13 thoughts on “JAHCURE WIFE WID DI BABY

  1. Mi rate har fe dat. I can’t wait to move back home to the life i really want to live…plant up mi grung and raise me animals dem an nah watch no face.

  2. Honestly me a pree that she never really need Jah cure money or to be a kept woman enuh. She have her endorsement deals and see she can live off di land ya. Kamila u doan need a man to validate u! Doan tek so much portion a bun or no licks from any man zeen!Gwaan go be an awesome mother n take care of u and urs!Bun a fake pork Ras!

    1. No she dont need his money now…even before she met him she comes from a decent family (not rich, but comfortable)and she got a good education. She has now established a name for herself so she can branch out on her own

  3. nice girl . cool family . jah cure never deserve her…… some man turn clown when them smoke weed . its not for everybody …..

  4. Great girl, love this….Sometimes i wish i have somewhere in America to plant mi callaloo, tomato and other veggies….

  5. She better than me. Wish I took an interest in the land like that, but I’d prefer lazinng on the beach and buy mi tings from an organic farmer. Do you thing mi dear, teach your child to love the land and to respect nature.

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