Jamaicans, keep your votes the next election because they really mean nothing . Who you elect isn’t the boss so why waste your vote?

On May 17, 2016, members if the Jamaican Constabulary Force were seen hurling a body on the back of their pick up truck. John Hibbert, a young man who they had recently killed, was chucked onto their pick up as if he had never lived before. His lifeless limbs thrown more than three times until the police felt it was in its rightful place, beside the tires, uncovered at the back of their truck.
While we must admit that some of the videos of late are distasteful, we must applaud the bravado of the person who risked their life in order for the world to see the blatant disregard for life some members of the JCF display on a daily basis. Jamaicans are treated less than animals by their own and it’s accepted because sadly, it is the norm. The norm to be beaten, chastised, ostracized, dehumanized then buried like kings and queens.

Jamaicans have migrated to just about every country there is outside of Jamaica and have made it their own, leaving tourists to wonder why. Why, run from such a beautiful sunny island to become slaves of varied ambitions else where. The bitter truth is; Its better to be enslaved by a stranger , than to your own.

Jamaica’s garrisons account for more than fifty percent of it’s populous and can be found in all fourteen parishes on the island. All garrisons are controlled by dons who have no legal right, status or claim. These dons however, have been backed by almost if not all Jamaican politicians to some degree.

Dons are given work to share amongst the people in their area, they are given supplies which may include construction material and other goods by the elected candidates to ensure they are kept or elected in office. So, for Jamaica’s politicians, Dons are the essence of their being. Without them they wouldn’t be able to put on the charade for the international, more civilized world that Jamaica has a constitution. The constitution is close if not quite similar to House Speaker, Pearnel Charles and his wig. Sir Pearnel who has difficulty hearing, when chosen by Prime Minister Andrew Holness decided to wear a wig, although the wig has no significance in today’s more modern house of representative, it makes Sir Pearnel feel a brand new sense of belonging. That is what Jamaica’s politics is about ; A sense of belonging , nothing about it is about change or recovery. It is about parading the charade.

In the garrisons as we speak Dons have delegated henchmen who carryout beatings and shootings everyday on their fellow garrison folk. The level of abuse varies between the Dons and the garrisons they control.We read about some of the abuse in the Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke transcripts that there was a jail of sorts in Tivoli Gardens and a hole where victims were punished or killed but Dudus himself. Coke who is still today hailed as a hero and man intended to give their lives for him when then Prime Minister Bruce Golding sent the Jamaican army to capture him. Lets not forget however that Bruce himself had employed lawyers to fight the then Don’s extradition and in the end had to ask for the U.S’s help, to get that one man. Don’s are backed by politicians, influential lawyers, police and doctors alike. They have a system that is almost impossible to be demolished but people are suffering.

Three people whose lives have been affected by these dons have shared their experiences .

***Names changed and experiences written in a way as to not have these people’s identities revealed.****

– ”When I lived in Garden back in the days, we were more afraid of the people who the Don liked or was related to than the Don himself. The Don could not see everything, but he had a lot of people he trusted who were nothing but trouble makers even his mother. If she did not get along with someone, or had an argument , she would report it to her son and I have seen where people were killed because of a complaint. What was worst is that there was no one trust worth to complain to. Whatever happened to you after he held court you could not even speak about it, the easiest let off is where they ban you from the community. The Don would tell you point blank to leave, most people had nowhere to go and would leave their house with their things because they were not allowed back in Garden. It was like a prison, there was someone watching everything you said or did . The best option was to go to church and ignore things there all together. I remembered them shooting my friend and in the same breath took him to the hospital , just to make sure he told them the story they told him to say.
After living abroad for some time and returning, I saw that the ‘soldiers’ increased in numbers. They openly patrolled with guns even I became fearful as someone who lived all my childhood there. Dudus was different from his father because he did not condone rape or the killing of women. He would ask them to leave, his father did not care”.





These Dons monitor who enters their community, who leaves and will even have their henchmen monitor those who have migrated, seeing to it that the send money back to their communities.

Maryiem, a young woman who was outed from her community details her ordeal.

”Mi nah go back whey mi did live, dem beat mi tuh much dung deh mi man cannot duh nothing . A bag a man strip mi naked and beat mi wid bag wire. Dem seh mi nuh born ina di area so when me and people get ina tings mi get di wrong and a so di beating dem happen. Dem beat me and bus up di whole a mi body and di Don tell dem fi tek picture so mi run whey. Miss mi run whey lef mi whole house a tings mi all have a friend whey dem shot ina him foot. Police wi cannot call because dem will do wi worse and dem have dem own doctor dung deh. Mi even leave mi children dem miss, so now my children think mi go leave dem but is a friend mi go stay wid and is four children mi have and she could not put dem up miss. When mi think bout it , it mess up mi head miss”.

Shawnalee a young woman whose mother was beaten for something she knew nothing about.

”My mother have six children and we all stay in our yard , we don’t go to other people yard because dat is how she grow we. Is two time we see two man wi know ina di community but dem nuh really talk to wi still. One time we hear some shuffling and we see dem standing near we neigbour fence and the second time we see dem near di pomegranate tree. Di two time dem neva see seh we could see dem because we can see dem from inside but dem cant see we from the outside.
One sunday morning dem send Rifles come call mi mother and wi never see har till di next day dung a public. She couldnt talk same time,and when she come roun she was never the same. She always a shake till di day she dead. Mummy seh Rifles tell di Don seh him neva find di gun dem bury ina we yard and dem send fi har and did a beat har till she tell dem whey dem deh . When dem beat har she tell dem seh is two time she see Doos and him fren dem come ina di yard and one a di time dem was by di pomegranate tree. Miss is suhcums dem send dem back go look fi di gun dem and dem put mummy ina taxi drop har off a public. Dem ah some cold people.

Mr Eyeview details an incident he saw

Di likkle yute Dunstan from roun di road ina election time pass bout four people yard and write J.L.P pan di sidewalk. One a di lady dem go tell him father and him get bout four kick from him and before di fifth kick reach him, di Don sen him man dem fi di father and beat him fi mek him son do dat. Him did have to leave and come back after di election. Dem man serious dem don’t play like dat.

A report to the police could mean death for many of these people, yet these killers/Dons are friends with Jamaica’s top politicians, so just who is in charge? Politicians give these Dons contract on cue.


  1. Nail pon head.This is a way of life,a way of survival.Do not look to Politicians to effect any change.Why change something that is soo beneficial and gives u so much power?!

  2. At the end of the day the impoverished people in the Jamaican Garrisons look up to the Dons because they send their kids to school and if they beg a money for food they will get it. That is until the Don asks for something in return. Whether its their daughter or their son to be a gun man or a prostitute. Its scary to know that in these garrisons there is no help. People have the law in their hands and the police are so happy to get more than what the government pays them they will do anything to keep the “gravy train” going. The only place i see that dont really have a leader or a “don” is maxfield. Does anyone know if they have one?

    1. But the dons not helping them..its the same politicians feeding the dons to feed them so why not just create direct services

  3. Real talk bout de don dem. Me come from a area inna Kingston 11. When me did a grow up as a likkle girl, all was well. No Don dem time dey, and no problems. Me lef yard more dan 36 years ago.

    Now, fe me go back and visit my family inna my area a Kgn 11 (my parents’ house is still there and family lives in it), mi hear say mi affe go give de Don someting, caw mi come from farrin. F**k dat shit! Mi nuh know nuh Don, and nuh Don nuh know me! Mi stay at a hotel when me visit yard dan do dat BS, and mek my family dem come visit me a de hotel wey mi a stay! Fuqq off to all Dons, and dem donmanship mentality!

  4. Well Met it wasn’t too much to hope for that this was the central topic focus for Tiday. Remember like the last one wid our political history that have everybody a tek part even some refreshing newcomers??

    I fully understand still cuz a whole heap a juicy blem n burn tounge tea a dash out ova the last 24hrs.Gwaan do ur thing n thanks for highlighting ghetto ppl plight Met.

  5. Maxfield dont have any one Don because its a big area but each area have a Don. Whitfield tw is run by coolie and half a dog which happens to be a police.big carl that run cresent Rd part of Lincoln jem Rd and some other part where the rat bats are,then true blue crew run off a section. Bentley lane run by gwaan bad who happen to be in prison and still running that lane. Latore is run by short man and Shane also.every Rd a maxfield have a Don that u have to answer to.one just come from prison and take over back maxfield park other wise like frog city.

  6. The most ghetto ppl can do is try get out of the impoverished environment.try get a visa and run wey and dont look back because its only getting worse.There is no hope and the guns end up in the children them hand thats killing each other.years ago there use to be like a few guns now everyone own a gun for them self plus the police are contract killers for the dons. No hope at all

  7. The don make their own rules, But the rules doesn’t apply to their family members. The don family or woman will pick a war with u just to make u get a proper beating or u just have to leave. There is so many story to tell about the ghetto and dons. Not to mention the woman them that push them young daughter on the Don for protection..

  8. The Don them love capture people place and rent it to other people like them have title fi it.when u live in a the ghetto u have to agree with everything the Don say otherwise the henchman them bruk u foot or hand to show loyalty to the Don. The Don henchman them always hungry and beg and Evey where u see the Don the germs them den behind him.

  9. I know a couple a youth from in and around them area n them tell me that’s how them run it fi true..I never believe them but I now I believe

  10. Met the only problem we have that is on understandable to me is the new gun culture..Jamaica is beautiful n nice..it has it’s problems like any other countries but them killing woman n children all over the island now a day’s…last year wen I was there the place is like America in some parts n I go every year

    1. Guns were always there..Killing of women always there but the children is the new thing..they are getting more heartless

  11. @ anonymous (5:30) My friends and family are from bertram lane and pretoria road in maxfield. Who is the Don for that place? I have gone there many times and never had to answer to a don before. I could not imagine living that way. Now that I am reading this post and seeing that there is a posibility that I have come to that area and havent paid the don. Could that mean he or his people are watching me for next time?

    I am an inquiring mind…

  12. Pretoria Rd use to run by barrows saddle head and john them back in a the days but barrows immigrate and saddle head dead dont know who a run it now..

  13. saddle head not dead just to clear that up. saddle head in golden spring and still have alot of influence on Waltham.

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