1. Tragic story. It is heartbreaking for any life that is lost. The Jamaican young man had Friends in Trindad. The go news is that some Mr Rowley a major political is calling out against these murders. Imagine he collect shells DAYS after the murder at the crime scene he went to visit. Size of those holes, it is police/ army bullets.
    The Jamaican ‘s mom was trying to claim her son’s body a few days ago from Trinidad. I think it is the – responsibility- of the Trinidad government to pay for this woman’s grief and pain and suffering. The government can afford it.
    – This shooting was suspicious and I believe done by police or army as a retaliation for the death of a soldier. The police in Trinidad now cannot be trusted as a lot of cops are starting to move like police in Jamaica. The only difference is that people are crying out more and protesting and thus more police inquiries units and complaint boards have been formed. They still cannot be trusted and that is WHY bad man run up on them.
    The crime is growing in Trinidad because it is a very very wealthy country and even the poor live comfortable lives. A lot of the young people don’t want the decent paying fast food jobs, construction jobs and many others that are offered. Many young men make good money in private construction, working ten days on, ten days off, hanging out and then work when they want.
    Thousands and thousands of foreigners come from other countries for legit jobs and others get involved in the crime underworld. There are immigrants from as far as Ghana Nigeria and the Chinese who have come to build highways. Legal jobs are plentiful, but the lure of the drug trade because of the nearness to Venezuela and the other drug hotspot islands make many flock the island as well.
    There are over 15,000 Guyanese in Trinidad illegally. 17, 000 jamaicans are there illegally, hundreds of illegal Chinese etc that don’t return when their construction contracts are up and now the Nigerians are coming in flocks. A lot of immigrants imarry and stay in Trinidad and many do well and hold legal jobs, but some others fall into the crime underworld of the quick and good money in trinidad.
    Its not only illegal drugs, but illegal contract work, goods etc as well.RICH TRINIDADIANS with boats are also corrupted, some paying gunmen to finance illegal trade and using their boats to do illegal trades.
    – I blame no one for controlling the problem with crime , except the government
    . They have the funding and the man power.
    Many flock to the few ‘ hot pockets’ of crime areas which is usually in the heart off the city.
    – the government need to put a heavier hand of solving crime before the island is ruined.
    Police rate of solving murders are horrible.

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