Dear Editor,
I read your Paper’s report on the intervention of Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) in a selected number of children’s homes to teach sex education. I also note that the Jamaica Family Planning Association pointed out that the material which it submitted to JFJ was edited and inappropriate content introduced. That is shocking.
I hereby state my disgust with JFJ in relation to this matter. It is my opinion that JFJ is not good for Jamaica.; For them to use this clandestine method to sneak into these juvenile facilities and take advantage of this vulnerable group under the guise of “human rights” is nothing short of a tragedy.
An attempt was made in the recent past to introduce a similar curriculum into our schools.This was rejected by the Government and society.
JFJ in seeking to reintroduce this material in the form they did, is subversive. The Ministry of Education is charged with the responsibility for curricula for institutions of learning. JFJ has undermined the Ministry of Youth and Culture and the Ministry of Education and has brought an affront on the laws of Jamaica where anal sex is still illegal.
What JFJ has done is offensive to the Christian community and to the moral sensibilities of the majority of Jamaicans. This is sheer exploitation and taking advantage of a most vulnerable group. It also raises the question of ethics. It seems fair to assume in light of what has emerged, that JFJ is a lobby group for gays. The children have been done an injustice.
Eral A Lewis (Ph.D)

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