1. let them grieve in peace? really, the world doesnt stop. u let them grieve in peace. this is jmg, wat we do best.

        1. Oh gosh, lol. Me feel it fi anon, lol. Dem may have meant it another way.

          Any how, the 2015 post could be relevant to the outcome of less than 24hrs ago.

          If the post is indeed relevant than it wasn’t the cliché and prayer warrior that was hurting the most…if the outcome is 100% without error.

          1. It could be relevant but how much reading into it would you have to do to pick it out it’s a big ass reach….no recent post?

            People who commit suicide are mentally ill…depression ain’t no joke. People who have never truly struggled with that illness, those thoughts, the despair, the hopelessness will literally make up scenarios to try to make sense out it…they want to know how someone who “seemed so happy” could take their own life but there is no sense to be made from it because it’s a sickness man. So that post is REACHING!

  1. This is just wrong. Nothing in those conversations says she was suffering because of a relationship. Why unu never say she was going through health problems. Thats just wrong.

    1. What is there to talk about man? Depression is an illness not a phase or a moment. A lifelong struggle….that link still speculation because that could have been altered. When was it and where was it ? Mek we go check

    1. a me a di sender, and we all hav a time so a jus fi dem time yah now. nuttn nuh wrong wid di post mo dan we a speculate cah nobody nah talk up. so we go dig di net and a try put pieces together. instead u deh yah a look pity, go dig the net and prove otherwise or contribute something to di puzzle

      1. But why is it of concern to you what happened and why? A man has just lost his life, it’s not even 24 hours and you get up and send this in??? A family, fans, friends and most importantly his young children are mourning. Rather than worry about people’s business and send in a story of speculation why not concern yourself with your own life and family? As you saw, a few days ago he was happy and smiling having just celebrated fathers day and his Earthstrong today we wake to the news he has passed. Are your family OK? Is anyone in your family suffering from depression and hiding it with a smile? Yuh pray from mawning for you and/or your loved ones??

        People like you are too damn nuff!!! Always worrying about the wrong shit, before you put a RIP or something yuh ah fast inna the people’s business and ah talk bout “puzzle.” You should be ashamed of your damn self bout your hyping and louding up yourself bout “a me a di sender” kmt. Have some damn respect man!!! Speculating and putting the girls Facebook name on blast fi dutty heart and nosey shit house people like you to add her on Facebook fi fass in her time of mourning. DISGUSTING PARASITE!!

        1. i bet u a million dollar seh yuh a one a di first person weh go check out har fb.
          since u so holy and a condemn bout ppl business.
          Mi have a question fi u.
          Is This none ur business? Good.
          tek di same advise weh yuh a gimmi and aply it to urself.
          if yuh neva love ppl business like miself yah u wud not come on jmg much less go click pan di link.

          a who yuh tink u a fool.

          1. No dutty bitch, I didn’t “Go check out har fb” because I am already on that and even if I wasn’t why would I fass up in peoples heartache/pain for my own personally entertainment. Dat mek sense? As for the question is this any of my business? I think I already answered that with my first statement. Finally I saw the story as it was shared on my timeline along with the title “What a wicked set of people” which you most definitely are! As I recognised the person I clicked on it and saw your heartless bullshit so your ill assumptions are WRONG, not everybody mix up and crabbit like yuh. How you are so wrong and strong is beyond me. Bet seh yuh never even brush yuh teeth, bathe and rinse out yuh draws yet when yuh send een people business. What you don’t think the deceased has family and friends that will see this bullshit??

            Karma set ah way so like I said before worry about you and yours!! Don’t bother waste your time with a reply, mi nuh argue or waste energy with people of your low caliber, I will leave you in your ignorant bliss-YOU ARE DISMISSED! #HEARTLESSDAWGSHIT!!

  2. Saran, me know suicide cause I’ve been on that edge and what carried me there and still have me looking back to things from the past, present and future outlook more times. A few of us on here a shared this already, so don’t overlook anything. You see the new post?

  3. This post is very disrespectful…everything don’t need to have suss on it. Please be respectful not only to his friends and family, but to his fans as well.

  4. We all love ppl business, i am just di first to admit it.

    really and truly i am just like di person weh hear seh artiste dead and den di next question is. a wah kill him.

    cause mi ask di question and nuh get nuh ansa, mi start scrub di net.

    contrary to wah u think. u know how much ppl wah know wah go dung

    but hey “take it how yuh want it”

  5. Judas u neva pick a next name cuz a f***y dis u keep up, bout yah speculate. Mi cant even link this to the suicide, wah exactly she said mek u feel this have fi do wid it ??? Mi lost as fck, gwan guh dig likkle more all 5 yrs back cuz it look like yah idlaz and wah sumn constructive fi do.

    1. A de jacket whey tAilor sew in her belly she did a talk all that obeah crap bout. Know she a carry jacket and a behave like saint mary pon Facebook. Judas of escariot run the tea when it ready Fi serve yah I yah. Her pazart people dem a try shut off the teapot. iniquity workers! God don’t sleep.

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