Lets start from the beginning….Boateng and Rebecca was dating when he started seeing Kasia Lenhardt who has a son from a previous relationship. Lenhardt was the sidechick until Jerome left Rebecca for her…this was in 2019..They flew to the U.S and got matching tattoos and were living together.

While Jerome was living with Kasia he was in court with the mother of his children who was trying to get back custody of her children. Lenhardt and the baby mother began talking as she had also spoken to Rebecca , in a bid to get both women to join her in destroying him so that she could get her children back.

There was a lot of behind the scenes back and fourth between Rebecca and Kasia , as Rebecca accused her of using fake pages to taunt her about winning the man Rebecca was with. The taunting went on for a year, Rebecca moved from Germany to another country.

Boateng began complaining about his relationship with Lenhardt to his friends and people close to him and the fact that he did not want to be with her anymore but was afraid to leave. This was relayed to me months prior .

In December of 2020 both Rebecca and Kasia got into it on social media and Rebecca posted tons of stories about what happened during the year were both women were arguing in dm about Boateng . Kasia at one point apologized to Rebecca and told her that her boasting about the relationship wasn’t intentional . Shortly after the social media outbursts the german media supposedly contacted all three in a bid to publish a story about what went on. Both ladies were interviewed Boateng was also interviewed, the interviews brought out stuff that Boateng did not like and he decided to leave Lenhardt. He posted on his instagram that he and Lenhardt broke up and that he was being blackmailed..the post was later deleted….Lenhardt wrote that she was the one who broke it off with him. He gave her until February 11, to move out. She had her son with her last night, dropped him off at her parents, went back to Boateng’s apartment and hung herself. Her parents tried to call her and when she would not pick up they went to her apartment and found her.

58 thoughts on “JEROME BOATENG SAGA

  1. Are you implying that she hung herself because he broke up with her? As I believe there’s more to it and I still feel like Rebecca bullied her

    1. I did not imply anything and u can believe whatever your heart wants you to believe..This does not affect the facts and as I stated she hung herself

      1. Mi did think Kasi and Rebecca a friend but obviously not, Kasi deh pon twitter a trow wud bright and early this morning

        1. Kasi is a two faced bitch, she must remember that she and Rebecca use to sell front in Miami to African men. Ever since shi breed and lock down Bolt her true colors are coming to light. She should be thanking God everyday that Bolt is stupid enough to breed and wife her. She always called Rebecca her “sis”, she doesn’t have a loyal bone in her body, she is only loyal to Usain’s money.

      2. Hello. This was an interesting read. I was wondering how you knew that she hung herself? Because no other article said this yet. Thank you

      3. How did you know less than 24 h after she was found that she hung herself When at this point nothing about the circumstances had been published? Who told you that information? As it is obvious that you are “pro Rebecca”, this question is very interesting…. the family who found her called police… so where did you know the details from

          1. Know what? Police can smoke your answer, my dear. Your in the focus and this page has been transferred. And don’t try to make us believe that the family sent you your information less than 24 hours after the death. Guess what? As you can mention by google maps, it is impossible to have a sight into the Appartement. Save your anger for the requests you’ll receive soon.

        1. Why bother ask when u guys know is friends and family membas send in people business. These questions are so stupid.

    2. Big pussy gal Rebecca did put rope round are neck a wa Rebecca no have feelings true she no bloodclaat born rich make yuh man left you and go dweet n say a gal make you dweet old idiot

  2. Rebecca torment the poor gal!! Jerome has a history of abuse tho. He must have been guilty of something y the gal could a blackmail him…….. plus him bun out Rebecca rass go and come so kasia wasn’t her only problem. She only vex the man go public with the gal blackmail or not!!!

    1. If rebecca was hounding her why would she wait till a year after she and the man lef to do so..You people like to talk based on how u feel about a person. Wedda u like smaddy or not do not give them any basket to carry. There was bad blood in the press with the girl and Jerome yet u still seh rebecca hound her? Hey uno a some wicked eno

      1. Remember definitely was harassing her. Just wah day she screenshot all the convos she had with the girl and posted on her story for the world to see and called her all types of name. When she did a dleep wid di marries man the wife did out her? No, mek she gweh. She deh deh a walk a play stepmadda fi pickney when she deevn get ring

      2. De same way you friend Rebecca and you only pushing PR for her these last few years ms. Met, cover you head in de sand. You unfair badddd, Rebecca was hounding this girl and the world know it. I hope ms Rebecca know the longest rope got an end and she got ah son! De sins of the parents fall pan de chirren eno.

    2. Alright pussy mi Nuh like you let’s see if u commit suicide fucking idiot mount a time man lef some a uhnu cause uhnu pussy big uhnu a kill uhnu self Rebecca lef the man gi r n now a she uhnu a blame fi r mental cause a Rebecca a r mother

  3. And the funny thing a lot of people bashing Rebecca and what she have done it the pass. Rebecca said it herself that she called whoever she may have caused any hurt in the pass and apologize to them, even her son’s stepmom. Based on what Rebecca posted that girl have issues and the fact that she chooses to commit suicide on her son’s birthday is beyond me. How could a mother do that to her child.

    1. A that me a wonder as well. I looked them up and the guy is german so not sure why they talking about them as if they are local people.

  4. Nasty dutty rebecca push di girl to it. Ppl can only accept so much!! She basically bullied the woman!! Imagine you and di man left how long and you keep bringing the shit up to the side chick! Go in the girl inbox everyday and harrass her. Basically begging her to apologize. Like she figot seh she did a sleep with married man before. She never know a suh karma go. Gwaan miss rebecca yuh soon get what’s coming for you.

  5. Seems like Rebecca tek someone on her man. Lolololol leave it to Jamaicans to hate on their own, and support others who don’t like them. Badmind hate and envy full unu up.

  6. If you go on the girl page & look at her pics, there was always a lost, empty look in her eyes. She sick in her head from long time. What type of person hangs themself in their exes apartment on her kid’s birthday? Someone sick, tormented and vindictive, that’s who.

  7. I knew you would be on here defending rebecca lol after all she used to tell you stories about all her ex friends! And that’s facts! REBECCA did in fact bully this girl and stalked her but just wait her karma is coming! So he would complain about her to his family huh? But up to 2 days ago his brother was on kasia’s page liking her pictures…..continue using the info that rebecca is feeding you! All I know is her karma is coming.

    1. And a play victim!!!! Shes been stalking the girl ciz she couldn’t get over the fact say the idiot bwoy left her! She’s really the devil!

  8. Was reading this saga on for a couple months now! Never knew it would take this turn and some of the shit posted under fake name was letting g out inside secret only those in the party k new. Pretty sure she and becka was u der fake name bursting out secrets. They all played a part!

    1. METTYYYYY…U NUH SEE DIS YA SWEET SUSS. Investigate it dey and mek wi have di full 100. Sher did a gwan too much

  9. Met been slacking for months. I wonder if Becky pay har meck she come do this write up cause a months she no do a good update..

    1. Sometimes I wonder if this is the Original Met. For a couple of months now something dont seems right. Plus the postings are quite irregular.
      Met, dud you get a job with Andrew government?

  10. I can’t believe Met is defending Rebecca. I went on lipstick alley, and thankfully everything is time-stamped. Those people had Rebecca’s screenshots from 2019, all the way up to this girl’s death. Rebecca bullied that girl, and believed Kasia was taunting her, because Kasia would post a picture to her Instagram with her and Boateng. Go read that thread from the beginning, you would see Rebecca is a psycho! I’m convinced that she would pretend she’s Kasia at times and send Boateng blackmailing messages, acting if it was Kasia. That Kasia girl was too non-chalant when Rebecca used to text her, which further proves she was just tired of Beck’s bullying. I’m also convinced Becca forced Boateng to release that public apology. Idc what Met says, but blood is on Beck’s hands, that’s why she private that Instagram page quick. You’re mad that Kasia “stole your boyfriend”, when you have done that countless of times to other women. Guys that’s all it came down too. Please read lipstick alley Rebecca Silvera and you will see for yourself. Someone even mentioned December 2020, they won’t be surprised if Becca would voodoo the girl. Becca even created a “Boatengfamily” Instagram page, with pics of her, Boateng and their kids, all while he was with Kasia. Trust me Boateng is going to hate Becca for life, for all she’s done!

    1. What can’t you believe? MET in the beginning used to roast Rebecca check the old website the nasty things she would say then all of a sudden it’s her bosum buddy. Me thinks Rebecca found out the identity of MET and have her under manners. Please.

  11. Those people on LSA, described Becca to a t. I remember when she was dating Luton, and she used to taunt Anna-Kay the same, and Anna-Kay said that Becca would taunt her, and was jealous of her. I remember clearly Anna-Kay said that Becca’s own friends said that Becca would watch her MySpace page, and try to do her make-up like Anna-Kay’s, and would say how pretty Anna-Kay was. Although Becca is beautiful she always been insecure. I’m going to search this blog to see if I can find those posts. Becca need to leave the people dem country and gwan back her yard, but she want be a Bayern Munich player wife or girlfriend so bad!

  12. Omg the more I read up on this, it makes me so angry. Becca taunted that girl, basically telling her she’s not pretty enough, good enough, and that she bought her body, like she didn’t. Becca constantly said the girl destroyed her family, as if she was married to Boateng or had children with him. You would think the way Becca carried on, they were dating for years! She constantly spewed venom towards Kasia. Becca was a woman scorned, that drove Kasia to the end. It’s sad that Kasia thought, her only way out was suicide. Poor girl didn’t even think she was good enough to be a mother. Rebecca talked about how the girl breed young, how she was 14-15 when she got with her baby daddy. She scrutinized every aspect of that girl’s life. Becca, I want you know, because I k is you’re over here reading, but you are an evil person, and no spiritual healer can erase your evilness! No matter how much spiritual journeys you take, you will still be an evil b**ch. remember your own words, an apology without change is manipulation. In reality, you’re the master manipulator, you manipulated that girl to thinking she has wronged you, and you manipulated Boateng to issue you a public apology, like you a somebody, and me nah ease up off a you dutty Becca, cause you never show that girl no mercy. You vex say the man left to for her. The people dem say you did a take the man when he was with his fiancé and mother of his children. You really think karma was going to skip you! I used to cheer for you, but now it’s boooooo for you drancro. No real man will want you after this spectacle and how you behaved, shame on your behavior!

  13. So glad that thread been up on for months now to back up claims that Becky was tormenting the girl!!! Met can seh what she want but the proof right there!

    1. Thank you. Lipstick alley is the real goat in this blogging business. All the info is there and record in real time. MET can say whatever the hell she wants to say but facts have been recorded. KMT.

  14. How do you know she hung herself? It could have been an overdose or something else. No one knows yet so please don’t write without evidence.

  15. You have some really weak minded bitches out here. Kill yuhself and lef yuh pitni because man lef yuh and gyal a taunt yuh? Unu need to some self love classes. I can’t imagine that type of carelessness and lack of love for my child. And the ones blaming Rebecca are just as friggin weak and only show unu woulda consider doing the same thing, damn shame. Big stinking yamheads.
    Build up unu soul and confidence and move up, silly bitches.
    If a me gyal a taunt and tease d amount a time me woulda send har up in har muma. If unu cyaan war leave war ting alone. Silly hoes.

  16. rebecca, (yes common letter for a COMMON girl), how you sleep at nights. I know you over here responding under “anonymous”. You best believe…KARMA is a bitch, it misses no one, including you. You drop so many scriptures on your insta page, but remember the DEVIL quote scriptures fi suit himself…that’s you. You taunted the girl from the get go, cause you thought that as pretty as you are, you couldn’t get cheated on. Same knife stick sheep, stick goat. You have a very manipulative mind…perhaps you learned that from the days when you mumma had you inna cult.

  17. Met longtime I hope you find a strategy to in corporate this site/promote it on Instagram. More time me want to dash out some factual mixup without using my gram a/c. From high school day I would hate to see it go to waste. Missed the older commenters such as SkettelBam, Yardie and Puerto Rican girl. I learn also from those ladies and became to realise that a lot of the things they wrote was 100% true. Say bless met

  18. Met yuh fight hardddd fee mekk u friend rebecca look in ah good light…. sadly u fail. The world knows blood on rebecca hands. Let har live har sorry life….. har waterloo soon reach as karma knows all

  19. Saw them go back and forth Rebbeca is a demon . Even after death she still talks nasty about her. I use to love her from the tv show now I come to see she is a disgusting low of the lowest form type of human . She pushed her and wouldn’t even stop even when the girl killed her self.

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