Jamaica after denying teacher ,police and the health industry funds that are desperately need still missed the 121 billion dollar target set by the IMF. The next step as said by program overseer Mr. Richard Byles is to request a waiver in order for the program to continue.

The battle between Jamaica’s health care sector and the government has revealed gross inadequacies which include lack of equipment , supplies and unsanitary conditions in operating theaters all of which are provided ”almost free” by Jamaica’s government.

Women who give birth in the unprofessional and over-crowded Victoria Jubilee hospital are not asked to pay but the risk of operating for free opens the door to extremely poor services. Jubilee has the highest mortality rate out of all Jamaica’s maternity hospitals. The services provided by the nurses and doctors at Jubilee are less than poor, more so because the facility is understaffed and the medical technicians are overworked.

Experts are now suggesting that the Jamaican government revise its plan in order to save the medical system . They suggested that a system be implemented much similar to the American medicaid system wherein people would apply and it be decided if they are qualified to get the services free or pay a small fee. Keeping the services free may be causing lives and prolonged illness.
Cuba that has been deprived of funds and practically cut off from the rest of the world, has seen growth in terms of medical technology. Jamaica who has constantly borrowed from the IMF, has seen none. There are no implementations of programs that will create economic growth, Jamaica has only increased it’s imports , further stamping out production. Importing and providing free services it cannot afford


    1. How dem a give free medical care and cannot foot the cost? No ambulance no emergency system n dem waa gi free system whey dont exist

      1. Now that’s beyond me eno Met can u imagine soap haffi a cut in a two n garbage bag a use as apron deplorable situation n the leaders are buying secret houses in other islands smh

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