1. So Met oh is all dem box behind him Jah Cure donate? Good fi him – but mi nuh see why di interview wid di food inna him hand like himma get a emmy—
    Jah Cure good that you give but mi woulda did like it more if u donate in secret caz dem pants dah soft voice just mek mi want to…to …to can’t even find di wud but is nuttn good.

    Bless all those who deh donate – dem fi do the same a Jamdung all the time too.. God bless unu oh

  2. Mi prefer dem type a donation yah big up Jah cure…. Wah dem know bout behind these prison walls.. sometimes mi feel like the money Nuh reach di ppl fi real.

  3. I love it, but on a serious note, I remembered when this entertainer donate bottle of water to flint I don’t know his name and I am going to ask the same question, You doing it for publicity? Jamaica has so much poverty stricken inner city and I have Never seen any one of you going into these communities with box of food and water to hand out to the same people who spend their last money to support you all shows and music, it is such a shame to have people suffering in your own back yard.

    Much love to Haiti same speed.

  4. Tell yuh bout ppl wey love find fault! Haiti is the poorest country in the region suh if the artist dem help out nuh botha put dem down for it

  5. Although it isn’t quite clear if it’s the one box or all in the room he donated let me just say this.It shouldn’t really matter if he gives a little or a lot,if he gives in a tight pants or baggy jeans,if he gives for publicity or not.

    All that matters is giving n sharing.Big up fashion Ras,charity is the best of the 7virtues!

  6. weh wyclef deh him collect nuff and… him tek wey himself. money no reach them get the goods at times. we get carried away why tell people to go in inner city go feed or gi money how oonu love bait up people so, some a run from we own family cause u never enough dem backbite u so til u spit pon uself the story hs no full stop wuss is 9-5 job u got,

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