Last year jigga did take up Philly Shauna as his personal girl all the while still in relations with banker Shawna. Philly Shauna was business partner/sex partner/wifey type because a she did cook all of him meals dem and really tek care of him since the accident. Them used to spend nearly every day together, you know see she without him.She even helped him plan his summer party and decorated it and helped him with theme, and their relationship continued to get closer. Then Jigga went to ATI for his usual holiday, next thing Philly Shauna a get phone call from people in Jamaica telling her jigga down there with a girl.mine u know him and she a chat everyday pon phone and text. So to make up back with her when he came up him make sure carry her to Hawaii for her birthday which was the September. Him carry she and a fren so they could give Jigga a good time. So when Jigga put up pic of him and gal don’t forget same way you and Shawna did a smile Inna pic, same way you and Shauna did a smile and enjoy yourself Inna Hawaii and even when you Jigga same one did request and make Shauna and her fren give you a next threesome the night of your dance. Jigga is gonna stay tricking woman he has no loyalty to a soul, so I don’t know the reason both Shauna, Shawna, Melissa, Kimone, and the long flat belly one Tracy a kill up demselves over.

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  1. shauna, shauna, shauna,,,,,, you loseeeeee, leave jigga aloneeeeeee.hes happy with his girl in ja, him NEVER EVER EVER EVER, CLAIM YOU YET. i am so sorry for you. you live such a sad life that you try to impress people that dont care for you. you try man, woman, boy. girl… shauna please now try god. i hope some one prays for you

  2. Shauna everybody know a you post this..stop making yourself look desperate fool.difference is you were the one to expose pics and advertise relationship while he is posting about his Shawna in J.A…

  3. This girl is crying out for help now man my girl good better best go find n love ur self n I’m sure someone will love u for u smh I feel bad for her now

  4. MEt Philly Shauna and jus as mad a KELLY aka Kels_pretty smaddi need fi mek dem drink holy wata. dem obessed bad. we tyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad a di story dem MET….yuh fi run dem senda yah..kmt

  5. Mellisa aka melly too cute all the f**k ,suck ,threesome you give jigga him still no want you all the Shauna them just a beat you bad so oh lord me hurt fi you

  6. Met u yourself must see tht this person is a sick person tht keep sending in these stories and u keep putting them. U a big ooman. Do not encourage this sick psychotic behavior

  7. Shawna stay deh memba when yuh first start f**k him a neesha did a f**k him so what mek you so better. Jigga gonna always be jigga cause you all allow him to do unu suh

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