Patrick Powell’s File Missing At FLA, Audit Shows Cop Also Issued Licence For Same Firearm

Patrick Powell leaving the Home Circuit Court last week after he was freed of murder.
The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has released a statement through the National Security Ministry indicating that in 2004, businessman Patrick Powell and police inspector Patricia Primrose Powell-Wallace were both issued with a licence for same weapon – a Walther 9 milli-metre pistol.

At the same time, the FLA Powell’s file is missing from its offices.

The FLA says the last established evidence of the movement of the file was when an officer in the then CEO’s office made a request from the FLA Registry on April 14, 2015.

Powell was last week freed of the 2011 murder of the schoolboy Khajeel Mais.


* November 22, 1990: FLA Investigations reveal that Patrick Goulbourne Powell, a citizen of the United States with passport No. 454754767, with a given address of 17 Greenwood Drive, Kingston 19, was first granted a licence for a Smith and Wesson .38 revolver with serial number BFN6604 by the St. Andrew North Police. This firearm is not listed in the FLA’s database, and there is no evidence to date to determine its location or status.

*October 27, 2003: St. Andrew South Police issues firearm licence to Patrick Powell for a Glock 9MM pistol with serial No. ESS673. Patrick Powell was said to be living at 17 Oakland Avenue, Kingston 11. The ballistic signature of this firearm was not captured at that time. This firearm was last licenced by the FLA on March 31, 2011.

*April 2004: Patrick Powell and now Inspector of Police Patricia Primrose Powell-Wallace were both issued with a Firearm User’s Licence for the same firearm, a Walther 9MM pistol with serial No. FAB2400 in the same month. This information was obtained from the electronic records of the Police National Computer Centre in 2006 by the FLA.

*April 2006: The Firearm Licensing Authority established by an Act of Parliament as an agency of the Ministry of National Security.

*September 2007: FLA commences process to capture ballistic signatures of all licenced firearms.

*July 1, 2011: 17-year old Kingston College student Khajeel Mais was shot while in a taxi and dies of his injuries.

*July 11, 2011: Patrick Powell refuses to produce his firearm to the Police for inspection.

*July 19, 2011: Patrick Powell arrested and charged after again refusing to hand over his firearm and ammunition for inspection. Powell is scheduled to appear in the Half-Way Tree Court on this matter on November 18, 2016.

*August 18, 2011: FLA receives a letter from the Police Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), requesting that Patrick Powell’s firearm licence should be revoked on the grounds that he refused to produce his firearm for inspection after written and verbal communications from the Police.

*August 31, 2011: The then FLA Board Chairman, Retired Assistant Commissioner Errol Strong requests information and documentation on the Patrick Powell case. There is no evidence in Board minutes to show that the requested information was provided to the Board.

*July 2016: The new FLA Board requests information on the Patrick Powell case from the FLA management. No information was provided.

*October 24, 2016: Patrick Powell acquitted of the murder of Khajeel Mais.

*October 26, 2016: Two reports were generated by the Jamaica Constabulary Force database; one showing the Walther 9MM pistol Serial # FAB2400 licensed to Mrs. Patricia Powell-Wallace, while the other showing the Glock 9MM pistol Serial # ESS673 and the Walter 9MM pistol Serial # FAB2400 both licenced to Patrick Powell. If these reports are proven accurate, the issuance of two licences for the same firearm is a breach of the Firearm Act.

*October 27, 2016: New FLA Board demands file on Patrick Powell. It was then discovered by the Board that the file was nowhere to be found at the FLA. However, the last established evidence of the movement of the file was when an officer in the then CEO’s office made a request from the FLA Registry on April 14, 2015.

*October 30, 2016: Mrs. Patricia Primrose Powell-Wallace, the Inspector in charge of the Porus Police Station, was interviewed by the FLA. She indicated that she was already interviewed in 2011 by Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell. The FLA contacted ACP Powell who confirmed that there is no relation between Patrick Powell and Patricia Powell. She indicated that the Walther 9MM Pistol was purchased as new at either Sasso or AA Dealers, and to her knowledge, there are no subsidiary licence holders. She also stated that she did not grant anyone a permit for her firearm. The Police Officer who was in charge of the Manchester Division at that time indicated that no licence was issued to Patrick Goulbourne Powell by him. Patricia Powell further reported that she did not renew the firearm licence during the enquiry of an alleged “relationship between herself, her firearm, and Patrick Powell.”

*November 1, 2016: Ministry of National Security assigns Director of Protective Security Lincoln Allen as Acting CEO for the FLA. Mr. Allen, a small arms control policy expert, is the government officer who deals with all local and international policy matters pertaining to firearms. Mr. Allen has been mandated by the Board to clear and correct systemic weaknesses at the FLA.

The Firearm Licensing Authority is mandated to provide transparency and integrity in the regulation of firearms and ammunition used by Jamaican residents.


  1. The FLA is under pressure, cuz everybody mad as hell. Wonda if the next commissioner couldnt take the heat dats why him cut.

  2. And the public prosecutor didn’t know this before the trial last two weeks…what e rass klaaaath country and a we the people a idiot

  3. Corruption at its finest , what happens in the dark will come to light one day. They will all crumble one by one.

  4. . . . . . again! according to reliable sources he refused to hand over to authorities the firearm that was LIGITIMATELY license to him because ballistic tests would indicate that the bullet that killed khajeel maise wasn’t fired from that firearm! the constabulary force tried in earnest to supress and cover up the matter because it would have expose/highlited a case of “possible” LICENSE-CLONING for bandooloo firearms connected to police officials and certain elements of society!

    1. No, the gun he had was not consistent with the bullets found at the scene so no need to turn it over. People have said that it is his son who did the crime, police just dont have the evidence

  5. Prime minister Patrick Powell cas a soh it look to me. Mi like how tings a turn. Hiding your dutty deeds ago expose dem dutty sore….mi seh it already noh spare di rod and spoil di child..

  6. So that’s y they tried the case before all this,they knew if they had found this out before the case he would have been put away for life…dem really tek ppl fi fool smfh…

  7. @Met , , , good point! but lets say it was actually his son who did it then he(fatso) could have provided a credible alibi because then it wasn’t him, unless he was in the vehicle with his son at the time of the incident, also why did he flee the country given that if the shots weren’t fired from his gun then HE wouldn’t be culpable of the crime?

    1. As wha mi hear he was off the island at the time of the murder too . It was not his gun that the shots came from a di son gun. The son a bad man

  8. From the beginning I heard it was the son also. He took the vehicle to fix immediately. Son trigger happy. Hear is not the first the son shoot somebody.

  9. Ha ha haa mi tell dem already mi ago say it again as much as the ppl dem corrupt FLA system might slow but it ago ketch u ass. Unnu know how much police and soldier go fi gun and get turn down? Because dem antecedent nuh normal. Yes someone knew all this before and that person is/was at the FLA. They looked for someone with a similar name and kotch the shithouse pon the ppl dem license nuh mind sharp is an illegal gun the bwoy try straighten. Once spec have her gun and can show it, him and who so ever signature deh pon him papers get f. Unnu think dem ago muddle the ppl dem licensing place n nuh body nuh get f? Unnu fi check how much ppl get lock up and send home from up deh.

    As to mister Powell if a me like u mi nuh run bcuz if u go Uncle Sam dem ago sink u. Either by the IRS or dem run another antecedent and desso it ago show u never deh ya. Mr. Taximan mi n u know say u never lie when u say u never see Patrick but u see the other Powell though good good to mi get fi understand thats y him run go home n call pops n pops seh nuh stress it mi soon come sort it out. So this nuh done by a long shot Patrick can get charge fi conspiracy and/or aiding and abetting IF dem police ya sniff properly. Nuh bother go look fi evidence look fi weh clean up and who do the cleaning n u will get what u need. Just the same way FLA see it.

    1. HeavyD, I can’t wait till FLA catch the 2 people doing the dirt in the officq. Bitch dem a piggy back on legitimate licenses. This December me going a renew and query to make sure I don’t have anything a share.

  10. Met@8:58….the kid was killed by a 9mm warhead. The casing recovered was a 9mm casing. Mr Powell is granted a license for a Glock 9mm which is what the authorities requested him to turn over for ballistic testing.
    Di bandoolu is coming to light as they were trying to doctor the records to show him as a owner of a Walther PPK 9mm.

  11. Heavy-duty its over…if the government wanted to put him away the judge would say is a mistrial so if more evidence come forward they can reopen the it’s was his car in the crime they say it was his gun he leave the island that same night he owne up the being there that night but said he didn’t see the shooter..a young man is dead and they don’t lock him up…vybz kartel and ninja man stay lock up for over two year’s b4 them even go to trial but this man who have US citizenship get bail and walk free…a bombo rassklaaath madness a gwaan a Jamaica

  12. Look how dem put out him business … Mi Nuh undastan this ya …. So with all being said ….the taxi man Nuh si nutten so how him first statement woulda help ?? Somadi a tell lie

  13. You kno di funny ting about this trial….we all wanted justice, but we all kno what the outcome was going to be, we all know there would be missing files, and hearing of who get paid off, etc…if he was charged guilty we would all be in shock!…and that is the most shameful part!

  14. him police fren dem that he is in business with tek care of him SEEMS HEAVY D, RIGHT DEM HITCH HIM PON THE WOMAN DOCUMENT SHE NO RENEW HER LICENCE, DEM SAY A 3 GUN HIM HAVE, ONE OF THE FIREARM IS FEATURE IN A DOUBLE MURDER (NOT TIED TO HIM} SOOO..DEM SAY…CLIFF ON THE CASE, ITS a Jamaican ting dem done the case quick, sayin he was out of THE ISLAND him fren dem have him back so travel part no exist, A SOUFLOX9 ON UTUBE SHED REAL LIGHT, MI TEET NAILY DROP OUT


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