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there is no water in the river at all it has gone dry mi all she school kids haffi carry wata wid dem a school fi use the toilet cuz de wata nuh deh deh nd ppl really a duh ice bucket challenge yuh nuh c all mi kitty own..digicel gi weh couple wata tanks tuh couple school doah but all and all them need fi ask God mi send the rain continually cuz it very dry most if not all pawt a yaad


    1. If the people in Jamaica do not start to understand what God wants them to do they will see great suffering.There is a lot more ignorant than wise people there.

  1. Morning Met, JMGers. Wat a ting, land of watah? dah can’t right..a wah really a gallan dung deh dear God? Please help us

  2. Drought goes back to biblical times.
    Jamaica fi pray for removal of all inquities plaguing the people also.
    Ask God for blessings.
    Scientifically the government needs to start digging for underground wells as well.
    Water is often trapped in pockets under the earth.
    Water can also be retrieved from waterfalls. They need to invest in those machines that turns sea salt water into fresh water.
    Cuz d situation looks a ways. Less people die off.

  3. This layout in d new site really not as good as d old. The color d design.d everything
    It hard also to read white words on pink background

  4. I wonda if is the batty man song dat release the other day causing this? LOL, on a serious note this is awful. And all this water wasting here in US for ice bucket foolishness and look here. Smh

    1. Which batty man song dat? I hope they are not playing it on the radio and I suspect that it won’t be played in di dancehall…

  5. LA, AZ, and a couple more western states, feeling it same. ever heard of “el nino” system unbalanced, they gonna get too much rain soon

  6. Jamaica is not the only place facing droughts. Wi nuh like homosexuals but please stop talking foolishness bout song and iniquities causing this.
    The stupid thing is, those baboons doing ALS challenge in Jamaica wasting good water when the island under severe drought. Met, did you see the video of the guys in the garrison next to a zinc house doing the ice bucket challenge saying he was “dominated”, not nominate enuh and he’s “dominating” some friends to do the same. But mi want to know if dem nuh accept wey dem a guh donate, if him understand how it works.

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