JUST IN: Real Estate Agent #BeverleyBarrakat, taken into Police custody today in connection with the intensifying investigation into embattled Attorney #JenniferMessado. Messado is to face the Criminal Court on Tuesday. She remains in jail tonight at the Central Villiage lock up


  1. It will never done because too much corruption in the legal profession. Those lawyers hungry fi money di amount of ppl get rob up in real estate deals in Jamaica from these parasitic lawyers caan count. Nuff don’t say anything cause dem shame or they feel they may have no legal recourse. If they ever did an investigation they would be shocked to find out the amount of ppl who have been swindled out of their money in the last 25 yrs.

  2. So true and their properties. All people who dead transferring properties. Then they say how di owners transfer it to them before they died. Dem have copy of title with them name with the ppl dem property. Two twos apartment build and a sell. Big scam a gwaan

  3. Second person charged in relation to fraud case involving attorney Jennifer Messado
    3:52 am, Tue May 15, 2018
    Following last week’s arrest and charge of real estate attorney Jennifer Messado for alleged fraud, the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) has charged a second accused in the case.

    Real estate broker Beverly Barakat was charged on Monday.

    She was arrested Sunday by C-TOC investigators.

    Mrs Barakat has been charged with conspiracy to defraud, forgery and operating a real estate brokerage firm without a licence.

    It is alleged that she conspired with Mrs Messado in the illegal transfer of a property.

    Both women are scheduled to appear before the St. Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday.

    Mrs Messado was arrested and charged on Friday by C-TOC detectives.

    The attorney has been charged with uttering forged documents, forgery, conspiracy to defraud, causing money to be paid out by forged document, and money laundering.

    Investigators reported that on December 20 last year, Mrs Messado prepared an Agreement of Sale for two parcels of land without the knowledge and consent of the owner.

    They alleged that she collected US$270,000 as down payment from the prospective purchaser.

    The properties were put to sale for $232 million.

    C-TOC is expected to lay additional charges against Mrs Messado in relation to another property.

    A senior investigator said she is being investigated in connection with other real estate transactions.

    1. “Mrs Barakat has been charged with conspiracy to defraud, forgery and operating a real estate brokerage firm without a licence.”

      So Mrs Barakat was acting a Real Estate business without a license? Is she even license as a Real Estate Agent? Where is the Real Estate Board in Jamaica when people are getting away with operating a unlicensed RE brokerage business?

  4. UPDATE: Prominent Attorney #PatrickBailey is at this hour being questioned by investigators at the Half Way Tree Police Station. Bailey is being represented by Attorney, Christopher Townsend.


  5. JUST IN: Attorney Chris Townsend says #PatrickBailey has now gone about his business & is no longer at the Half Way Tree station where he attended to respond to a “few more questions from the Police” about killing of Junior Germaine at his house. Bailey gave a further statement.

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