May pen Mix up…….Big up to Clean Boss you made the right move by kicking that b*tch camele Cindy scatta teeth one gal Outta yu life…. White Girl a Mash up team blvd head ..IW sweet me…..Now she can focus pon sorting out her house a 2016 Red polish nah wear yu mek too much f*** problem inna May Pen Dancehall Congrats Still on you awards but yu need fi humble my girl…. And stop mind the young Bwoy them ..Go sort out yu teeth…..

10 thoughts on “IS WHO DIS FROM MAYPEN?

  1. Dat bitch all she do a walk n Mek trouble inna may pen n Gwaan like Blvd a Fe r like she Nu Memba a work she a work if I was clean team I would let her ass go long time cause she deh wid him and inna augment wid Gyal ova poppy tail ..

  2. Ruschel aka chin Dennis send in this.You big red whore,you must not send in nobody business cause you use puppy tail car go f**k you side man.

  3. @ anonymous
    Rushell Nu affi Sen in dis Becuz most a may pen ppl Nu like Camille dem jus play hypocrite am pretty sure rushell ain’t d 1st girl poppy tail diss Camille fah but tru she love d hype she keep running it dwn n a run bck a poppy tail

  4. Mi seh met kmt this girl coulda tan she dresses nice at times no lie but Met in the name of hype life and show off she ever a post about being humble and she is no where near that. The people dem Weh a cry bout humility and all that are the ones Weh always think them high and might let your humbleness show yuh nuh affi always speak about it she’s a next Stacey the crayfish lady both a dem post everything and show everything smh just be grateful and give thanks aloud. Yuh right hand nuh fi know wha the lef a do

  5. Unnu too lie. How she hype? She go party and show wah she a wear jus like anybody else do pon fb. She WI go a money pull up yes but that a nuh hype. She Caan control say a the Selecta them a big Har up inna di party them or say a bag a people caan put up a picta on fb widout waaan tag har. If u go Inna Blvd she talk to people and deal wid dem decent.

    Har problem is the company weh she a keep. She try par wid some man weh name big spender whole a dem waan roll Inna one barrel. Better she stay wid trendi mumma and a betta unnu say a she hype. A humble and god fearing girl fi true man. A jus DE company she keep always salt har

  6. SheGirl – Move yu bloodclaat yu caan see she hype and nuh live nuh weh …..Nobody nuh like her them just pretend ……She need fi sort out her house floor and stop mek problem and a nuh Chin dennis alone hate her the hole may pen…And her teeth them a kill me cause she love chat up inna people face…..Camele gwaan back inna church and stop gwaan like blvd Store a yours..And My Girl how yu full a cousin so yu gyal…Hopie is not your cousin bitch …And hopie caan look like yanique no day no time yu hopie a use style her she need a better stylist….Camele go back to been the girl we all like …the hypying ago mek ppl hate yu

  7. SheGirl Move yu bloodclaat Camele Hype and nuh live nuh way …She need fi go back to the days when a Toby and Rushell them she a roll with .Educated Girl not Big pussy Kim any day them buss her ass she cool…

  8. SheGirl seems you a one a Camele friend she f***g hype and it seems like a dutty pussy kim write this ..Bitch any day them buss yu ass bitch …yu nah nuh style so Camele tek out blvd clothes them give you dutty gyal yu need fi left outta the nice lady shop cause yu mek nobody nuh want going there again……

  9. No me and her is not friend and I’m not kim. Unnu nuh understand seh a nuh Unnu alone see one each other. Whole leap a eyes on them. Me just a talk how me feel. She nuh hype.

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