Jah know mi fans just a watch a thing pon youtube and see the bwoy bounty killa a dis mi and usain bolt and materhorn,Bounty fi know say him have FISH genes ina him cause him produce a son wha a straight fish wha walk like girl,talk like girl and man a look him and a tek him out and romance him like girl.So him always a cuss people and a him son him fi go cuss cause a out a your back dat fish was produced fassy.Killa mi say mi play fi anybody wha want come listen mi a play music mi never say mi a sleep wid no any any body like wha u a say p**y,Cause my sex life holy ina the sight a god but you killa who cuss lexus and dis the youth bout him suck pus** and a you a lead ina p**y sucking ina the entertainment industry cause u a suck every skettel you pick up a night time and the gal dem a talk and mi know you a hear but u no care cause u lost pu**y.Tell dah bwoy deh low mi cause mi say mi naw trouble him again and mi naw go back pon mi words but a mek him know say mi ano vagas or lexus.Killa fi know say him naw nothing over mi cause you was rich pu**y and you get poor and come drop back a my level wha u see mi on a maintain fi years and mi no drop offa a dat all now pu**y,You see mi a live ina apartment and a dat u live ina to pu**y u a drive a old car and a one mi a drive to pu**y.Killa low mi cause dem dig out you light and water meter a oakland months now and you can’t pay fi dat.Avoid mi killa and memba none a you fren dem naw get no chance fi shoot mi like how unuh shoot roach a gas station cause you know how my thing set p**y.Killa you old ina music and you naw no bust fi bust back you time expire so low the new youths dem fi eat food and stop badmind movado too cause you get you run and u no do nothing wid it pu**y cause as a icon ina music you no own no house pon a hill even elephantman you can’t chat to pu**y whey live pon the hills.You deh pon my level killa you live pon the flat like me so go fix you life and low people life.You Stink !!sign trooper

0 thoughts on “IS WHEN TROOPER SAY DIS?

  1. Hey…wasn’t elephant man thiefing light fi de 10s of appliances inna one apartment? lolol

    Stop de pu$$y tagging cause yu insulting p–ssy , damn cock.Dwl

  2. A like how trooper fix bounty killa a long time a so him stay him nuh betta than kartel is a badmind bwoy every body him buss n all who him sey him buss,buss weh leave him bcuz bad mind get the best a him killa low the youth them

      1. no met it was “good mind” Mavado bad mine lacka afta killa mek him know seh stove can go inna house………….mi sen u an email

  3. kiss mi teeth all a weh unnu a tlk it nah go no wey………..killa u d mn……dat mi she……dem lame an dem luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……………..u nah sell out an a dat a bun dem …………u nah cry fi no visa……..u sell u soul fi no visa………….tell dem she if it come to test u will go bck to d trenches…….an dem nah go live fi c dat……….u heart gud wid u ugly face……..don’t sell out killa………don’t sell out…….f**k visa …..god knw y no get u visa cuase dem wudda try fi set u up r try fi tek u life aready to hw u stay……u ave u likkle wats but u real a dan all a dem

  4. Yo dis a di realest talk mi eva hear any artiste mek! Trooper seh killa deh pan fi him level. Him seh killa did rich and bruk now. If dis was a lyrical clash, dere would be no comeback fi killa.
    Now, killa get nuff respect fi buss artistes. But check dis, if a man name joe get inna argument wid toney, then get inna argument wid jack bout basically di same ting, den inna argument wid paul, then wid johnny, then wid tony, den sam, plus roger and mark…..who di problem lie wid? A everybady else have a problem or is it the common denominator in all the arguments?
    Real Talk 😡

  5. I’m a fan of bounty but to be honest with u before Ricky state I was coming to the term that I was loosing interest in Killa & his music because he is becoming more of an antagonist than putting interest in his music.what I start to realize His behaviour is getting very confrontational toward others like they are his ticket to fame again,I know killa his u did say war lord & slackness which you’ve made millions from back then & now your aim his to clean the music industry when is him great them killa had his fair share .look @ rap hip hop an other industry all music made its up to an individual what they listen to killa u say u is a man of certain standard they’re ways to get his point across instead of always in controversy.An try think of ways to rise again .Just saying

  6. some gyal tracing ting trooper on, but a dat fi reach killa cause him really badmind fi tru and him fi learn fi low ppl and live and let live, him life far from sorted out an him a labba labba pon ppl business, most a dem entertainer yah fi jus dead star cause all dem a do a try bring down each other, nuttn nuh name upliftment fi dem… and to think a today mi a look back an say how hypocritical killa is inuh, see it deh ppl know him business so now some a unu ago defend him an say him do this an that an him nah sell out an ray tay tay, but him a one a di biggest sell outs if given the opportunity!!!

  7. @ I don’t give a f**k…. Yuh just floor mi wid killa heart good wid him ugly face mi week :ngakak

  8. A nuff ppl pon yah including me did a style him wen him wen him lickout pon di fish dem an bow back fi di money suh dat make us badminded too? kmft

  9. Me is not a bounty fan, but rickeisha skirt trooper leave the man alone.u always a trace like gal..

  10. Round 1 goes to Ricky. But regardless a anything mi nuh ever like fi hear anybody bring een ppl’s children into dem conflict. Ricky you don’t have no fuss wid di man son, and as much as you never call no name, please do not ever go there again. If you are a parent yourself you would never take kindly to anybody styling your child no matter how they are, so don’t do it again.

    But mi never know seh di hills and di flat create di distinction of success in Kgn? Killa betta guh capcha piece a land a Wareika Hill fi upgrade himself.

    Mistress Met, please to ask if u gots any update on Flippa Moggla’s case?

  11. @met oh my bad… but is what killer have fi someone badmind plse check the streetsvkiller is a regular person now..itch up at every party sunday to sunday

  12. Bounty life get miserable that’s why him just guh roun and trace ppl. Him cant accept the fact that him not the man anymore and other people a run the place.

    ppl a get tired of him a pick pon other entertainers. Him a turn into somebody lie a 50 cent music wise. Known as a bully.

  13. Is what happen to this batty boy here. You a look a hype u a call up the killa name boy go suck u mother ole boy.

  14. uno could talk till a morning..KILLER IS BROKE BROKE BROKE..srry fans but its the truth it happens to the best of us..

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