What do you think Asafa Powell is saying here???
I’ll go first ….. since him is a……. – Do yourself in the bed while I watch on the stool-

0 thoughts on “ITS FRIDAY, THE BED IS EMPTY………… -_-

  1. Whats with him n dis rumpled bed sh*t? Is dis him only focus? Den retire di athletics career n go turn escort, pimp, gigolo or open a massage parlor/sex shop

      1. …and think himself to be cute to…lol None a de three runners sexy a tall.
        Two a dem arrogant (one nu date darkies and one date/breed anything)
        One need fi cut him nails and hair

  2. Him ah seh “Growing up eena church dem used tuh preach bout di devil finding wuk fi higle hands. Well, here I am waiting for my assignment.” Him waan two lick unda him :travel

  3. Yuh know mi a begin fi wonda heff is a furnished room him live ina. Maybe dis is the only room ina di house him have access to or Maybe everytime him want to take a bathroom or kitchen selfie, him roomate dem occupy both rooms respectively. Must be. I cannot say nutten else. Dwlllllll.
    Cita peeping. Soon sign in. Lol

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