0 thoughts on “JAMAICA TORN UPPPPPP -_-

  1. Metty a Brooklyn hairdresser rocky dis? Boxide! Rocky wtf happened to you? You know me did always admire her style but dat gone now she favor freak. Mi diagnose the whole a unno with listen too much kartel itis.

  2. the ugliest set ah ppl always seem to get the most likes on social media that thing in the middle is a middle age run down fuk thru old whore frm brooklyn them always say wen u evil it shows right thru well there goes the devil da 3 ah them popdown

  3. Good Morning all, please tell me because I am trying to be funny or rude but are these men?..genuine question!

    1. Yes Obara. Is 3 man. Kerri is di best looking man out of all 3 though. Shim is on the right. I kaiinntttt. I dies. Cho!!!

  4. mamacita ah true yuh ah tawk, caws de reason why mi ask is that de miggle one definately look like a bredda, and plus de title whey Met put up, Cita no fool mi up man, caws yuh know anuh my topic dem yah!.. lol, cho man..mnl!

  5. I’m confused…like seriously, what’s going on here? CITTTAAAAAAAAAA!!!!…nuh badda dead yet..come dung explain dis to me and Obara cause I am seriously lost in translation here :bingung

    1. @Yep thanks, caws I don’t know why Cita laughing at de end, when mi done believe har, but de “I kain’t” ah de end have me confuse noung man, Citaaaaa, mi an yuh ah fren, clear dis up fi me and Yeppi please caws I doe know dese ppl..

  6. What happen to transvesite scammi shes a part of their crew too.so met it looks like kerri and tracey champion not frens nowhere.these dancehall people cannot keep fren for long

  7. kerri keep fren? lol!! she can’t even keep MAN. she keep this big engagement party and the bwoy left her.

  8. When I clicked on the link at first glance, I thought they were some gay guys but after looking carefully only the middle one looks rough like a dude

  9. all kerry she cum bak di scene wid di same caylissniss yuh need fi guh tek care a yuh chile a mussy knowins yah luk bak fram suku

  10. Suku is no fish.. dem man deh a di realest ting Eva. Him dutty Keri not even a talk cause him warn har bout clowning har self in a dancehall but shi nuh listen and gone tek di biggest clown in a dance hall junior wht Eva. Weh walk and trust moet a night time.him and suku all kick off in a party cause him a try prove dem nearly done home met.mi hear seh di fool run out a the club like him hear news.. trust mi suku nuh want dat else him would a been tek har back. Mi hear sey not even him family can Stan har.. raay mib gone ya but a dat mi hear

  11. Suku is no fish trus mi pan dat!! Met suku nuh want dun out Keri trus mi pan dat. She been want him back but him nah look pan har him not even talk to har because she guh tek up dis ediot boy name junior wht Eva him wha name wha walk and trus ppl moet a night time di same clown wha did deh wid instyle and she chat everyday seh him a ediot. Keri need fi stop it she disgust mi as a mother she have 3 or 4 girls and she nuh set no example fi dem one different man every year she is a mess and a whoring rocky shi a follow as bad as ting was Tracy did f**k and get tings rocky pussy jus loose and nuh partial caay she done bk bx and qnz di ppl dem a talk rocky.. dem old bitches ya jus pathetic dem need fi act dem age and lef reckless behavior to we di young ppl. Mi always like suku and how him carry himself tho Keri fi gweh met

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