0 thoughts on “ISHAWNA NEW VIDEO

  1. On a positive note, it escaped the rampant tackiness that often is the outcome of many a Ja’can music video. Engineer did a good job on the mixing to work with her voice

  2. Only smaddy winning a downsound records Joe a eat makes no sense to me all mi a hear a she sighing from beginning to end about relief stress.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  3. d song doah sound chree bad, but dat horrible tacky gold wig overshadowed most a d video jesus man itall a cover har face kmt

  4. Dwrcl soo,wonder if foota couldn’t manage,,she is a cute girl in terms of physical appearance but mi can’t listen har songs cuz seeing her with a man like foota makes me wonder,,where is her pride n self esteem u muss need rc love,,I think with that beauty she can do smtn else with her life,music industry naw work fi she.

  5. Foota use to drop asleep that’s why him get so much bun it seems dwl. She is cute one thing I don’t like is that tacky Rass downtown blonde wid . The long black hair look very pretty . The sound no sound bad either she need some clothes thou.

  6. Foota you na do u job at home u in a too much dance. So joe the married man take ova. You can see sa she boring in bed the song ok but ur off naked so why not wine up u self my girl.

    BUST OUT A BIG DUTTY STINKING LAUGH !!!…..WHY JOE NEVA SEND HAR GOH CHERRY’S?!?! :repost2 :repost2 :repost2 :repost2 :bingung :nohope :sorry

  8. Song nuh sound bad
    Blonde wig need fi set a fire
    Body nuh ready all now !
    As bitch of all media say .. SHE LOOK BORINN BAD!!!!
    She cyaa wine up because she can’t dance.

  9. She is stiff bad bad bad!!! And the blond wig don’t look good.I follow her on instagram and some of her hairstyles are nice she needed to take some inspiration from that. The issue I take with her is she went onto wynford big big stage and said she left her man of 9 years cuz she wanted to be free… she sounds like she was giving him bun and she just stop even caring to hide it so she left. Now she wants to be a THOT? That don’t make no kind of sense.

  10. Hate the blonde wig….

    Also I take it that those are the handcuffs she use pon footerrrr more time lol :2thumbup

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