Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller says she is taking a zero tolerance approach to the abuse of the nation’s children.

She warned that if the abuse continues, the Government will take a serious look at the laws which impact the lives of that group.

Addressing the launch of the Social Development Commission (SDC) Local Economic Development Support Programme (LEDSP), in Ocho Rios, St Ann on May 7, Simpson Miller called on community members to unite in the fight against the scourge, which has been wreaking havoc among the population.

She also encouraged Jamaicans to return to the days of allowing communities to raise the nation’s children, adding that they have a responsibility to give true meaning to the African proverb – ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.

“We have a responsibility to the children. When communities are united, the children are protected, because they look out for the children and they are always interested in their well-being. I am making a special appeal to parents…be careful! If this abuse thing continues, we are going to have to strengthen the laws that impact the lives of our children. I am not going to stand for the abuse of any children anywhere in this country,” the Prime Minister said.

“Communities across the country must now unite in the protection of our children. They are the future leaders of this country,” she added.

Mrs. Simpson Miller said that if reports of children being abused persist, she will be dealing with them in a decisive way, as the children should be nurtured and protected, not abused.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister emphasised that developments in Jamaica should take place with the nation’s children in mind.

She lauded the SDC for its effort in community development, and called on all stakeholders to develop parks across the island for the children.

“The SDC was created to lead the way in the development of communities in Jamaica. Every programme that we develop should include the social and economic advancement of those people who live in those communities,” the Prime Minister said.


  1. ????. If it continues??? Havent enough already occured??? Where is the cut off line for her??? Does she not notice that enough has already been done to take immediate action. Just like how the roads got fixed quick for Obama. Fix this quick. No more waiting. How many more child will have to suffer before you say enough??? To many questions with no answers. How many more children have to be scarificed on the land before you take some action???

  2. I hope after this “reign” that me people learn fi vote base on facts and NOT on name, promises (comfort to a fool) and handouts.

    Portia fi get when willow, cowitch and guava tick use to beat pickey…bout “if it continue…” silly rabbit that one.

  3. I am speechless..Portia is a real dunce!
    How many more gruesome stories does this leader need to hear to take action,Things has gotten this far because society and Government was not punishing these pedophiles swiftly and drastic enough.
    All of the incidents lately has happen to children mostly below 13 years old adults are responsible for the children’s safety and protection and the communities and Government has failed them.
    Portia your speech really show me what a pathetic leader you are..What a way you find money fixup the place elaborate for Obama but still can’t find a way to implement things to Help your people.

    1. You may want to add that dem fail to punish bad breed parents, for far too long. Child predators lesser than bad breed parents.

  4. Yes I understand the struggle is hard in our country no job and school fee high
    The Mother’s who pimpout children to grown men need to be charged
    The business men, Adult men who use money to take advantage of the disadvantage children need to be charged money should not be able to save them. They like to use money to pay off officials and the family when things bust out Extra charges should be added for giving and accepting a Bribe for cases.

    1. You know the school fees, hardship fi likkle education can simply be eradicated (now and years ago) IF ONLY the masses get up and say NO MORE a dis rass system and vote in those opposing what they oppose?

      We problems stem from VOTERS making bad decisions because a the tribal political system that they (MY FAMILY NOT EXCLUDED) help to foster into what we have to deal with today day yah.

  5. What more is she waiting on to occur. She foolish nuh back foot. kmt Change di laws no and clamp down on these child abusers. We’ve seen enough and we need a change now.

  6. bwoi mi cah badda wid this yah dunce yah enuh. If it continues?!! Bwoi I doe know how dis woman tun prime minister. Scarce benefits and spoils

  7. Stricter law dont matter if you cant catch and prosecute the persons! the idio-classic view of politicians that laws alone fix things

    1. One could make the case that stricter laws will lead to even more death of our children, as these predators kill the kids to avoid prosecution. How come we did not hear about all these children being killed 20+ years ago? Is it that there were much less child abusers back then or is it that the abusers know that they will spend many years in prison if they are caught now? Stricter laws might have the opposite effect than what is intended. If the sentence associated with arm robbery was one month, would robbers killed their victims during the commission of a robbery if they know they will only serve one week in jail?

  8. We can enact a zillion new laws and that alone will have zero effect on the abuse of children. We have laws on the books, that if properly enforced, will have the same effect. The problem now is, see no evil, hear no evil. The parents and community know that a lot of abuse or inappropriate behavior is taking place between adults and minors and will not report it. The police cannot enforce what they are not aware of. Also, the police are one of the source ofthese illicit relationships. We all know what happen to that girl a few years ago who was abducted and killed by the policeman that she was having a relationship with.

    Even when these men (and some women too) are caught and arrested, the victim refuses or later backed out when money are exchanged. One of my relatives was having a sexual relationship with a girl across the street (she was about 15 at the time and he was about 17). He decides to bring his next door neighbor/friend into the action one night and both slipped into the house. Their presence was detected by the girl’s younger brother, so they end of leaving without doing anything. The Guardian for the girl (she was taking care of the girl who lived with her) decided that to avoid her reporting these two boys to the police, both parents of the would have to pay an agreed upon sum. The payment was made by both mothers and the matter died a natural death. The funny thing is all three parents live within close proximity (one or two houses apart) to each other and worked at the same company. Of course, the relative continued the sexual relationship even after this episode.

  9. What is wrong with you Portia what do you mean if it continues how much more raping, killing and abuse of the nation’s children do you want to see.

  10. PNP got a lot of money from the LGBT lobby during the last elections. So she better see and blind when it come to the perverts in high places. How many big man from the party yuh hear seh a abuse boys at the children’s home. One high up one was replaced under the quiet and nothing came out of it.

    Wi all hear the stories of Sista P’s top female colleagues that have pure under-age girl child a do God only knows what with. Then again Portia probably know better than me. Her predecessor, Bruce Golding go say “not in my Cabinet and two twos he was out on his arse.

    And dont get me started on the dutty nasty male politicians weh deh wid poor people underage pickney. Hate to say it, but Jamaica due for a fall with all these wickedness against its kids.

  11. Portia, you do not have to be a mother to get this issue. I am not a mother either and likely never will be, but whether you are a mother or not, we have all been children. You have the power to change the law, so why are you giving a warning?

    You cannot ask for the community to raise a child these days, because the bad settled een wid di good everywhere. Child molesters and child killers are living in every community, so you can’t send that message about a village to raise a child. This is not the Jamaica of the 50s and 60s.

    Are primary school children being taught about personal safety, appropriate and inappropriate touching, how to limit access to their personal space, how to report crimes against them? Are the young teens being taught about sexual exploitation, and how to recognize exploitative behavior? Why not empower the children and give them tools to be able to recognize danger and dangerous people?

    I have to seriously wonder if Portia is 100%

  12. Phantom….I would like to buy you a drink in support of your post here. Thank you so much.
    (Kallek di drink ova Drankruh Lounge)

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