Now Met people always call out Javana on her deeds but she can only do things that people allow her to do. Now from what me get to understand Pops was the one that give Javana the money for the (Edited) him friends etc warn him bout her ways man never listen him was in love now as soon as she get it she mek Venal send fi har a China. Now Venal is the next one after all she do you really go back there. Now him baby mother and new baby gone, girl say she not in the drama. But it nuh stop there she come back a Jamaica call up idiot Nino him such frighten fi har run go Shamiel find out and left him, look on him page no sight of Shamiel or him on her page. But I ask these 3 clowns where is Javana and why unno mek she run unno head?




24 thoughts on “JAVANA’S MAN CIRCUS

  1. :2thumbup @ Javana.

    Met, is this the same ole Javana who used to be with Chris Martin? If is she, shi still bad man, but the game change for her.

  2. Great, One Gal a run three woman maskut head, how dare she. :ngakak and then she mek two left them woman? Fi har kratches must be on point then sender, a she name Good Gal. No woman cannot make a man leave him woman if didn’t want to leave.

  3. it’s not that she mek dem leave dem woman, the woman dem tired of the drama and crosses that comes with it. Javanna need some ambition plus some moral to her front

  4. Okay so what did she do wrong? Man tun ooman inna idiot all the while! She has pussy principle and morals she make sure she good and when she ready to cut she cut LIKE SOME MAN.. Sender stop hating and go wash out ur wack pusssy and get ur P game up!!! Cash out Jav!

  5. Anon 2:16 same suh. any nigga that bring drama to my life just get lef.. Not dealing with it and neither should anyone. Ladies we have to set the bar a little higher

  6. @realist a u need to wash out your wack pussy cause u a javana is the same, (whore) thats why it sound good and doesnt matter to u.btw u need to get your brain game up and learn lil more sense and moral dumb ass man well always be man and a woman cant do what a man do so your lame ass comment never mek sense

    1. No Its’ Gyptian, Flippa, Chris Martin, Venal, Tino And Many more Javana…wid the incurable herpes

  7. This girl bad huh bloodclat she never at no China she was in Jamaica member a she make nandy and bounty killer lef the gyal a star man then love the pums and her head game right. Unu need fi go try run him head to
    Chase worthless him need fi go bill up him mada house. Bout him a pay fi gyal papers

  8. @ realist I bet it’s you shortie who’s commenting.. only you think whey duty Javanna a do is something good. That why yuh nuh stop sell yuh front too. yuh suh desperate fi man yuh deh with a batty man. Look pon the party him keep the other day a pure batty man in attendance.

  9. Wow I really like Shamiele, too bad these men have no sense and never know what they got till it’s gone, you’ll be OK sham.

  10. The reason why the Gyal dem left dem man after they f** Javanna is because the Gyal dem just can’t believe that they man was so desperate and go f**k a sell pussy, only pretty in pictures, walking disease. Most of the man dem that f**k her is because she is a groupie.

  11. Javana is pretty in person to be honest, and she humble wid it. But then again that’s just my opinion. She bad yes, but I can’t say she’s only pretty in pictures tho, I’ve seen her without makeup and shi still pretty. No mi nuh par wid Jav suh nuh cuss mi.

  12. Suh pops naah mine him pickney dem, and a pay fi gyal papers, me pussyclaaat, gyal clown still deh bout inna 2016, me nuh wrong simone fi f**k pon him, pay dogshit him f**k and mek simone look small like a ants, smh. pops u should be ashame of u f**g worthless ass self, the way u careless all jacket u get and neva find out till 10yrs later, f**g idiot, u naaaaay know bout dna pusyole.

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