Are this people really gay or its just for likes. No this gal and her man Fat rat a corrupt the southside community with them nastiness. Young people stay in a y’all lane. And stop run behind people for hype and fame. Never think I would live to see these type of lifestyle. Poochie who a f***k off the lickie lickie gal them a south and her nasty looking man who a f**k off the little (Edited) them


9 thoughts on “ITS DI BLEACH

  1. Corrupting the young should never be excused or commended. Don’t celebrate people because they have money.
    I’ve seen the wicked spread like a greenbay tree ,then..

    1. Truth! Ppl excuse anything these days once money involved. Back in the day no mount a money could repair a bad character. If these two are preying on poor ppl and spreading immorality dem should get called out. Fck dem and dem money, a dem one hab money out yah? Blaze dem azz and bun out immorality.

  2. Jamaicans are too shallow. They promote and respect ANYBODY who has money, you can have the most unsavory character and live the most phuckery lifestyle and once you have a few dollars to spend your average Jamaican will celebrate you… If you give a little common gyal in the area a few dollars it’s like she 100% guaranteed to start phuck gal (if she wasnt before the new found wealth) so that’s expected. The homos are using people’s poverty in order to trick them into a nasty lifestyle. If it’s hard today, doesn’t mean it will be hard tommorrow, people stop selling yourself short.

    1. Can I kindly ask you to stop making so much sense,please. Inna me life me neva buck up a set a people like Jamaican who will give wotliss people time if they hab money. Neva! That’s why so many children in Jamaica are abused by their ‘stepfathers’. If im kyan provide bus fare an lunch money to sen de pickney a school, den many dutty maddas give dem licence to rape dem pickney. Nasty bitches.

  3. How about people stop selling out your souls for a little or even big profit only to get by for now. That’s why the world so lost now! Everybody wants to be an celebrity what happened to the mailmen, trash collectors, doctors, nurses, lawyer…the regular f…ing careers. Everybody can’t be a celebrity the economy would tumble in ruins just saying. Plus she has to know he is a fisherofmen. Super Gay Boy ewell yuck!

  4. Leave the ppl them alone a fi den lifestyle… Made den do as they wish if a so it go …..everyone has a life to live so let each n everyone live it the way they feel like

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