is a major turn off to most women so in his case, her asking for food for her kids was a turn off to him..if nutten else, she should’ve allowed him to pay for their date and then ordered her kids’ meals on a separate check and told him that she was paying for their meal and I think the man would’ve been more inclined to offer to pay/accept that check as well, and if he didn’t that is still her responsibility. I took a friend girl out to a birthday dinner one time, and God know…before wi even finish praying ova the meal di gal start nyaam already, sun mi nuh seh nutten..b4 mi can properly put on mi seafood bib she done nyaam off fe ar meal ana pree mine; sun when time dimi pay the bill, mi kindly offer her a birthday slice of cake from the menu, and the big owl cow order cake plus appetizers *the same appetizers ween order and she suck it down b4 mi coulda even smell it much less taste it…so yes!! dis bredrin have all rights to be turned off because some people like to take advantage of your kindness, even when it come on to food. she could huff ah puff til she blow the people dem restaurant down…she and dem kids deh woulda vex togedda..her heart was in the right place; her money wasn’t though…

        1. A suh some ppl stay Yeppie no discretion dem nuh have, dem wi nyam yuh dung like chi chi. This man was very blatant though, cant blame him, he brought her to a nice fancy restaurant & apparently a 1 thing d woman had on her mind was to leave with as much as she possibly could. some men r about impressing d woman, but this yah man yah wld have none of it, maybe it resulted from his prior experiences with women. 1 thing for sure, they bout came into dis date knowing what they wanted, she neva waan nuh mean man & him dont want nuh gold digger, I guess we all know that there wont be a 2nd date, right??!! lol. Phoenix, a d same thing mi seh to, not a chick nor a child dis gal nuh have a can bet she lef har big over grown, gray tone, man child a yard & seh “honey mi and d girl going out, I’ll bring home dinner” but dah man yah well plan fi she & har f***ry and hell bent seh him nah mek shi nyam him out. Young man my advice to u next time is, DONT CARRY A PIG TO A RESTAURANT!!!!!!!

  36. So miss long belly never feed har kids before she go out go eat? If a nu de kids menu she a order from, then him have a right fe say NO.
    Plus she could have ordered a full meal and have the kids share it and he wouldn’t know a thing.

    1. A can bet she never even thanked the man for taking her out on such a nice date, to a nice place before requesting 2 take out for her kids, cauz trust & believe some bwoy wld an carry har guh Burger King! Sometimes thank you goes a far way, maybe that cld have been d difference between a yes and a no, who knows!!!

  37. I get ur point Willy about being a real man. But she never mek him offer….she beg first. Now most men that I know would have bought it and that would be the first and last date. Not because he doesn’t like her….but because it’s just distasteful. I can’t even ask my own boyfriend for anything for my child, let alone a stranger. Now if she really was broke and the children were hungry, as someone suggssted, let him buy groceries and cook for him, ensuring a meal for your kids. Now maybe if him is a man who did a showoff bout what him have den she probably dweet fi test him pocket. It’s wrong all the way around but as someone mentioned. ….her philosophy probably is…..beg a man sum ting fi test if him mean or fi get rid of him. Lol. She probably look at it like if him want mi him haffi accept mi kids and tink bout dem too……but her approach was all wrong. Maybe she did plan fi spread eagle after dinner an just did waan mek sure she get something outta him. 7 sisters…..7 different minds. Shaniiiiiii. Him is a straight forward man an she is a straight forward beggar. Dwllll

  38. Test she a test out the mean man!!!
    Well, him must did like har fi bring her pon date, if him did want her him shoulda buy the kids them some food to show he is a caring man… Him woulda get everything flushy from her if him did pst the test!!!
    Remember they are kids…

  39. Most men I know wld have bought the food still. It’s food and it’s for kids come on!! I am assuming here she was desperate to ask a man she only on a first date with to buy food for her kids. Personally I wld hve eaten less and take the rest home for the kids.

  40. It’s her responsibility to make sure her children were fed. If her children were hungry then she should have made that clear to him when he called to pick her up for the date. Now, I understand pride (to a certain degree) can hold someone back from being that upfront. As a mother our children needs should always be our first priority and there is no shame is that. My thought is she should have eaten half of her meal and take home the other half for her children. Better yet don’t accept a date from anyone unless you have your vex money. So youth yuh nuh wrong, she needed to learn this lesson. I really hope she learn caws if it was another man him woudda phuck har fi de 2 dinner,that would not be nice.

  41. whether the first or second date,the woman ask for what she wants. Bwoy f**king wudless, give it to her for her kids. if him can not afford it tell her that he can not afford it. She must understand that he can not afford it and cut out har f**kery attitude.

    1. Obviously the girl was in the wrong to ask explicitly for her date to pick up the cost of her Kids’ meals, but he should have gone ahead and pay for it anyway…no big deal. Some women just doesn’t respect boundaries and most men have had these boundaries violated many times by women who think men owes them something.
      One girl once requested that I take her shopping after meeting her for the second time and after I had picked her up from work and took her to dinner. I did take her shopping after getting over the initial shock and we actually became lifelong friends. I just passed it off as “she doesn’t know any better”.

      1. Maybe if they were at mcdonalds. We don’t know where they were and how much it would have cosat to get the meals. Youknow how men like to impress us on the first date and take us to places that they can’t afford on a regular basis. Some people have to budget. I used to talk to one big man and him ask me where I wanted to go for my birthday and He actually called his son to check up on the restaurant to make sure it was a place that he could afford (not in front of me by the way). It sat across from me in the restaurant and told me that his son gave him an idea of how much the date would cost him.

    2. Blacks di man nuh waan nuh baddi tek him fi fool like how di fat woman did trick yu bout send to har sister address.

      1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  42. Point blank period she should never leave home fi guh pon dinner date leaving hungry kids behind.Even if a macaroni and cut up 2 sausage in deh or noodles..Gyal nuh have nutten bout har.Fi see how she name brand out to

  43. Me is a man dat first ting me thinkin is mi nuh u baby fada u better call Tyrone cause u hungry belly puckney dem home

  44. He’s not wrong.
    She too craven and licky licky.
    Maybe this is a working class man who like most working people BUDGETS for everything, so all you people who saying you would’ve paid get the hell out of here with the bull.
    Not everybody have MONEY like that.

  45. I agree with everything everyone is saying. Even Willie because its just food. But like most on here said. HOW SHE KNOW HIM HAVE IT. if it was me I would have just payed for the food and never talk to her again.. but then again the fact that she waan gwanny gwanny after he refuse to pay for it shows she don’t rate him either so F her….. unless him embarrass her in front of the waiter and said something like “gyal… go pay for your owna pickney food” all loud and shit lol….

  46. This girl I went out on a few dates with called me the other night to go out for drinks but me did BROKE… not zero dollars but no monies to buy her ass drinks so me give her some bullshit excuse and say me ago stay a my yard tonight.. she ended up going to the same place with her girl friend but was texting me all night to come meet her. Because me know how this woman stay… a some firm no lol because this woman expect the world from man so me just have to know when and when not to deal with her. Mind you this woman make more money then me but never felt she had to come out her pocket b4 and me as a man just too shame to ask. there is no other way to explain it.
    anyway the text start change up from come join me to come save me because im drunk…. SMFH…. me all try time it for when the place close because me just see me coming there and she expecting me to pay for a night out with here and her friend. Sure enough when the check come she look at me. and i said no because well i did not have it and the GAL really get LOUD and start talk bout how me TACKY in front of people. these are obviously the things that this girl is use to… i don’t know… shrugs shoulder. seems she was trying to impress her friend offa me.
    it was her friend that had to ask her what do her. and tell her to chill out. me just tell my self don’t get mad. i will just not spend another dime on this woman. get mad.. after all i rods out that nuff time already…. 🙂
    PS. most woman a talk bout cheap and dont like tip. I ended up paying for the tip which was like 50% of bill.

  47. she making it clear if you going to be that man in her life you going to be responsible for feeding her and her kids and basically take care of her for the rest of her life spoil a bitch she will get comfortable she looking for a man who can support her and her kids she might not even like you but she might like what you can give from your pocket for her and the kids so think wisely

  48. I went on a date with a man for the first time and before we started ordering the food and he said if his children can join the dinner with us. I said okay and at the end of night I paid for the dinner. I personally don’t like to hear children hungry. Because I have a daughter. food is just food. Maybe if he had bless the children with food, you never know what God had in stored for him. its always good to bless people that is in need. Maybe she was testing him to see what type of heart he has or she was running him away.

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