29 thoughts on “ITS ALL ABOUT LOCATION

  1. di navel move to a new location because the area it was in was too bad, suh it move uptown because the place quiet and the school districts are much better.

  2. She’s starting to look like a old tanning salon white woman.. Get it together girl you better get dem botox shots get that face back to looking like 21 again. The age is showing and more.. go now!.
    I was thinking you should try something new Apple be a trendsetter
    Higher up navel cute!!!! Go get your now.

  3. Such beautiful girl ruin her self with overly done plastic surgery just to say she’s a dancehall celebrity and high grade scammer .

  4. Met caption a kill mi :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    Dis doe look good apple. Go back fi yuh money

  5. This Girl is not a ugly girl, If she dress classy my goosh she would look so much better. TRASH to the 100th power. Lady? You honestly don’t look good.

  6. Sometimes when you get your belly done the surgeon moves your belly button to place it supposedly in a better place so it can look good, but for some reason the tattoos can not cover the wrinkles or whatever he stomach have going on, her best bet is to continue to cover the stomach and wear form fitted things to so off how flat the stomach is and call it a day she will look much better, live the bare body to J-Icon eyes only sweetie!

    1. She didnt do a tummy tuck where they have to make a new hole for the belly button, she did lipo and the skin isnt tight so that is the result. I’ve saw a girl running in the olympics that had a baby recently and she had a little jiggle and she’s an athlete. She should just tighten the skin, then again, I dont think she give a fvck so why should I….see and dont see but you cant un-see still lol

  7. Dwfl Apple body and face look like spoil milk. If unnu think someting wrong wid the pic unnu need fi see it inna real life

  8. Yardi we a brethren n village QC mek mi ask you this, if she a gi you, you wudda tek it? bare in mind say she a top freak so u affi eat u wudda mek she christen u mouth? lol Met neva gi mi no Sunday dagga might as well kick it off yasso. Wah u think Max?

    1. Wha kind a bitch lick that yuh gimme bredda??? Grung tpc bout pigtail smh.Mi no eat no form of pork or Porkey…unless it is process pork like bologna,bacon,ham n Frank’s FYI Heavy Boss!

      Princess Apple tie up mi heart strings a ongle Massa God can untie it yo I swear!

  9. For a married woman this bitch never have on clothes put some damn clothes on have some respect for yourself now your a wife/mother stop dressing like a skettel now dress CLASSY change is good for everyone

  10. Oh my gawd. Everytime mi see dis half naked girl she remind of one big ol ants like the ones in A Bug’s Life.

  11. Keep talking bout this girl pretty if unu ever see her inna day without makeup she and robbas a the same thing thank God fi makeup!!

  12. Apple is a big bitch after a nuh jcon alone she a f**k she a f**k on young boy weh just come up from yard one balla youth a di boy seh the pussy nuh good big n stretch out. The seh him wonder how jcon wife that

  13. Alrite Yardi but true mi see say u love her heart, soul n you know the rest. Mi just waah know how deep the thing go lol. If you did say u did ago mek she christen d mouth mi wudda call Max fi mi n him beat you bcuz u wudda truly mad lol. But cant knock a man fi love of a woman even wid ar fake ass :toast

    P.S. Pork a pork you hear sah and straight pork always better than processed.

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