A Canadian judge yesterday sentenced to life to imprisonment, a father and step-mother of a Jamaican boy who died after being beaten severely three years ago.
Garfield Boothe and Nichelle Rowe-Boothe were found guilty of second-degree murder in April.
Jurors heard gruesome evidence of how Shakeil, who left Jamaica to live with his father in 2009, was regularly beaten, deprived of food and chained to his bed in the months before he was found dead in his bed on May 27, 2011.
The Toronto Star reports the judge saying anyone who would repeatedly whip a 10-year-old boy with a belt to the point where blood was drawn and spattered would commit more violence against a child.
Among other things, the judge concluded that it was the boy’s father who delivered the final, horrific beating of his 10-year-old son.
Meanwhile, Judge Dawson concluded that the step-mother, Boothe-Rowe, was complicit in her stepson’s death.
The judge described the little boy’s May 2011 murder as a massive breach of trust.
He said almost every inch of the boy’s body was scarred, discoloured or wounded.
The judge ruled that the father will not be eligible for parole until 2029, while his wife will not be eligible for parole until 2024


  1. Afternoon one and all
    Aunty Met, come ere likkle please ma’am… Is dis di same tory whey di likkle bwoy was said to eat outta garbage bin and eat him owna vomit? Di one whey dem did sey di fawda was sojah an suffa from sum’n fi do wid ricochet?
    Come ere likkle please deh admin…… Beg yuh remine mi please an tonks

  2. Mi sick a dese stories. Justice will never be served in cases like dese cause no lock up will be as vile as wah di child experienced. Grass nuh always greena pon di odda side

  3. Knew Nichelle personally and the picture painted about her very surprising …she’s really a sweet hearted young lady …..still can’t believe she Mek a baby suffer under her hands like dat…sad sad sad for all involved especially the boy who’s life can’t be bought or replaced….

  4. Wicked set. Dem shoulda get life an haffi share cell wid ah convict weh hate child killers. Ah hope di image of di poor child haunt dem di rest ah dem miserable life. :marah

  5. It’s a good thing I’m not a judge or GOD. Mi wud sentence them to cruel punishment – 10 backlash a day, work in coal mine without any protection, eat vomit fah breakfast, lunch and dinner for their entire life with no possiblity of parole. Dem get wey too easily. So happy da likkle boy not here – – resting in peace with his Lord and Savior. All of unu dat beat dem kid a wey shud tek heed.

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