0 thoughts on “ISHAWNA ON STAGE

  1. Sound like she had more bun than cheese for Easter ! She need love lol the hair style fit har though. Never even know she a artist

  2. The video was tacky with that very ugly wig that keep covering her face. Hope you didn’t dash weh you relationship to go end up like Mimi on the shower rod, sex don’t always sell smh the only thing left to make this video porn is a naked guy and some lube. I really don’t feel your relationship was hindering your career , which is what you basically saying, you couldn’t gwan like a porn star in a video due to having the man. It’s not what you do is how you do it

  3. OmFG ishawna say the person she is in portrayed in her music video his her real personality and anybody knows her knows that, that how she is. so she just wanted to be single so she can show her front and gwaan like skettle and wear skettle hair color..

  4. Every man ah ooman deserve dem “do me” time after a break up, nutten nuh wrong wid dat. Pretty girl, head tack on properly pon ar shoulders, looking forward and not backwards…love the hair n’ swag Ishawna…smart moves :2thumbup

    1. Head on properly? Are you kidding, or did you watch a different interview than me?
      She simple at best!

      1. Ishawna a pretty girl fr long time but nave no talent r maybe nave d right person fi buss her…d song wid she n Beenie sound good OMG mek Beenie did affi do Angel so??? “Some gyal whe a beg” me shame bad….Advise do u Ishawna we only live once n if u can live wid self a skin out n look thirsty kudos to u cause if MiMi a 41 n a do sex tape wha say u?? , me never like Foota fi u fr morning so good luck in all u new endeavours sweetheart :2thumbup

        1. By the way MET u no see say Chivalry dead!!!! No morales no de nutten – look pon a cute girl like Ishawna whe look pon whe she affi resort to fi buss?? dis ridiculous cause ppl a go say she caan sing so might as well But majority a these pop star caan sing either Brittney Spears Rihanna etc but dem get a buss! Boy it sad bad

          1. sometimes a nuh di talent a Jah will …people nuh get dat..a doe see di video yet and a doe tink a waa look :nohope

          2. You right, you and Met – though sometimes it can be as simple as personality, character or originality, of which Ishawna doesn’t seem to have.

  5. @met doe look at the video, follow you mind.. she look tacky me no know what she is doing.. she comes off as a skettle to me that is how she portrayed herself in the video… she tell Winfred say a so she stay.. and anybody knows her knows that she is just like what she is portraying in the video

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