Mawning pink wall hide MI id deh but this is d kubanz group two missing.from left you have Ricky kubanz d one weh that from a girl have money him will suck all her p**y fi get likkle a the money spend pon him,him use to f**k MI cousin (Edited) cause she have money but my cousin lef him cause him worthless nd mouth ever stink yes Ricky I know you nd anything me talk you make me know cause your mouth is not yours, Chav kubanz brown galist that full a gal but them have to know them self nd stay in them place but him have him woman weh soon have baby mayb good youth but knowing these men,kemoy kubanz the one you never see with any gal but him full a gal slut nd everybody nd goffe kubanz the one that have him bonfie girl that live with him but him still whore look woman nd tell you say him single you don’t always see him nd him girl nd the girl thick nd pretty although she don’t 100%but you always see him nd him side chick them look like him spend on his side chick more than bonfie girl all that bonfie must feel bad in herself.You have Kareem the pretty eye hype one that ever a do money pull up the rich one the one that make them go bottle settings nd buy Hennessy Moet nd the expensive liquor.Beware of these hype men they want nobody


18 thoughts on “IVE BEEN THROUGH THE KRU

  1. lemme not even comment. Them stay bad tho
    Pretty eye Kareem? As in Kareembigdreams? Aneka ex? Monalisa ex? Chanelsubk man? Kareem Weh sell drugs? Ok Lata

  2. A who trick u now?? which one of them?? Kareem not a kubanz and unno need to find a job and stop being groupie and run down promoter men.

  3. hush yah. maybe next time one a dem will want u. On another note, you kinda sound dunce, I encourage you to go back to school and stop worry bout man. toodles.

  4. What is the big hype about this Kareem guy? Seem as if all the so called ‘fly & hype’ dancehall peeps are frighten over him.

  5. Girl ur tea is boring af. everyone knows everything u mention. Weh u leff out is Kareem is bi and was living with his man openly a farrin, then come Ja and deh wid some whores like Aneka etc. Mi nuh see how woman deh wid Ricky tho, every time I see him i wonder if he has down syndrome or autism or something cause he just doesnt look hundred. Always looking weirdly spaced out or high af. Mi just feel say a one a dem send it een fi promote the group.

  6. I know three out a the four a them personally and a hard working people Weh mind them business and never inna mix up. Why unnu stay so?

  7. Mi nah lie everyday Kareem story have a new twist lol…Kareem please come give us the facts dear please

  8. Anytime you have a group of guys trying to work hard, party, mek some money, f**k some pussy, live dem life… U always find that one bitter bitch who style dem as whore, suck pussy boy, batty man etc… Lowe dem mek dem whore …. Just try nuh be one a dem victim. If you are in ur lane and dem in a urs how the f$@k u ago mek a u turn pon a highway just fi reach ova in a fi dem lane only to cuss dem bout dem driving. Sender u sad like any cnn breaking news, cause dat a never sumn good. Bitch bye! Kubanz unu ting loud end a May. Free publicity!!!! Up

  9. Good source info…. the bitch who write this obviously one of them ex girl. The man left you and you try tarnish them name…. get a life and stop create fake page to watch the ppl them…
    You a kubanz mattress. Get over yourself and go listen lemonade and wipe some tears if you have to….
    Hey my friends event still ago shortcut. Guess what you and others ago come to event to know who are kubanz and what they are about….
    Member when you f**k a the party SIP on the beach they stole your clothes…. classless bitch get a life.

  10. Guess u the flower girl love people business and any that telling you things just bad like the person that send in the post,who to tell is not one of them send in the post to look a hype and acting like they don’t know about it and I know kubanz and Ricky and Kareem hype bad the rest a them kool but I don’t know that dark one beside the one at the end him maybe new to the crew.people must leave people and make them elevate themselve and these dance hall promote group no crew member with them each other.

  11. So y u sound so hurt flower girl.everybody f**k on beach and it sound like u did want the f**k on the beach and never get it but anybody or any crew member giving you information jus as bad and maybe a true the people them a talk bout them why them telling you things Jamaican people need to grow up and stop fight against each other

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