Jamaican KathyAnn Ferguson arrested for hiding cocaine in her vagina.
News reports out of Florida state that Ferguson was on a JetBlue flight coming from Montego-Bay Jamaica that landed around 4’30 pm on Sunday October 26,2014. Officials say they were prompted to do a second security search where Ferguson admitted to a Customs and Border Protection officer that she was hiding cocaine in her vagina.
The young woman removed the 175g package voluntarily from her vagina and it tested positive for cocaine.
Ferguson was taken to a hospital for further medical attention before she was booked into the Broward Main Jail. She has been released on a $15,000 bond, jail records show.


  1. What prompted Custom to do a secondary security search?
    “The officers are students of body language, on the lookout for travelers who are sweating heavily, or display a pulsating carotid artery, excessive nervousness, discrepancies with travel documents or vague answers about their itinerary.”
    That is why you have to be careful of the people you pick up at the airport coming from Jamaica. When caught, they will say you are the one they are carrying the stuff for because they cannot call the real person’s name. I have seen this happen two times, when they let the person through with the drugs and follow them outside the airport and arrest the person who picking up the passenger.

      1. You know sometimes nothing prompts them to do a secondary search and they try trickery as well IF A PERSON DOES NOT KNOW THEIR RIGHTS…..When I first began visiting Jamaica they would question me upon return, they now know me on sight and don’t bother with me as much.KNOW this when next you travel: You can answer jsut about every question with “Personal Business”. Sure after that they more than likely WILL ask for a secondary search, KNOW THAT you DO NOT have to allow a BODY SCAN, they will then request a pat down, know you can ask for this to be done in a private room and with an officer of the same sex, they CANNOT touch your private parts if after a pat down they are still suspicious they can ask for a more invasive PAT DOWN again they cannot touch your PRIVATE PARTS and at this time you CAN request a witness to what is taking place.
        This young lady deservingly got caught and possibly because she ain’t about “that” life.
        She was cooperative, if her first offense she will more than likely get 4 or more years probation. Safe travels.

  2. Morning metty n folks…….I wonder if it was falling out an she was walking in a unusual manner…..people still do that?fast money get people in trouble fast……I will stick to my long n drawn out 9-5

    1. Some of them are calling for attention, just give themselves away…maybe if her eyebrows weren’t so suspicious looking, she wouldn’t have gotten caught…

      1. LOL. So weh yuh a seh, no suspicious eyebrows when smuggling? Very funny.
        What the smugglers need is two of Dudus 300+ lbs woman them weh can carrying “Yam-size (about 3-kilos)” cocaine in their vagina.

  3. What ah piece ah stress she put fi har body through…till she buss pon har own self. Den Ms. Ferguson ah desperate yuh desperate or ah jus craven? Mi knoe seh di smady weh she did ah carry fah is not a happy camper right now. Yuh probably betta off if yuh beg dem fi gi yuh more time in deh….. :siul

      1. :peluk ::peluk Yeppy mi did busy wid some wrerk di last few days an coulda only peep night time when di wall quiet. Mi get ah likkle break fi now, miss yuh and di rest ah good up bloggers dem :peluk

    1. Tinan, who tell ar fe guh draw on dat deh upside dung triangle ova ar yeye dem, I don’t know..but a TSA prolly spotted her outta everybody in line and said,”yea, her eyebrows is telling me she got summen on her and sure enough she did”…some ah unu fe tone dung dis hot girl look when unu ah work wid di people dem tings; unu fe stay waaaaaaaay unda di radar ah dress very conservatively with little or no make up *not giving tips on how tuh smuggle illegal narcotics/contraband, just saying if yuh come thru the airport looking mad suspect wid dem jacked up lookin eyebrows, you will be spotted*

      1. But is chu. If me did inna dat line a work mi would look like Mary Poppins, caan mash ants, all virginity pin mi hab pon mi clothes, or Jesus saves sticka pon my luggage. Yes man, when custom and immigration a talk to mi all try witness to dem, di quickest u can get anybody get rid a you is fi ask dem if dem guh church and if they had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, u woulda see how quick you get chu dat line oooo..lol
        Like you, I nah tell a soul how fi do a ting, I just saying you caan a hustle and u stick out like dat. Dem ‘highbrows’ is just too ‘outstanding’.

  4. not passing any judgement maybe she needed a break but got busted instead, feel sorry for her as yawdy4life said she might be in more trouble with the owner of the drugs more than the state of Florida. She tried thou

    1. We are talking about a 1/2 kilo, so it is no big loss. There were probably 4 more couriers on that same flight that got thru. Not everyone is cut out for that job because there are a nervous wreck and that is what the Customs guys look out for. I personally know female couriers and they are cool/calm as a cucumber. Get thru all the time. Bring home lotsof cash too.
      Whenever you are nervous, the vein in your neck pulse like a drum and if you are wearing a necklace or chain, it just start dancing round your neck. Every flight from Jamaica or some countries attack the agents who are observing each and every passenger during their time in the line. You don’t see them, but there are watching.
      BTW, you notice how many female they pull out of the line in Jamaica for secondary search?

  5. @yep you know I told my friends this the other day, one of them got pulled out of line at Miami international coming from Jamaica on a 10 year visa she didn’t have anything and they eventually let her in but I believe it was her appearance why they pulled her. when I travel to and from Jamaica I dress comfortable and simply, I’m not doing anything illegal but I’m trying to save myself the Hassel. its all profiling they do it all the time, so maybe it was how she look why they pulled her.

    1. Bubbles, that is exactly what it is and it’s not just black people either…why when some people travelin/ridin dirty, dem haffe ah loud up di ting fa?…even worse, dem ah duh dem illegal activities…and that is also another reason why some black people get pulled over while driving; it ain’t cause you driving while black..it is because unu wa tun up unu sound system like ah unu name Stonelove ah tint window til yuh cyaah even see inna the vehicle ah have up some helluva rims pa unu car wid hydraulics til car ah lean pa one side…alla dis while unu ah transport di people dem tings…ah swear some ah unu really need fe learn the road code ah chill more time…

  6. Half a lock inna yu kitty? Suh….di kitty sneeze an di package fly out?
    Ladies, see Queena a gi unnu di “rights”. Study dem before yu join di game.

  7. Met/Metters Good Afternoon. Suh my girl shoulda did have ahn a grannie dress and spectacles fi go wid it perhaps have a bible inna r hand as well den sheeda probably get choo? If a laugh any harder …………

  8. Looked at the you tube links posted in the above comments , damn the 23 y/o got 7 yrs an the granny looking at 7 to 10. Ouch! Y y y for heavens sake ppl take those chances knowing fully well what could result, beats the crap outta me.

    1. They shoulda tacked on 7 more years for banging her head and denting up the people dem table..charge her for attempted destruction of govament property…

  9. They do touch your vagina…..and they do profile. I was carrying a very heavy back pack with 2 computers in it this summer and I had on a rasta color skirt black tank and rasta hat…..I was hot by the time I reached tsa….they allowed me to skip the whole line and told me I was being searched extra because a body language agent had seen me sweating and wearing a very long skirt…wtf? The lesbian tsa agent told me she had to touch my vagina with the back of her hand. I just started cussing up something. Even pulled my skirt up. They called the police and the police calmed me down and I still refused to have my vagina “backhanded” I had just gone through the body xray and all they probably saw was my auntie flow. Eventually they took me in one room and STILL back handed my vagina and let me go. Thank God my flight was delayed 3 hours or I would have missed it. Gotta love Florida. They even searched my bags cause I saw a pamphlet in my suit case….hate dem.

  10. Pum-pum nuh meck fi nutten stuff eena it fi dem di period of time. If you even wear a tampon, you blood flowing so it moist and di tampon absorbing di blood and heat. You siddung wid a stuffed crotch inna plastic bag fi 4 hrs, di heat build up and caan escape, u pressah rise and u all a walk and stagga and don’t even know.
    But dis girl have an evil look in har face.

  11. Raascleetttt!!!!!……Anonymous seh di kitty tunn presha cooka, presha rise up….mi dead to claat…LOLOL!!!

  12. Feel so sorry for Katt
    She a yanky girl that do hair a flea
    Market . Poor thing she have 2 twin boys bout 6 years old .. Baby girl ur freedom not worth it.
    I know people that do this I my self retire from this. The money is good depending on the amount u bring in . What she get catch with don’t even add up to a decent pay rate they will
    Give her . In guessing 2,5000 smh it nuh worth it !
    Funny this is the person who she go down for is a well legit link and his tings always proper so I don’t know why she get pull. Smh sad sad sad. Even when my friend did get pull in second room to search more she get out of it u gonna so some shit like that prepare for the worst and slick ur way out of it .
    Smh. Sad.

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