Star from the radio show ”Star and Buckwild” says in an interview that he does not respect Vybz Kartel for the murder he committed and recorded it on his phone. ”Kartel is a murderer and should be treated as such”, Star said. ” This generation of f–k boys”………..HIM SAY GUNSHOT FI KARTEL!!!


    1. Morning deh Met, Metters/Bloggers ..”How u doing?” (innah mi Wendy voice). Ahem, im nuh look bad fi im age + di fact dat im did a sniff di white gal. Now back to topic, U know seh mi nah tek on dah chupid stigma deh u know Met..but mi undastand wah u mean. A dem who deh stan up behind im and still a seh world boss chupid and ignorant. Now wah dis man a seh is wah di Jamaicans wah hab dem head pan dem shouldahs a seh from morning..Mi neva innah im music/im and all from morning suh it is nothing to me at all, dem yah new gingeratioin (as mi granny wouldah seh) a artiste yah dem a put a dampah pan not only di essence of real dancehall/Reggae, but pan wi likkle but talawah island Jamdung and wat it/we is all about. Dem seh a few bad apple pwoil di bunch and sometimes a tru…suh di Jamaicans and odas as well wah still hab wi head pan wi shouldahs haffi show dem seh it nah guh guh suh..stop buy dem music, guh a dem party etc and mek dem know seh wah dem de du wicked/evil and wrong pan ebry level and it nawn guh cut it a baxide. If Karamel Syke get early release singting very rang dung deh, im couldah gi up di whole a di gun man dem dung deh it still nuh tek weh from di fact seh im is a cold hearted, ignorant and evil murderer dat kill over 100 people (allegedly) and hab di audacity fi tape and deh tex bout it. Im fi rot wah im deh, u know wah mek a kibbah mi mout…dem yah singting just mek mi blood run pink innuh man chro.

      1. Morning if Kartel did what he did in America there would not be not even one of his songs playing and that is what mi haffi respect bout this place. He did what he did, and people in the industry know what he did even before he was found guilty but fraid fi say something because di grazmite dem a go say dem a try stop dem food. What Kartel did was disrespect to the streets, disrespectful to the music and disrespect to the youths in general. It has nothing to do with stopping food, what is right is right. Star look good fi him age…I thought it was just me :hammer . Last week with the 100k people march I had to lift my hats to them because di fus dem eva stand up fi something but God nah sleep and Satan will never win so I am waiting for God to finish what he started

        1. Don’t I know it Met..mi still in awe bout one a di intaview wah di young lady seh “afta a nuh no big man im kill, a nuh lawyah, docta, a someone wah im and im du di ting dems etc” next seh “if u right hand offend u cut it off ” suh dem know and agree seh im tek a life, but is idea in denial seh im wicked and is a cold blooded murderer, dem nuh hab no regard fi human life,or just plain ignorant and or greedy (want more food)..bwoy a suh life a jamdung gone bad man.. Mi agree to bout di peopledem innah di industry same like how dem can tear dung each odah ova women, money and who seh she /he seh wah mek dem neva du di same wid im..Yah dem might fraid fi dem life (suh mi hear) but nuh support im wicked evil murderous behaviour. Dat mi always seh tu u know Met…mi believe innah my God and mi know im nahn sleep and deh a wait same way tu…We need back wi Jamaica man some a di tings dem wah a gwan dung deh a buck and a cut way past di bone now man..need fi need fi come to an end… Nuf people still nuh realize seh it tek dem a decade fi rise to di tap but a sec fi fall buduffbap..dyam crahzzes dem..

          1. A long time Jamaicans nuh value human life dem will walk over dead bodies like is nothing and people do not see the sickness in that but that speaks for itself.

  1. I did not even listen to the audio yet but I agree with the headline totally. People need to get a backbone and realize Vybez Kartel is a DISGRACE.

    1. Fan n’ Metty, that will never happen because most individuals are afraid to stand on their lead, but are content with following..fitting into the crowd. It truly is a disgrace that so many Jamaicans will defend Kartel, KNOWING that he has done so much wrong…sad to say, but “The people who will fall for and follow anything, will stand for nothing”..this dude right here is off the chain though :hammer

  2. I am going to be honest. The first time I listened to a Vybez Kartel song I was driving on the I-95. It was one of the first big gun tune he did…Met the song get inna mi system what would have taken me 20 mins to drive to ..took me 5 mins de length of de song, that when I realise the power that man song can have over ppl. From that day I stop listening to any of his songs. Kartel do him bad deeds but ppl round him ah claim him ah angel…rass de blasted devil was a angel tuh..Wat dis guy is sayin mi de ah voice it out long time. Yuh duh de crime Kartel…yuh haffi duh de time…wah yuh level 33 ppl dem deh now…

    1. Roses, what yuh mean by that? Please to explain…did the song give you road rage and you rushed to work?…ah hope yuh neva bad up nuhbody pon di i-95 yuh hear mi?! :nerd

  3. I think what prevents people and entertainers alike from affirming Kartel’s guilt are numerous factors (police lies, political theories, manipulation of his blackberry) Kartels aquaintances did express shock and disbelief at the charges then the at the verdict…Roach said Kartel is a coward and did not murder anyone, Popcaan said if this is true he has no idea where Kartel would find the time for this, Gaza Slim was his loudest supporter Corey Todd also said he is a coward and didnt kill anyone. The person tweeting for Kartel tweets on almost a daily basis that something big is about to unfold in the case and to expect the unexpected. My point is that not everyone knew about Kartel evil deeds and to the extent of his involvement in crime. I truly believe that a lot of artists are truly shocked and confused and not so much that they are scared to talk.

    1. not shocked or confused they know….kartel himself did not kill lizard either , he orchestrated a lot and people in the business know that

      1. @MercyMe a Jamaica u talking bout u know , dem did know dats why none a dem nuh really shock u mean..dem act shock fi di public but dem did know…Kartel suh outah ordah, subverted and brite enough fi write and sing bout it, plus so narcissistic, lawks and women lid dung wid all a sah

        1. They are not shocked, a nuh likkle people Kartel bully ina di business, remember boomboom did get a lashing from Corey eno even though a never over kartel but it show u what mode the camp was in..A nuh likkle selector get beat up. Kartel write him song dem after him done commit the crime dem, is not like him did haffi sidung and mek up anything ina him head..he was living what he was writing so it was easy to be the artiste and don. Dem nuh see di sickness in what he was doing, after him drop di lisa pic, he dropped pictures of other females he was sleeping with at the time who continued to sleep with him. Whey dat tell u? Anybody round him , him did have dem a way.

  4. Hi morning Metsy n metters
    I am In agreement with dude but I get the feeling dude is still on shit look how he can’t stop moving n him mouth movements smh

      1. Clean like mi shoe bottom…Metty, him ah sniff sinting..coulda all baking soda, but he is sniffing something; this kat stay on hype mode :ngakak

  5. Every artis bin know wah kartel a duh, an dem know him rass guilty but dem jus nuh brave enuf fi say it publicly, an all a dem glad him gone a prison matta of fact dem Wudnt mind hear seh him rass dead in deh kmft.

  6. As the saying go pick the beam out you eye before you pick it out if someone else eye. In America the rapper them have do much connection in killing cause most if not all a dem were and maybe still drug dealers. Just because an American saying shit does not make a suitation right. Them must look in the mirror. We Jamaican as America says jump we don’t ask why we just jump some people a real old waggionist.

  7. I dont hear him condemning Kartel killing someone as much as I hear him sayingreal gangster dont get caught by setting up himself… He is more upset by what Kartel did to get caught than by Lizards death..

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