1. I strongly believe these artiste needs to invest in PR. Invest in a PR consultant artistes, benchmark the award winning artistes. Sometimes less is more, no need to be talking so much.

  2. For some reason I believe her. I don’t know nothing about her personality nor her music (mi too ole now) but she seems genuine with her explanation.

    I can understand her trying to avoid chaos. Someone mentioned her being childish, but here she is stating she felt like she was being setup. At first I thought it was a money issue but now I can understand why she changed her mind.

    Because of my level of paranoia? I too would avoid being in a space where I perceive a potential threat. This is so sad. As women we should be seriously empowering each other. These women do not even sound like they had serious personal friction. It seems like for the most part the tensions are from misplaced ill feelings towards each other. Smh

    Young lady if you felt like some kind of cussing, throw wud or fighting was going to go on, I do not blame you for bypassing this show. Some would say you should have said something. You said you don’t know this “Dovey” person, so of course you didn’t have any idea if she would have told everyone or keep it professional and just drop your name from the lineup. I can understand why you did what you did. I know it will seem unprofessional, this is a learning experience. In the future you will ask the appropriate questions. I wish you and the other women can mend the rift.

    You do not have to be friends, but one person shouldn’t be intervening on how someone makes their money. The cake truly is big enough for everyone to get a slice.

    1. KMT nobody was going to fight. This is why Jamaican artistes not reaching far cuz them always let beefs get in the way of their money. She woulda do the same thing if it was Rebel Salute or Sumfest?? Not go because people she dont like is gonna be there??

      1. I understand what you are saying but how can you be so sure that there was not going to be any fighting? Women have ego issues too.

        Someone else may have dealt with this situation a little more maturely, but unless you have inside knowledge? How can you be so sure nothing negative would have happened?

        I first assumed they changed their minds because of money. The heavy promotion seems more like a show that the headliner would make money, hence the others feeling no payment no appearance.

        I just think the lack of communication is what led to all of this. Someone suggested she and others need some kind of public relations agent to help these artists with how to protect their image and brand.

        If you noticed she did say that others on the lineup made her lose opportunities to perform prior to this incident. She felt like she was being set up. You really don’t know what she was feeling. Also I’m sure if she was performing at Rebel Salute or Sumfest she would have advance notice about who would be performing.

  3. what a long a foolish explanation where none was even required. If this is her attitude to performing on a show where she is not the only artiste no wonder she only famous on IG..she have serious confidence issues, she doesn’t have to know or be friends with a promoter to work with them and she sure as hell can pull out at any time without a contract but to say she didn’t show up because she has some perceived issues with other performers is very immature and unprofessional and if I was a promoter I would not try to book her for any damn thing. silly.

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