1. mine dem man tek u onn. one did tel a landlord a N.Y. she tek long fi come dem haffi beat drum, and when she come a pure pus. don’t mek dem cuss u. as real say story come to batty u

  2. i saw him the other day while i was at mega mart. he had this thick ass shades on. he took them off to se the coffee and from what i saw he looked like a monster. i cant phathom how someone would even speak to him muchless be with him

  3. Usher – BURN (Lyrics)

    “Tell me why I should stay in this relationship. When I’m hurting baby, I ain’t happy baby. Plus there’s so many other things I gotta deal with, I think that you should let it burn……… Even though this might bruise you, let it burn, let it burn, gotta let it burn”.

    Yes Devinaburn, we feel it fe yu Mama.

  4. She betta careful and nuh mek di man do har tings fi dis. Di likkle pride (pun intended) him did have bun right dung now.

    Who memba bout few years back she did ah guh hard fi di same battybwoy? That’s why yuh fi humble more time.

    Since I haven’t been around in ages one question, weh di baby deh?


  5. Sounds like her pain run deep. Young girls fi hold dem fertility close to dem, and search a man through and through before making a life with him. I can’t think of anything worse than making a child with the wrong man, and having to deal wid him for the rest of your life.

    Wah di song seh, it’s a thin line between love and hate.

  6. Kurupt father turning in his grave & her mother disappointed & shame as hell about how she turned out. Even stevens in my book. Two wuklis uptown pickney. Can’t see what kind of example any of them will set for their offspring.

  7. Hey gyal gwey wen u n the man did a f**k n it sweet yu u nevea have nothing fi seh bout u seh him a batty man cuz u deh a new York n have new man..yu f**k cuz a di man a care fi di youth no judge naaw tek him from him n give him to u cuz a u run weh let him…

  8. Devina me feel like u did a fck man wid Kurrup and things went south, I dont put ntn pass those too dummies. Start doing and ill believe.

  9. Yes G. Kurupt & the other fat one (whose name escapes me now) whose father was in the 3rd World band used to be apart of Dutty Cup Crew with Sean Paul & his brother & the youth them, Matthew them that own Copper Shot. Chicken was the only non-uptown one in the crew. But they were mostly uptown youths. Davina family used to live beside him & think he was smaddy in her young mind that’s why she started taking him underage. Now this is the result. Honestly, I think she needs to shut up.

    1. Eeeeh very wow ddnt know, i was wondering back then as to why Tammi did a collab with him inuh now i know why.#UPTAWN

  10. Met an ad is showing on the site called Hitwe with 2 cute white men. You think that where Spice rent hers from?

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      a smaddy did deh ova deh a fass and cum right back ova yah, suh google just a spread the open luv dwrcl

  11. Cindy how u mek it look kurrup a nu big dj su..A payhola mek all him nu get bigga yu cuz alkaline can’t dj like no day r night..A mussi bcuz him get lazy n old..if u think a lie find him song dem..I saw the what he said about the girl n he is a 100% wrong but the girl is as bad

  12. Devina, congratulations on getting your degree last week and graduating and finishing your healthcare/ nursing course.
    I am really proud of you. Let them talk if they talking.
    All who thought you ” abandoned Ethan,” not knowing you were busy pursuing school as well as music and finding a better space and future for your son. You are almost there love, DONT let dirty Kurupt and d rest of d sou sou sou no life gossipers who make love on they computer keyboards and have no life…draw you out either.

    Stay strong sis, you been through a lot and have come out stronger.
    My step grandmother use to always remind me,
    ” When fox cyan’t get d grapes, he does say it sour !”

    1. Not no degree, unnu too lie…certificate….congrats still but it’s not a degree.

      Certificate in “NURSE ASSISTING’ ….so I hope she continues to pursue her education further…Devina like how yuh deh up ah rockland…enroll in the BOCES Lpn program since you chose the nursing field

  13. Him did bad mi a tell G..Don’t know but him just stop jus su the last song with Wayne Marshall on the happy hour was the last good 1 I heard from him….Hey u miss anonymous 10:42 wen u drop diss comment use a name please n thank u cuz wen mi fire shot mi nu waa miss n hit the wrong anonymous ok..

  14. I see a nice plug about her educational level, yet still she’s still on social media behaving like a $5 head hood rat, so I guess that’s something to be proud of. And I would say something about this nursing thing & Jamaicans, but imma let it slide.

    Max, honestly, I can’t even remember any of his songs right now. All I remember about him is that I always thought he looked like a little crawny, wet, rat especially when he seemed to be bleaching at one point.

  15. Yes Cindy say it a old people she a gu look after bcuz she nu sound 3 brite thing if u nu know di man song dem I don’t think u know him like that to judge him bcuz at 1 point like G seh in the early 2000 him was 1 of top DJ

    1. No Max, I said I don’t REMEMBER his songs. I just didn’t feel their musical vibe then & I still don’t now ie I’m still not a Sean Paul fan. It was Beenie for me then & the more hardcore (ghetto) dancehall artistes, so I really can’t remember his songs. However, I knew the crew on a more personal level through 2 girlfriends of mine who almost got with SP (because they thought he was ‘sooo cute’ then) & 1 went on to be with 1 of the Copper Shot guys & I went on to work in the industry. I didn’t mind him as a person, he was alright, certainly less hype than the fat one (who for the life of me I can’t remember his name) who couldn’t wake up to catch a flight – hence the end of his career. I don’t do much judging enuh Max, just speak on what I know.

  16. Mi sah sum a uno lowlife bitches on dis post smh. Leave d gal meck shi talk shi cum wid hers public. Nuff a uno cuss uno man private bout dem deeds. Nuff a unoo call d man dem side chick an war dem an tell dem all kind a tings bout d man dem fi dem lef dem soh lowe d gal meck shi chat. Uno a dam hyprocrite a cause ano fi uno war dis u o a goh tell d gal fi tap chat. Move uno fake ass fr yah an lowe her

    1. Hey Anon is wrong post u deh inuh! or u have comprehension disability, which is it? A who a cuss Devina??? :bingung

      1. G, are you a garbage man? Why are you taking up garbage? Anytime anyone hit a nerve with the truth the weak minded always run out with the expletives & try style. Don’t look hon.

  17. Uno a behave like uno perfect an uno wouldnt dweet. u kn how much a uno mi hear a tell uno frien inna party , beauty shop etc. How uno man diss an dat , nuff a uno have uno mate a mine uno. Cause a fi dem food stamp card uno man use an buy food cum a uno yaad soh shut uno mout an goh drink bleach an stop behave like uno noh diss man worst an still a sleep wid dem uno a behave like uno innocent. Everyone a unoo pon pinkwall a mix up else uno wuldnt be here . Unoo a bitches

  18. Kurrupt did always hype. Him hype pon everybody even those in the crew. As long as him never a drink r smoke him was a good yute but when him start or feel likkle light pon him hyper than that f***r u cant find including Mr. SP bcuz him full a shit like him get 2 sheet a zinc. But there was no denying his skills with a pen or mic. Gi to Ceaser wah a fi him still.

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