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  1. OMG Sketel behaviour at its highest, so why she don’t just call D’Angel’s name mek she come lick har inna har mash mouth rat teeth face. smh

  2. But wat a ting eeee mainnnnnne Ishawna it look like a inna 99c shop u buy ur class no sahhhhhhhhh smh sick tumuck man
    Side note one likkle question when every body pusC likkle (which mi no understand cause dem done wine off 5, 10, 15, 20 big hood man) wat happen to the big hood man dem???????? Dem must have a hard time pon dem hands tho

      1. Yea di pig pon bike part throw mi a Carlene enuh Metsy but she coulda really bright so?????? Den likkle gal ya out orda bad so mi no put it pass har but Carlene fi use a belt buckle beat n put har inna a corner fi stand up if a she woooooiiiiiieeeeee Ishawna call name man call name ooooooo

          1. n carlene is not a fighter but she have links so I want to think that a cudden carlene ishawna talking

          2. So how Ishawna n Carlene mouth fi meet tho????? Beenie man fuxx Ishawna??? And if ever there is record of gal run man head a Carlene n Beenie set it cause she had that dude weak so mi really curious ya now anybody know Ishawna # mi woulda call har now fi get di anderstandt -ing

  3. what i really want to know,is who f**k box ISHAWNA a drop word pon,a cah D’ANGEL cah none a dem nuh better,the too a dem a sketel suh ISHAWNA nuh come class nuh body,cah it nuh look good coming from a low life undercover f**ker gal like you!! we all know D’ANGEL nuh have nuh pu$$$$y principle but you ISHAWNA worst that D’ANGEL!! ISHAWNA YU LIFE SAD!

    1. But what I don’t seems to get is…what is the problem? Are they throwing shade cause they just don’t like one another or are they warring over communal cocky? which one is it, cause if dem suppose to be hot girls, it’s the other way around…man stake claim ova them. Puhssy suppose to fuhk and anuh one man deh bout fe funk, so what is the real issue here? Mi seh more time mi cyaah understand some gal and dem weak mentality. Dat’s why nuffa dem get style up ah wile up cause dem love act chupid ova man :hoax2

  4. if a d angel unnu memba d clash a famous nite club d’angel did dunn r all bounty do song fi angel an kill r. mi did seh a it mek shi leff foota cuz shi did a seh killa no waan angel an a draw whole heap a killa dubs an angel tell r seh u ediaat u caan waan use my man dubs an kill me an pull a dubs weh killa do fi r an write r off……………….mi feel like if a angel a deso it a come from………………lol………….pull it up pon utube met…ishawna n angel clash a famous nite club

        1. Not a exercise into no slimness! Ishawna wid her own mouth tell me she do tummy tuck same time shi duh di Bress O!

  5. not a d’angel a mus de new pusc weh foto a suck out a get tuh har mek she a chuck out badness bytch av several yuh ere’
    good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

    1. a cudden ophi she a talk at all because ophi body natural natural n har shape tun up ..a someone else oo

  6. fi real a cudden angel an a cudden Ophelia……….becuz as bad as ting might b dem look gud……………..mi wi more seh a carlene fava d pig pon bike……………

  7. Cud it be a a pretend war fi some publicity? Afterall di move from foota naa generate nuttn positive fi di carreer are she personally lol

  8. no no say that so baby cham really f**k ishawna and she always deh pan the girl page a like up her pics them……mi cyan believe this at all… she could neva so dry eye….yes she feisty and thing but mi nu think she sleep round like how them a say then again idk…but mi jus cyan believe that bout she and baby cham

  9. it sound like it a new song n shi a hype it up sound like sum done out metty mi never even want comment big up!

  10. Ishawna fe go fine a rock and go under. She can’t talk to D’Angel because the world know that she can get back her ex husband anytime she want. Ishawna go and take care of ur home and leave the street alone.

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