1. Idk a lit bracelet but baby the shoes about 1/2 size small…. Do better

  2. Maybe she borrow the Guiseppe’s and the lender want to keep track of the lendee lol idk #just looking

  3. It looks like a ankle bracelet tracking device to me and if it truly is no shame in her game at all, go girl.

  4. Yes it is #facts….. Don’t want her and her family to in no argument so I won’t go any further. It is a jail bracelet, she has been wearing it for a while too #facts She don’t feel no way bout it either :travel

  5. Bitches don’t HATE…Big up Michelle Buzza yuh look good.. a bad mind dem a bad mind yuh fi di boot cuz dem man naw buy it gi dem.

  6. The woman man buy her £3000 shoe n £1000 bag for her she dosnt have to borrow nothing from nobody how so ever send her inn is very badmind ur hating cah u will never be able to afford anything she has on… And cares if she has a tag on its nothing new I think some of u need to get a life n a job n some ambition n stop worry about ppl she’s happy

  7. Ok. She have on 3000 pound shoes and thousand pound bag, why she have on a ankle bracelet? Last time I checked, only criminals wear those. That’s why I live within my wage because mi nah go jail or get kicked out of my house Fi impress dance hall people. Most of these people who live inna d big name brand don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it through. Their kids have no bank accounts or college funds. And most live on section 8, welfare and food stamps as we saw with kerry. I think the ones that should get a life is the thieving dance hall dunce bats that will f**k, suck, thief all in the name of impressing people!!!!

  8. @Do road and what is it to you if these dancehall people are living they way they choose to live? Is it effecting your life in any type of way? Dem a beg yuh a night sleep or plate of food? Are they coming to your house and tiefing any of your belongings? I don’t understand lol

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