19 thoughts on “JAH CURE MUST BE GOING MAD

  1. Wha kinda mista chin red buttoms are those???? dead wit laught?? I have NEVER seen a REAL one mash up suh!!

  2. frightened AF. God forgive me but that’s why some people nuffi have money. People dont change when they get rich, they just now have the resources to show people who they truly are.

  3. He has a money problem, it a mad him. Wouldnt be surprised if he is doing something illegal or immoral on the side to get money

  4. Please forgive him and his behavior, He is very illiterate, Let us encourage him to go back to school. Jah cure you still have time Dude, let your Daughter be proud of you and come of the internet with your shenanigans and go enroll in Jamal, They still have Jamal in Jamaica? MNL. Go do some evening classes my youth that is the only way you will stop make an ass of yourself. Marvin the beast and Jah cure comes from Flankers, Both of them Mothers were Single parents and honestly BOTH mothers had their kids raising themselves, The two mothers where arrogant and did not care about their children being in school. This is a product of Dunce having Duncebats. The circle of life in the Ghetto.

  5. Big up di cure cuz weh dem man da a fwd frm to weh him dah no badmind to di man ting.. all bring big studio a bay .. a nuff yutes frm di garrison ago bus frm outta cure place .. so badmind can truck off

  6. Seriously!? Hey that’s why me rate assassin, bugle , the Marley’s , sean paul, sizzla, chronixx etc. You never see dem man deh a behave like this on social media.

    JAH CURE ya move fruity.

  7. can we define rich alittle more ? while we on topic can we call out the richest entertainer that live in jamaica. i am sure jah cure not in top ten. at the rate him going try no fall off .

  8. JahCynth….yu finally free of the groupie wife. Free to be a GAY as you want to be. Pap dung di closet door JahCynth!

  9. So are we just going to ignore the fact that he keeps referring to his louboutins being held in his hands as Louis Vuitton? That’s just retarded.

    1. Yes because he cannor read. He has no clue what he’s saying they just sound alike so he integrate the words.

  10. @Anonymous 11:11pm, He DID NOT say Louis Vuitton! He said “Christian Lou-bataahn!”, which is quite appropriate enough for the Yardie! And the second time around, the clip was piecened, so you heard the end of the Christian and the Louboutins. You heard what YOU WANTED to hear!

  11. he was in prison for rape for how many years…nobody cannot tell me him never get touch. That explain this fruity behavior. Him did love the touch and try to hide it by marrying but it never work.

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