4 thoughts on “IS WHO NAME KERRYON?

  1. U LONELY MONGREL Shut the HELL UP DOGSHIT Gill!!!!!!! You cant style nobody go drink Supligen with your nasty looking cranny self. Don’t you see ole age ah tek yuh!! All u do is hallucinate for Instagram!!

  2. Thats I want no hook with anybody they all thieves. I will go through the bank where I can pay my money. That woman is a crook. Dont look no short cut u always end up losing do it the right way.

    1. Most of these mortgage brokers are very crooked and take advantage of own people, especially those who do not have perfect credit history. I’m amazed at what they get away with and why so many lost their home after the 2008 recession. Yes, it is best to deal directly with a reputable bank (not Wells Fargo…LOL)

  3. this shit don’t read right. Condo a purchase and then deportation process takes place timing off.

    Person getting deported still a try buy condo before dem get ship?

    How the name on original documents change up without notice?

    Who the hell gives $25,000 fi closing, then an additional $10,000?

    If a bitch can sling $35,000 just like that then ya’ll didn’t need no off market side deal…Jill money laundering is also a crime.

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