Customs and Border Protection officers caught a Jamaican man allegedly trying to smuggle a large amount of cocaine in his stomach through JFK Airport security.

On April 19, Gyan Damian Morgan was stopped at JFK after a flight from Kingston, Jamaica after displaying signs of nervousness. CPB representative Anthony Bucci told PIX11 he was avoiding eye contact and sweating.

CBP officers took Morgan, 22, to a private search room but initially turned up nothing. When the officers continued to interview him, however, they found multiple inconsistencies in Morgan’s story.

He was taken to a local medical facility, where he admitted to swallowing approximately 70 pellets of the narcotic. An X-ray scan revealed the pellets resting in his stomach cavity, according to the CPB.

He was placed under arrest and had to stay in the hospital until all the pellets pass through his system. In total, officers recovered two pounds of cocaine with a street value of tens of thousands of dollars.

Morgan was indicted on federal narcotics smuggling charges and will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York.

Only three days prior to Morgan’s arrest, another Jamaican man was arrested for trying to smuggle $20,000 worth of cocaine in his underwear.


  1. Come like seh people nahn read di news a wah a galang ovah yah, why dis continues to happn, nyung an ole a du dis ah wah really a gwan?

  2. Young healty bwoy fi guh look a trade him prefer put him life at risk fi swallow all dat crap and now him going to get bitch out a prison. Deze kids waan to rich quick and nuh put een no work in establishing a career and working toward dem goals. Nothing is wrong wid tan pon crooked cut straight, if you nuh bawn wid silva spoon you teck education and trade and meck life, is dis formula been working all deze upenteen years fi di majority a di world.

  3. Another stupid act that makes u ask WHY? Now instead of trading the drugs, he’s traded away his freedom. PPL IT NUH WORTH IT.

  4. Love of money is the root of all evil. If im do dis willingly den him wicked to himself. See it ya now, him ago ah jail, maybe prison, get dipp (if him ah nung citizen)and im still nuh hab nuh monie. Wen will we learn…puss han dog nuh hab de same luck. Paris hilton, Paris kid bredda, Lindsey Lohan, Robert Downney Jr, influenza kid and on, an on. Ah dem kind ah people the security nuh search. Fram mawning, everybady know say from yuh Skin darker than *”Anderson Cooper”, ah yu dem ago search and especially coming from JA. It’s wicked yes, but ah so de ting set. So why be wicked, to yuh self and get caught up inna popo net.

    *Bill Mayer Anderson Joke

  5. What is the matter with these wannabe drug dealers. How them wanna be drug mules and don’t have their game intact. Waste time the whole a dem.

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