Kandy go look a life you deh a foreign a live pon welfare gal you have no ambition you stay pon Facebook 24/7 a cuss gal over man or some other f**y. Gal go work , get life insurance, get some money in the bank you life sad bad. You’re annoying every day u think people a watch u or a talk bout haters. I don’t know u but you come up in timeline everyday bwoy u just big and idle so. How u feel fi just get up 7 days a week, 365 days a the year, drink,smoke,f**k and cuss people? Weh u ambition? A mus p**y u a sell pon fb bwoy. Gwan go look a work fi Mek life better for you and your kids.


27 thoughts on “IS WHO AND KANDY NOW?

  1. The bleaching is a f**g epidemic. People it nuh good fi you skin.. Skin cancer!!! I can’t stress this enough. I see way too many ppl coming into the hospital with skin cancer from bleaching. Young young girls, especially Africans and Jamaicans!!! STOP PLEASE!!!!!

    1. Really? I have always been curious to know the skin cancer rates in our community as a result of bleaching. How come it is that no one has done a documentary where victims are interviewed etc. I agree the bleaching is getting completely out of hand.

  2. This broke bitch again kandy yuh need some clothes jeezum girl yuh stay bad yuh bleach suh till your skin is growing fungus on your forehead girl you in no place to class nobody yuh ugly bad you need to go back to school you’re very illiterate instead of writing his you write is on yuh fb Status stop cuss ova man weh yuh can’t even put up a pic wid b**** you dumb the man post pic with every woman except you boo yuh loss the man don’t want you go take care of your father Less kids you’re two unwanted kids you love talking about people kids go take care of your bastard children your ugly kids your big forehead daughter and you’re fat ugly son stop paying him to suck his dick cuz that’s all you’re good for suck dick and pay man fi f*** you with the food stamp money

  3. She is nasty gal wid inna her house look like she a mexican or african from u look pon her face u kn shi have a ugly pussy mi sah shi sick stomach every day shi cuss like shi insane all her mind sah janet storm dem a watch er shi is a nasty lowlife gal an wah shi a dou pon social media shi tink it cute but mi realize sah is attention shi a look cause u can si sah a lowlife gal dat from u si her behavior pon social media u kn is a social media attention whore

  4. She is nasty gal wid inna her house look like she a mexican or african from u look pon her face u kn shi have a ugly pussy mi sah shi sick stomach every day shi cuss like shi insane all her mind sah janet storm dem a watch er shi is a nasty lowlife gal an wah shi a dou pon social media shi tink it cute but mi realize sah is attention shi a look cause u can si sah a lowlife gal dat from u si her behavior pon social media u kn is a social media attention whore :sorry :matabelo :mewek :2thumbup :tkp

  5. Like seriously every day she do the same thing a cus gal damn no life the gal no have.Better some a uno stay a Jamaica and Mek people with ambition come here come Mek use a the opportunity. Not one positive post from har. .. if America quint dem non progressive element yah drop off a eye lash. Go get u GED, take a class get certified go look a work damn …

  6. I don’t know you girl but stop the bleaching! Looks like you are trying to hide the buss up with tattoos lol. Your skin looks horrible now man. Is that a filter on her face or its just blotchy so…either way it does not look good.

  7. Yall people need to mind your business because candy and dwayne is still f**g

    Candy just enjoy your life because everybody bleaching them skin these days and your house is not dirty I know that for sure
    in life why Jamaica people always have bad things to say about they own people I don’t see nothing wrong with the girl are her f**g kids

  8. Why don’t you guys go and suck a dick? leave the lady alone! If she want to bleach let her be. And u guys friend should be ashamed of herself, if she a run down that man thats not even looking at her. Kmt. You guys talk about the lady on social media and last time i check you guys here too…Go look a life man and stop watch the woman pussy!!

  9. That’s all uno non progressive element good far a f**k people man and boast so what if she still a f**k the man? Does she have a ring? How will that elevate her standard a living? All who a pick up fi har a bum like har. Facebook is for fun she need a work and pay so damn taxes.

  10. Kandy guh suck out yuh mother weh live Inna shelter the time yuh tek a cuss ova man guh help har get somewhere fi live low life Bitch we all know is you write that comment up top yuh house coming like matches box go get a real apartment project rat bedbug slut yuh crwaney bad guh learn fi read and write dumb bitch nothing Inna yuh house stay good Inna a yuh pics one bag a plastic flowers and old-time things guh pay fi do yuh hair man yuh sista tied a yuh now sorry yuh aff save the money fi pay man fi f**k yuh stink pussy

  11. You people are straight up pussy you guys can’t face Candy so you have to run to pink WALL with the girl picture to get help to judge her but she doesn’t give one f**k what you PINKWALL bad bitch have to say about her
    Candy bless up yourself because BADMIND is like disease and Jamaica people are a big disease

  12. Stinking pussy Simone Rattray known as Kim sweetness you are just mad because Dwayne tell you that your 1 year contract is over
    Stop kill candy for man that don’t want or need u suck dick gal
    You saying that the girl taking care of man but Simone remember you used to work with Me every day the boy come for money from u and if you cannot give it to him he beat the shit out of you So big pussy Simone Rattray you are not in no position to try to diss candy candy is pretty than you bitch go take care of your two kids why you don’t like your ugly daughter Simone Rattray your life is sad leave the girl alone remember you don’t have no documents in the country bitch you is nobody candy make you never come back to work but now you put candy picture on PINKWALL trying to get help to put down this beautiful girl candy

    Why Jamaica people love watch other people business wow this is America we live life with no regrets
    Simone you suck Dwayne dick like dog and you have to take care of him is something that I see at the shop bitch

  13. Yo Jamaican people are the worst you never being the girl house but yet you talking about the lady house wow

    All of this because Simone Rattray 1 years contract is over

  14. I know candy very well she will give away food and put you up but she will never take her money and give it to nobody
    So big tired pussy Simone Rattray you need to go get your documents and leave this girl alone you is a immigrant nobody know you

  15. Simone Rattray you don’t talk about candy because Dwayne always come at the shop and take your money and it not like you a hairstyle bitch we just have you doing wash and set
    Don’t act like you can style candy because everybody f**k you out and yes bitch you need to stop f**k girl because all the boss pussy u suck Simone Rattray The time you take putting up candy picture go get your documents immigration don’t know nothing about you you cannot face the girl because I remember she come at the job and you run home and never come back to Work until today

  16. I don’t see nothing wrong with candy home in the pictures that she use the post

    Simone Rattray you need to go clean up your kitchen The background is dirty I can see two bags of garbage in your picture and why you only love one of your daughter ugly one need love too bitch I remember you come at the shop with one cheeseburger and give it to your kids to share and tell them when they get home they get something to drink

    Simone stop walk and suck and f**k and still not achieve in your green card leave people life that’s better than you
    you think everyone is the same thing LOVE to take care of man like you Simone kmft

  17. Mi nah laugh enu dem two Gyal yah a real clown. Dwayne want neither one of they ass. Kandy Hype stop paint a picture as if you and Dwayne still together, bitch you know god damn well that boy don’t want you. How many times you call n text him a beg him fi f**k you and you love him. The only thing him love about you his your “head game” you deserve a scholarship for you head game. You Simone Rattray you is Dwayne bleaching cream supplier and every money you earn at the shop he have to get it as you received it. It’s a shame y’all both have kids and set no example whatsoever; Kandy Dwayne sah your pussy scally like snapper fish and him no enjoy it at all him affi close his eyes when him a f**k you. Unu two idiot unu need to get your act together

  18. But (shawty) a dwayne a the fool! cause if he’s talking so bad about these 2 ladies and still f**g them he’s dumb!!! If he claim her front is nasty, why f**k it? Smh. Dwayne need to grow up and act like a man…I dont know these people in general “but only from social media” but me personally dont see why the bash Kandy for bleaching or being nasty and all 3 the same. Cause Dwayne bleach Simone bleach so its like pot a cuss kettle lol. Kmt.

  19. Dwayne want up candy because ofter all the shit they been thought and he run go f** her back 3 weeks ofter they problem

  20. Shawty you chat too much because candy and Dwayne still together
    Shawty him give u 1 f**k and it a mad but Shawty why u so ugly

  21. Shawty go continue suck Dwayne dick because u is nobody but a 4 foot dogshit ugly bitch stop pay man to f**k u gal

    Shawty how’s u to talk about people and Dwayne friends f**k u

  22. Kandy think that shit cute . You and Dwayne worthless. Stop live off welfare Go get a career a job. Your skin look sick . Go take care of your children that the same people hang around you said you hate. You and your sisters love people man kmft


  24. Shi teck picture an put pon social media her bed look like coffin what young gal have plactic pon table her place dont look Good which man want er wen has shi an him have sinting shi put out everything pon social media kandy a?waste land no bady nah settle pon dah shi need a tan shi look raw like snapper fish

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