1. Oh gosh man, not this loose gal! She’s bisexual and a known freak with half naked pics all over the Internet. I doubt anyone would categorize her as his woman. Just a pass thru

  2. Oh please lol Sam is an escort she sell from Jamaica to New York to Florida I rem back then all she use to talk about was bolt but it seems he treated her like a hit it and quit it …she is a bottle girl in New York and she did her body the other day from she do the body she can’t keep calm

  3. NEXT, this one no worth no talking. Sender aka girl in the picture. Where is the back story? Come share wid we inna the comments. How you just send in picture so so suh? Giiirlll you’re not in the CIRCUS (circle ahah). #uknown!!!!!!

  4. MAN LOVE FREAKY GAL and bolt no grow up dem way, now he is one of the world’s richest, he Jamaican millions a female want him especially the Caucasian ones

  5. Unuh love chat bout ppl. Mi kno the girl. She work fi her things and unu love live pon ppl name too much. Who don’t kno she and bolt a link longtime on n off. Unuh see the gal a sell pussy. The girl work her good money n happy. As unuh see ppl a travel n thing unuh say them a escort. Dirty ppl

    1. Tell her stop being an on and off girl for Bolt, she’s not a light switch. How can she be “happy” as an on and off girl in a man’s life? That’s not happiness, that’s insecurity. Travel? She dey a Rio too? Dirty is a woman who settles for being an on and off girl for a man because he has money. Dirty like de dirty ppl yu a try dunn.

      1. tell her to stop????? But why u care so much and so concerned for this girl well being you jealous nuh rahh…The girl a live her life and a do what the heck she wants to do. Who th heck are u to tell her she cant be happy? Why she cant live her life how she see fit without ppl like u telling her how to live. STFU and have several seats, mad cause u are nowher

    2. Yes my brother bought her pussy the other day in miami a wha dead don’t try come redeem yourself miss .. You are an escort

  6. Yea she love girls. She bi. She freaky. The gal nuh sell nuh pussy. I kno her years n round her almost all the time. Unuh love live pon ppl name

  7. The gal move like sadamite. She used to love talk bout her bolt. She do her body and thing but she a nuh escort man. People too terrible. Unuh did post her with one bag a sadamite gal one time. She love gal. Freak dat.

  8. A wah so bout about make she keep going back. Bolt buddy make a gold or something . Something sweet them. Everybody wah piece a Bolt one buddy.

  9. Listen every man in New York f**k Sam she send her pussy to everybody make me start list Barker , Markie , chin , andre , if u want me continue I can I’m not asking if she is an escort .. She is an escort who bring bitches with her so the man dem love her because she always have a bag a gal in her packages lol

      1. Samantha u and barker f**k .. U forgot u and ur ex roommate was fighting over him I want me send in the screenshots? U are a whore why u coming on here a try act like u good … Every man chat u and u very active on Whatts app so save yourself the drama and shut up and stop gwan like .. When I comment on pinkwall I speak facts

        1. Me go pon her page. She looks pretty. Look like she a live her life. Nuff time me hear me a whore. Ppl love mix up too much. Them comments here lame though. Wen the mix up deh Met?

  10. Hahaha. Tell her stop. A joke this. The other mate dem a stop? She love Bolt buddy. If him a fling it make she take it . A comedy.

  11. Hahaha. Rassclaat. What a way unuh invested in her pussy. Some haters on her though. Everybody a sell pussy . A who that a call name?

  12. Hahah. So The girl a live her life and unuh a call up her name bout escort. She living her life and haters wah talk shit bout the girl. If unuh don’t know the girl unuh stop talk. She seem to have a lot of haters. Why unuh care if she and bolt on and off again and why unuh care bout her pussy? Damn.

    1. Nobody cares about her pussy .. She just nuff and want to be associated with the mixup because she obsessed from long time .. Sam a u send in the pic because u want u name call up with the man in the same sentence yes u and him use to sex but that is from u a run street in Jamaica and a drink Guiness every wey u go like some man … Why u never send in one of your Thot pics u try send in pic wha make u look innocent girl bye plus u way darker than that inna real life

  13. Senda move you bc n stop spread the man business. Leave him the f**k alone. Ole crosses! Lo di man. He’s young and single and have options! F**k off

  14. Met I just saw the lawyer girl front row who can back up them tv is flow me have me no have the option right at the ceremony they show the stands she at the front jumping with a flag #matewidthefrontrow

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