Met mek me run the actual file rose is a big skettel she meet Andrew Swaby when him just tun councillor and dem did a mess a round till dem right out deh she neva av nothing and still doesnt. He is my councillor i live in his division him very smart so if she left she not leaving wid shit. But him gi ar money hard like how him give all his other women. When him move up to deputy mayor him love young girl him have a favourite she move up to! Rose get park notice she barely go no weh wid him yuh baely see ar at our functions in a d community or no weh else. Straight off the top she anuh politician wife material bare dance she go and him did tired and sick a it all him do a complain to Shantae (him young girl) say she no want ntn out a life and she is a skettel. Him find out she have a nex man met and Dem did have a big argument n almost left but stay caz a d daughter . But she wake up and cut off the long vampire nails n a go short a improve pon r behaviour likkle bit she still na make the cut. Him a beg shantae fi give him a child aunty met how come him dont have no kids.


9 thoughts on “JAMAICA ROSE OO

  1. Mi seh it from yesterday that them likkle gal ya going start send in one another file!

    So me curious what the woman have to do with unnuh likkle gal mix up besides being the girl mother!?

    And if him and her nearly lef. Him never stay because of the daughter, cause them coulda lef and him woulda still a look after her and be part of her life! Di man stay cause him waan stay. Cause if him own everything as unnuh seh, den a easy leffings dat! All if dem a cuss everyday a deh so him waan deh!

    More while unnuh fi look pon the bigger picture and not what man a seh! Swaby hav gal all bout! Mi sure him rinse the same story tell all a dem!

  2. Spoon mi agree with u. Me sure she a take her dividends and put them one side for a rainy day. It just sound impossible for her not to have nutten. And which big woman a go just siddung watch man put everything in them name and dont have nutten?

  3. Always thought these two were an odd match. She is still trying to live her glory days. Grow up lady. You do like nice but your time is up.

  4. The person who a seh dem ugly u a hater cuz dem nuh ugly anyways mussi one a him gyal dem send dis een caah she waah di man n cyaa get him abaaayy but guess wah u gi weh seh Rose deh deh from longtime she a FOUNDATION from before him get deputy mayor. Big up yuh self rose dem VEX and anuh shanice mek dem deh after shanzi anuh toddler a deh suh him waah fi deh! Cuz him love dem so side chick who send dis een u cyaa get dem out suh tek u sidechick pension n galang

  5. Suh him never know she a “sketel”/”not politician wife material” before him meet her uno f**k off damn badmind cuz since him suh whoring him is no politician material neither uno quick fi bash woman n defend man. Him a johncrow to suh bun him yaah rose yuh still have u tings n u daughter still have her tings! Who trouble dem?

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